L.A. Kings vs. St. Louis Blues 2nd Round Schedule Released

Game 1 at St. Louis, Saturday, 4:30 p.m., NBCSN.

Game 2 at St. Louis, Monday, 6 p.m., CNBC.

Game 3: at Staples Center, Thursday, 7 p.m., NBCSN.

Game 4: at Staples Center, Sunday May 6, noon, NBC – Noon? Really? Fucking noon!?

*Game 5 at St. Louis, Tuesday, May 8, TBD, CNBC

*Game 6 at Staples Center, Thursday, May 10, time and TV TBD.

*Game 7 at St. Louis, Saturday May 12, time and TV TBD.

* — if necessary


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  1. fucking NOON!!! WTF it is a SUNDAY. Why are hockey schedulers old people.

    • What TV channel is it being broadcast on?

      If it’s good ol’ network NBC, number four on my set, then I don’t think it’s the old farts who scheduled it. It’s the young farts, all pizzitzt with their MBAs, trying to prevent anything so gross and small-marketish as hockey from interfering with their prime-time demographics.

      In the heady “Golden Age” of television, pre-sports Sundays were regarded as “the cultural ghetto”.

      I remember when you couldn’t even get the Stanley Cup FINALS on L.A. television. The great fourth game of the 1978 Bruins-Canadiens series was only shown locally on UHF 22. And even then it was interrupted in the middle, and viewers forced to wait for the second half to be shown only AFTER several hours of prime-time Japanese programming.

      So I’m dee-fucking-lighted that we don’t have any contract disputes or other bullshit that prevents us from seeing the games at all. If the time is pissy for anyone, he can tivo the motherfucker and watch it whenever he wants.

      Give us peace in our time, o Lord.

  2. Looks like I’m missing church on Sunday..
    But seriously, lame scheduling! Maybe the clippers/lakers play that same sunday?

  3. Well, I had plans for Saturday. Guess my plans have changed. Looks like I’ll be buying “make-up” flowers this weekend.

  4. 12 pm is great! Oh, what was our record in lunch time starts this year?

  5. For all of you who are pissed this game is at noon, I will gladly take your tickets off of your hands. Let me be the pariah of this horrible noon game.

  6. Good news! Only one expert is picking the Kings to win, and we all know how that went before. I can’t wait for the Kings to prove them all wrong once again!


  7. ESPN same old same old. Only one ‘expert’ has the Kings. We don’t even have Barry Melrose on our side anymore =( (I heard his take in a video)


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