Video: Jarret Stoll’s Game Winning Goal Against Canucks

and now, in Canadian…


This image is forever burned in my mind and the moment I lost it.

(Jarret Stoll game winning goal)

(Jarret Stoll celebrates game winning goal against Canucks)

(How Sweet It Is)

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  1. I was watching at my friends house whom is mainly a baseball fan and I think I scared him when I screamed so loud.

  2. I think I’ll print out a copy of that first picture to hide under my mattress.

  3. I think between the two broadcasts we got about 50% of the handshake line. I guess that’s what happens when a series is ended by a stunning OT goal. I’ll take it :)

  4. Stoll was very clever to race in to Cory Schneider fast and deep. Stoll figured Cory would drop down creating room up top. That
    was a great expectation by Stoll that he would have open net space up top.
    Cory drops to close his five hole thereby exposing the top shelf. Brilliant.
    It takes slow motion freeze frames to see that bang bang winning goal play.
    Just love it when shooters guess right that net space will exist when the goalie drops.

  5. I love how cocky they were by going, “Wooo!” “Wooo!” hahaha!! Suck it Canucks! I’m in need of a small break, and then back at it against the team I hated in the 90’s! Let’s go Kings!!

    • That might have been me. I was pretty far away, but I know I was screaming at the top of my lungs and none of the Canucks fans were saying a thing. They couldn’t even speak to me until after the salutations season send off. It felt so damn amazing.

  6. That Canadian video showed DL’s spontaneous win reaction. DL was only thinking, whew, coming back again to keep doing my laboratory chemistry experiments with the Kings next year. I guess we are stuck with DL for the time being as the trade off for this success.

  7. Here is a great photo perspective of the game winner from a reverse angle, showing Stoll already excited with the puck in and out of the net.

  8. left speechless. stolli or stolli..where have thou been all series!? meh who cares, welcome back! :)

  9. That is the moment I almost broke my hand by slamming my hand, repeatedly, into the ground in excitement!!

  10. something i seen earlier, did you notice what was the same about this ot goal and the one in 2001? number 28 scored them. deadmarsh and stoll

  11. For all King die hard fan scrapbooks, here is a picture of dejected game winning goal loser #2 Daniel Hamhuis, the deserving victim of the pick pocket by Lewis that will live in King’s history.


  12. “And Bob Miller GET ON MY BACK cuz you’re goin to be carried out of this booth!”


  13. I was losing my fucking mind in Section 302. No one else besides by girlfriend seemed to be very happy. *epic grin* Go Kings Go!

  14. Watching the after math of the goal in the second video, I just imagined a thought bubble popping over DD head as he rushed toward Stolli. “I hope you have your cup on”

  15. Hahaha. Do you think Stoll would welcome “Doughty love” 3 more times in order to hold the Cup?

  16. Is it bad that I celebrated by hooking up with a married woman?

  17. I seriously can’t stop watching this video…


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