L.A. Kings Victory Podcast – Sublime With Surly & Scribe

My body and brain are about to crash. We are 12 victories away from the Stanley Cup. Enjoy the show.

Surly & Scribe L.A. Kings Post Victory Podcast 4-22-12

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  1. I curse my fair share normally… But yeesh. Or rather, fuck.

  2. Great podcast gentlemen

  3. You talk about the Blue’s speed as their greatest strength or edge over us… what about their forecheck? The first two periods tonight we let the Canucks’ forecheck walk all over us. If we let that happen again and don’t make quicker decisions with the puck clearing the zones and starting breakouts they will really really punish us.

    • Their speed creates that forecheck. Quick to the puck :)

      • Meh, speed alone does not create a good forecheck but it certainly helps. Main point is the KIngs need to be quick and smart with the puck after recovering it in the defensive zone. Though, I guess they need to do that no matter where they are.

        • I think it’s one of the most important parts of a good forecheck. If you time your entry well & have speed going in, you’re to the puck first far more often than not. After that, it’s about size and hard work and the Kings and Blues both have that. It will be a good series.

  4. Good job boys! Can go to sleep in peace now except for the visual of tuan’s semen covered kitchen. Thanks for that…BTW Kopitar did score once (game 4). Good night. Go Kings Go!

  5. Great podcast, and AMEN! All I remember is jumping off the couch in joy after stolly’s goal.

    I am upset with Carter and Richards though.. Maybe my expectations are too high.

  6. I’d say Mitchell has been right where we want him offensively and honestly we shouldn’t expect Scuderi to score.

    I think rolling those four lines gives that fourth line confidence. I literally wrote that write before you said that. When you give athletes confidence, they will play to a higher level.

    Don’t fix it if it aint broke. Keep the lines that help you beat the Canucks (best team in the NHL) in 5 games.

    • I have to say I’m cautious about St. Louis. They are an amazing home team and we clearly have struggled at home. So we either have to steal some when on the road or figure out how the home game. This will be an intense series. I am very excited.

  7. While the sperm is bubbling out of your dicks, don’t forget how many times we Kings fans have wound up like this Canuck-lover:


  8. any “would you rather” thing you say i will do. after that, i will say, hey, at least im not a ducks fan. fuck, i’ll even shit my pants right now and say, hey, at least im not a ducks fan.

  9. Watched the game in Vegas and wanted to cry with happiness

  10. Will the following be childish?


    Will it be deserved?

    Sutt yes.

    A shout out to Greg Wyshynski, Sean Leahy, Harrison Mooney, Dmitry Chesnokov, the always factually reliable and beyond reproach Ryan Lambert, Darryl Dobbs, Elena Paglionello, and Jeff Marek—–

    —For predicting the Kings being eliminated by The Canucks.

    Were they just expressing an honest opinion? Yeah, that’s their job. But as professionals you must stand behind your predictions and face the taunting and ridicule do you for your ill formed thoughts.

    Thank you to Kent Wilson, the lone wolf, cocky swaggerin’ mutha sutta’ who was the lone voice of reason for the 2012 Puck Daddy predictions. Thank you for keeping the faith and honoring the one true God.

    Go Kings!!

  11. Hopefully Kings fans are not lame like this

  12. Hey guys, haven’t checked out the podcast yet but I wanted to chime in about the King’s sucky breakout. I completely agree that it needs to get better QUICK! The team that looked so composed even during tough games during the season looked lost out there at times last night trying to get out of their own end. Hopefully the boys will be able to settle things down (Voynov) and get back to their style of play.

  13. I especially liked Timmy’s contribution to this episode. Much better work from him!

    All seriousness though, great cast; please make another one soon!!

  14. :) Just wanted to show the Big- Ass smile still on my face

  15. btw Did anyone see if Doughty grabbed Stoll’s nuts after the goal?

  16. – We didn’t get to see the replay of the goal AT ALL at Rogers. They played videos of Vancouver instead. It was sad. Watching the replay when I got back to my friends (Canucks fan) house however, was awesome.
    – The handshake was awesome to watch. I’ve never gotten to watch that live before. I posted a shot from our seats to the LA Kings Facebook page here: http://on.fb.me/ImsJHj
    – The Canucks fans kept getting quieter and quieter as the 3rd went on. You could tell they knew they were fucked. Being so happy in a place with so many unhappy people is a really surreal experience. I want that to happen more often.
    – Blues Average Age: 26.74 years, Kings 26.7 years, so basically the same.
    – Amen

    Go Kings Go!

    • Must have been awesome to witness victory behind enemy lines. Way to represent! Cheers to you, my friend.

      • It was really fantastic. Vancouver is a really fun city also, so that didn’t hurt. We brought some uncharacteristic California sunshine with us for the weekend which made everyone happy until we eliminated them from the playoffs. =)

  17. Great fucking night to be a Kings fan. Damn right.

    Frankly I enjoy your podcasts more than your writing, which I enjoy a lot. Not that you asked ;-)

    Thanks for doing it! Keep it up!



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