L.A. Kings Take Game One 3-1 Over The St. Louis Blues. I Have Orgasm.

I stayed off Twitter today. I stayed away from the house during the first period. Instead, I hit a local bar and the tightly packed bartender, Talena, put on the game for me with a smile. It was admittedly odd watching it with the sound off but I enjoyed it because the C- commentary by NBC Sports out of my ear let me focus on the details. What I noticed is that St. Louis’ offensive game is simple. Forecheck, attack the middle of the ice, break down the other team’s box, crash the net. That’s it. That’s exactly what they did in the first period and, but for Jonathan Quick, we would have been down 3-0. But with every highlight reel save, the L.A. Kings gained momentum and played with a more aggressive forecheck until Dustin Penner, the hard skating, physical, motivated, where have you been dude, I love you, please keep this going, you are turning me on and I may write a folk song about you, Dustin Penner made a low release pass (orgasmic), right on Slava Voynov’s stick (orgasmic), who one-timed the shot pass Brian Elliott. Admit it, you let out a FUCK YEAH loud enough to startle anyone within 20 feet of you.

And the game changed thereafter.

The L.A. Kings that eliminated the President’s Trophy winning, Vancouver Canucks showed up. The Kings that don’t give you the blue line, have sticks in every lane, whose box is as locked down as a medieval chastity belt, that send the puck and play to the boards, punish, punish, punish, and if the the puck happens to hit Jonathan Quick, the rebound is out faster than a prom date after two beers and a percocet, appeared and never left.

You saw the shorty. You loved the shorty. You are getting to the point where you expect a shorty each time the other team gets the powerplay. And Matt Greene with the shorty. The odds makers took a beating on that one.

You didn’t like the fact we didn’t score on 6 straight minutes of powerplay time. But we also didn’t lose momentum. The Kings found lanes, took shots, had chances and if you can’t score on the powerplay, it’s critical that you don’t give back the momentum to the other team by not being able to enter the zone, set up the play and get the puck to the net. I wanted a goal too. I didn’t want this to go down to an empty netter. I wanted to finish this Blues team, break their legs, break their spirit, but I will take a 3-1 victory and I consider the bank shot, corner pocket, into the empty net to be some well deserved puck luck.

Let fortune favor the Kings of hockey.

Speaking of puck luck, Dwight King’s boarding against Alex Pietrangelo should have been a double minor. We got a break. Update: It can’t be a 4 minute penalty. Boarding is either a 2 minute or a 5 minute major depending on the nature of the hit and degree of violence.

There is chemistry between Mike Richards, Jeff Carter & Dustin Penner. I pray to the Hockey Gods it continues because to have two top lines who are dangerous on the O and play a physical and intelligent game on the D gives our L.A. Kings a chance to win every game.

Dustin Brown is still in beast mode.

Anze Kopitar did everything but score a goal.

Justin Williams was Justin Williams. I just want him to be a better version of the one tonight.

Jarret Stoll won many faceoffs, clean, at critical times in the game. That GWG against the Canucks may have shattered the rust and rut. I sure as hell hope so because Stoll on his A game gives us a depth that will give the Blues fits.

Kong, Nolan, Fraser, Lewis, everyone played their role well.

The defense was what the defense has been. Our backbone. But I would be remiss in not mentioning and highlighting that Drew Doughty’s defensive game has gone to another level.

Notice there were very few post whistle scrums. Neither team wants to lose discipline. This series is about merit.

The Kings won game 1 on merit.

Take a deep breath. Enjoy it. Then wear your scowl again. There is work to be done.


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  1. Holy FUCK whatta game! 11 more to go boys. 11.

    • No. There’s only one more to go. The next one.

      That’s the only one I want the Kings thinking about. And when it’s happening, I don’t want them thinking about anything else.

  2. Epic post.

  3. Great game, Kings!! where is your podcast boys??

  4. Quick looked confident tonight. Pure aphrodisiac!

  5. I plowed a path around my couch for 3 hrs, and didn’t I sit down for a minute of the entire game !

  6. Go Kings Go!!!

  7. damn good game, exactly what I expect for the entirety of the series. Quick was outstanding and gave LA the shot it needed. Definitely need to reverse that trend and not let STL command the start of the games, but I and I’m sure everyone else expected that from the Blues tonight.

    Bobby you didn’t miss anything by watching it in silence. the first two periods were a constant barrage of STL blah, blah, blah. which was then followed by some additional Blues blah, blah, blah. Streger and Engblom couldn’t STFU about the Blues until some point in the 3rd. i love that LA continues to get no respect when it comes to in game and between period commentary. it’s ironic after Hitchcock’s speech the other day trying to turn the spotlight – guess that didn’t quite work out.

    it will be interesting to see what the call will be for the hit on Pietrangelo. it was a hit from behind, but the guy wasn’t even close to the boards at the time. he stumbled further and crumpled into the boards. not to mention the kid is tall enough that i think if you hit him at the dots he will fall into the boards. personally it will surprise me if there is further league interaction over the hit.

    Greene….SHG….GWG….wonder what the odds in Vegas would have been on that?

    a good, not great first game effort. looked a bit out of sync after a week off. licking my chops already for Game 2

    • I think a $2500 fine maybe. I’d be surprised to see a suspension.

      • Great game post spot on review! Love Pancakes post game interview where he said that the Kings room and the fans know what’s up (hell yes we do) the belief we can win regardless of what the fuck the media thinks makes it so much sweeter

  8. I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight!

  9. I was watching on my computer around people that did not follow hockey and they all game me a strange look when I literally screamed “FUCK YEAH” after that Penner pass. That was straight beautiful.

  10. Long time reader, first time commenter. Multiple courages, excuse the typos.

    Tonight felt like a bit of a turning point for the Kings. We’re not dicking around in the playoffs, we’re making a run at the cup. The boys are serious.

    Our power play was great. Don’t care that we didn’t convert, our puck possession, our cycle were outstanding and we controlled play better than I’ve seen all year. It’ll go in eventually, our set-up and release tonight were a vision of things to come.

    We weathered a first period barrage like pros. Quick, god bless him, had some of the biggest post-season saves of his career. The triple pad save sequence early on and then continued pad-save outrageousness were fucking Veznia trophy OWNER caliber shit. The rest of the team stayed tuff, disciplined and kept those sticks moving. Out sticks were huge tonight and I gotta say that Wilie Mitchell has probably become my second favorite King. Voynov up there too, but Mitchie’s his hockey dad now, so favor Mitchell.

    Brown, never seen him with that much open ice before. He’s way faster than I thought; Dogg.

    Looking forward to game two. LA’s up in this shit! Media, east coast, central states, recognize!

  11. We are lucky the Blues took their foot off the gas there. I agree completely, Quick saved our ass in the 1st. Could have been 3-0 Blues. Blues controlled the 1st and a lot of the 2nd. We’ve got to take a page from their book and transition the puck out of our zone much faster.
    We’ve got to be able to keep it in their zone longer. The Blues were getting back on offense as quick as Ive seen anybody in years off following the game. Their system is very impressive. Same look from the last game I was at when we played them at Staples. I was blown away by their system play and breakouts.

    I hope Quick got into their head. I hope our patience wore them down and after not scoring they were second guessing themselves. I hope our experience in tight games and in playoff games(which we have an advantage over them) will give us the edge.

    But most importantly we HAVE to score on the PP. There is no excuse for not scoring on 6 straight minutes of PP time. This could end up being the difference in the series. And I think we have a big advantage in special teams based on what I saw tonight. I think our Kill can handle their PP. I think their kill isnt nearly as good as Vancouver’s. There seemed to be much more room out there and more lanes opening for us to score, we just didnt have nearly enough desperation and quick puck movement to open shooters, and shooters blasting the puck from the pass. They are great at blocking shots but they were much more stationary than Vancouver. As I write this Im also going to say our PP sucks, we dont have an advantage in special teams, we cant handle their PP and we will not score a PP goal in this series. Ok I just unjinxed it.

    I hope we frustrated this team and that they will have nightmares about Quick.
    As some nutty guy on a post a few years ago said, the Kings are god’s team.

  12. I really liked the solid “we are here to play playoff hockey” attitude that the whole team showed for 60 minutes. When Quick made all of those difficult and improbable saves, what a lift and spark for the rest of the team to keep playing their kind of game.
    Looking back, as the game wore on, the Kings were getting a lot more shots and they were so close to getting some net to maybe have pulled away 4 to 1.
    Carter was much more active and puck handling and sniping, where the Blues were really not in a position to interfere with him. If that keeps up, Carter will score or others will feed off of his efforts.
    I thought Mitchell was excelling in his kind of game with a lot of great hustling and positioning with good puck control, leading to great clearing and creating rushes.
    That Voynov goal was amazing that it found the five hole, because at first from the lousy initial TV view it seemed like a straight shot into a wide open net. I don’t know if he intended to shoot that way or not, as maybe it was a puck that just came off his stick oddly and as it was a wide open net in any event. No matter why it went in that way, that was a beauty Penner feed and resulting shot.
    Lastly, kudos to Brown for the speedy zip down the ice, getting front inside position and maybe figuring he would be receiving a penalty from behind. Then, going to the net and putting the puck into scoring jeopardy play was fantastic. Great heads up and instinct by Green to gamble, as there were 3 Kings deep and the play could have turned around with the Blues getting a big out manned attack back up ice.
    Good steal of a game in St. Louis and home arena advantage shifts to the Kings.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  13. I had a fantastic day today.

    Our beloved team once again has come up big. Our team defense and our pipe keeper are absolute gems. A pleasure to watch, without question.

    Maybe we should threaten more people with being traded because Brown has been playing his ass off. Best I’ve ever seen. Keep up the great work, Brown.

    Voynov, I love that kid.

    Off topic, but what made my day extra special, above and beyond the Kings, is that one of my last pupils( I stopped coaching a few tears ago) was drafed today to the NFL. Good day.

  14. We are 4-0 on road games in these payoffs. I think Sutter needs to make our boys sleep in hotels when back home!!

  15. Martinez looked great too. Great poke checks and smart play


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