Surly & Scribe’s L.A. Kings Podcast Show For 4-29-12: The Smell Of Victory In the Morning

A wide eyed and energized Scribe.

A hung-over Surly.

Topics include game one, Quick is our Allah, Carter ready for a break out, falling in love with Penner, gay weddings, would Bob Miller have said “holy shit” on the Matt Greene goal, Andy McDonald’s fucking face, Kong vs. Pietrangelo and more…

Timmy Love was in New York & could not join our fun. The squeaky toy stood in and did a fine job once again.

Enjoy the podcast. Click on the link.

Surly & Scribe’s L.A. Kings Podcast Show For 4-29-12

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  1. I’d say that squeaky toy may have a career in broadcasting

  2. YES! You are dead on about Kopitar vs. Green. I thought I was the only one wondering why Kopi sat and watched that Brown rebound while Green ran in. I couldn’t tell if Kopi was aware of Green or not.

  3. The biggest difference with the Kings is that they are winning when then play good NOT when the other team plays bad. It gives the team the confidence that they can beat anyone because they don’t need a little bit of luck.

  4. I like how you caught your “Kong” typo. Funny stuff

  5. I strongly feel the need to present an opposing view on your use of the ‘squeaky toy’ on your podcasts. I think of you guys as ass kicking…shit talking mavens off all things” Kings”. innovators…ball busters….and above all…originals. That is why I am some what perplexed by your use or dare I say overuse of one of the oldest sound effects in broadcasting. Think Steve Allen…Soupy Sales…Harpo Max. They were innovators in their time, let them keep their silly sound effects. You two are the new innovators. Next time I listen to your podcast I will hopefully hear the sound of a puck hitting the side of a goalies head…the sound of Brownie crunching some Blues douchebag against the boards….but please…retire the squeaky toy….revert no more to the whoppee cushion mentality. Otherwise…nice ‘cast.

  6. Is Timmy Love going to be the Scott Parse of these podcasts?

    • I apologize for my absence. Last weekend Reno, this weekend NYC. At some point, my travel hernia will clear up. I hope. So, yes, the Scott Parse reference is correct. Oh (checking calendar) I have a golf tournament next weekend in Palm Springs…..

  7. The way the west is turning out, the Kings have a real shot at going far this year if they can get past St Louis, and I think they can barring any type of patented Kings collapse. I think LA might be the best team left in the west. The Blues are the closest but I think the Kings have the better top-end talent up front. Kopitar and Carter are both more talented than any Blues forward I think, although they may not make as much of their talent as the Blues top guys do. Still. And if Pietrangelo is out for any time, that’s a huge advantage for the Kings.

  8. Great podcast guys! I’m Already looking forward to the next one

  9. Loving the podcasts so far. Keep em coming! Gotta represent the Kings fans from Orange County!

  10. Loving the podcasts but if once a duck always a duck what about Penner? Does the rule apply to Kings players?


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