About 30 seconds before the gloves dropped, I leaned over to the wife and said, “Kong and Crombeen are going to go.” She asked me how I knew. Crombeen said it, Kong nodded. They set up toward each other during the faceoff, one foot forward and the other back. My 4-year-old would have yelled “fight!” before it started but she’s trained well. Why do I start this article in an L.A. Kings 5-2 victory with that fight? Because it set the tone, even with the lead. When an L.A. Kings rookie doesn’t hesitate to answer the bell against a 6 year veteran like Crombeen and Kong is willing to put that beautiful face of his up against that ugly scrotum that BJ has on his head, it means he is here to earn his place on the ice, back up the hit he put on Alex Pietrangelo and will not back down from anyone that has a problem with either. It’s honor. It’s respect. Dwight King earned it tonight. Now, I want to see him continue to earn it with something other than his fists.

The game was closer than the score. We dominated the first and finished our chances. Our powerplay wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t very good either. Mike Richards and Dustin Penner went into beast mode. Jeff Carter’s goal was everything “snipe” is supposed to be. Anze Kopitar confirmed yet again why all their powerplays belong to us. Honestly, if we can get 1-2 shorties per game, who needs a powerplay? I knew, you knew, every good hockey fan knew the Blues would come out hot in the second but when we made it 5-1 right after they scored, we stopped their momentum dead and though St. Louis deserves some credit for battling in the last two periods, the L.A. Kings defense was better and continues to be great.

To a man, we played another excellent team game. Surly thinks Trevor Lewis has been quiet. He has been. But he is a role player and he is there to create energy and chew minutes. He didn’t leave hungry tonight. No Kings players did.

Admit it, you fell off the couch trying to follow Anze Kopitar’s move on that goal. No? Fuck you. I did. It’s the goalie in me.

I don’t hate the Blues but I’m warming up to the idea.

Two is half the battle. Many things are half the battle. Let’s win the whole battle.