Kings Beat Blues 5-2, Win 2 & Will Come Home For 2: It Started With A Fight

About 30 seconds before the gloves dropped, I leaned over to the wife and said, “Kong and Crombeen are going to go.” She asked me how I knew. Crombeen said it, Kong nodded. They set up toward each other during the faceoff, one foot forward and the other back. My 4-year-old would have yelled “fight!” before it started but she’s trained well. Why do I start this article in an L.A. Kings 5-2 victory with that fight? Because it set the tone, even with the lead. When an L.A. Kings rookie doesn’t hesitate to answer the bell against a 6 year veteran like Crombeen and Kong is willing to put that beautiful face of his up against that ugly scrotum that BJ has on his head, it means he is here to earn his place on the ice, back up the hit he put on Alex Pietrangelo and will not back down from anyone that has a problem with either. It’s honor. It’s respect. Dwight King earned it tonight. Now, I want to see him continue to earn it with something other than his fists.

The game was closer than the score. We dominated the first and finished our chances. Our powerplay wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t very good either. Mike Richards and Dustin Penner went into beast mode. Jeff Carter’s goal was everything “snipe” is supposed to be. Anze Kopitar confirmed yet again why all their powerplays belong to us. Honestly, if we can get 1-2 shorties per game, who needs a powerplay? I knew, you knew, every good hockey fan knew the Blues would come out hot in the second but when we made it 5-1 right after they scored, we stopped their momentum dead and though St. Louis deserves some credit for battling in the last two periods, the L.A. Kings defense was better and continues to be great.

To a man, we played another excellent team game. Surly thinks Trevor Lewis has been quiet. He has been. But he is a role player and he is there to create energy and chew minutes. He didn’t leave hungry tonight. No Kings players did.

Admit it, you fell off the couch trying to follow Anze Kopitar’s move on that goal. No? Fuck you. I did. It’s the goalie in me.

I don’t hate the Blues but I’m warming up to the idea.

Two is half the battle. Many things are half the battle. Let’s win the whole battle.


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  1. Great game big result but I am sick to my stomach after seeing fucking Hayward interviewing Quick post game… Barf my fucking brains out…

  2. You have touched on it before. We have two lines that can play like a number 1 line, and if that happens, we are a scary team for other teams to deal with. We saw a glimpse of what that can be like for the rest of the playoffs. Let us pray for more.

  3. Fuckin a.

  4. Am I the only one that was completely fucking disgusted by the broadcasters. Did they give the Kings any credit for the ass whooping they put on St. Louis? It fucking sucked, just like the officiating!!!

    • No. I had to mute the damn tv several times.

    • That fuckin Englom was fucking terrible. I never thought that anybody was worse than shit head Hayward, but along came Brian Englom. Fuck those guys! I wanted to put the tv on mute and turn on the radio to Listen to Nick and Daryl.

    • No, you are far from alone. Even though the Kings were dominating the whole game, the Blues got a vast majority of the respect of the commentators. Is it because the Blues are the top seed? Is it because they almost won the presidents trophy? Do they not remember what the Kings did to the presidents trophy winners? On the other hand they were trying to take Mike Richards pants off all game, so at least we had that.

    • “Another Kings bounce”, “Lucky it hit Quicks mask”, “How long until L.A. slips?”…..fuck these hackjobs, Bob Miller and Nick Nixon deserve to do these games…..

    • Hayward has to be the worst commentators in the business. He killing the game by adding verbal nonsense and biased opinions…….the mute button was my best friend last night…we need to blast NBC to get him off the air this is horrible

  5. When do the Kings get some fucking respect? I know, hopefully at the Stanley Cup Parade. Go Kings !!!! Fuck CNBC!!!

    • That’s the only way we’ll earn respect. In a way I’m glad we aren’t considered favorites, it feels much better winning when you aren’t expected to.
      Suck it Blues!

  6. I want Penner to kick someone’s ass!!!!

  7. Seeing the IHOP beast awaken, would any of you hesitate to resign Pancakes right now? A paycut yes, but he is playing like he was suppose to. Even his penalty after getting leveled, while it cost him time, I like the passion and standing up. In a two goal game that would have pissed me off, but it wasn’t, so it didn’t.

    Game 3 is the battle for Gotham. (sorry, that new trailer has me as hard as Kopi’s sick as shit goal, and yes I too slipped off the couch.)

    I honestly don’t remember seeing much of Lewis in the first, but while he wasn’t drawing attention the way the others were with big hits and big goals, he looked solid in his assignments in 2 and 3.

    • Yeah. Penner used to be a fry cook at Denny’s and now he is Wolfgang Puck Iron Chef pounding to tenderize Blue beef.

  8. King impressed- didn’t shy away- good for the rook
    PK was sick
    My only worry is the PP. I hope this funk doesn’t haunt us…

  9. Once again, FUCK CNBC and the horse it rode in on!!!!

  10. only free time has been for Games..
    WOW WOW WOW!!!! I knew we would be ok playing the Blues.. and so far so good..
    that game did get ugly.. do not think we will see that again.. Could you all feel the confidence
    ozzing from our Boys.. swear could feel the testosterone all the way from St. Louis :)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. Surprise, surprise because we got a King team playing roller derby or auto demolition derby

    I never saw this style of King game even though I have watched every game for years

    I like it and like it.

    Blues got suckered.

    Richards and Carter tag teamed matched them with Easter Conf hockey they are experts in.

    For Richards and Carter it is not about skating and passing and doing usual game tactics. No this was get under your skin hockey. Aggitate.
    Trash talk. Rapping. Being a nuisance.
    Going to hockey in a warehouse for repairs and oil and wash and wax job.

    I will want to pour this hockey into a bottle and drink later. Rare vintage and eligible to be auctioned off at Tiffany’s someday.

  12. Crombeen is a complete pussy and cannot fight. What was that?

    Richards, Kopi and Brown were relentless savages tonight. Hopefully our top 2 lines can continue to dominate…

  13. That game felt more like a 3-2 win than a 5-2 blowout. It isn’t over until you win four. It’s great to win two but the Blues didn’t get 109 points all at home, they’ll come out well-rested and ready to play on thursday,

    I always kind of rooted for the Blues during the season because they were clearly going to have the best chance at stealing the President’s trophy from the Canucks but now that this series has started, they and their fan base has just frustrated the hell out of me.
    A few things:
    1. They dive when they got desperate (I fucking hate that shit)
    2. Their fan base doesn’t know a goddamn penalty from a game misconduct.
    3. They make it look like the Kings are some dirty team that tries to take out star players.
    4. They are the enemy (so fuck em and be gone to the golf course)

  14. We pose question after question.

    They have no answer.

    Keep asKING.

  15. Glad to see i wasnt the only one who noticed that hayward was blowing a blues shlong the whole game. It was nice to hear the period break reports from nhl network giving kings credit for their dominance but man, what a chump. He sounded like he was watching a different game. I think it would have been more non biased to have a blues regular season announcer call the game. I hate the ducks more after listening to that ass clown.

  16. Brown! Holy shit, son, I can’t believe the level in which you have consistently played since the trade dead line. Out-Fucking-Standing, Mr. Brown. You are a big reason why we are in a position of strength. You are making everyone around you better. We are all watching you ascend to the next level, and it’s a pleasure to watch. Keep working 23 and good things will continue to happen.

    King,way to handle yourself, young, man. You kept your discipline in game 1 and skated away when the game was still close. Then you answered the bell in game 2 when the time was right. Way to handle business not only regarding yourself but representing the team as well. I gave you a standing O in my living room.

    Penner, if you continue to play like this through the next 3 rounds I might give you a compliment, you, fuck!

    Kopitar, Richards, and Williams played solid as well…Hell, everyone played well. Great job Kings, great job!

    • I’ve always been a bit of a naysayer when it came to Brown, but it was because I thought he COULD play like this, and now that he is playing like this, I love it!

  17. ‘all their powerplays belong to us’ made me lose breath I was laughing so hard. You gotta post that video!

    Great game. Boys playing solid hockey.

  18. Best part of the fight was watching King laugh on his way to the box.

    What was weird was why Hitchcock switched his lines prior to the game. Cost him big time.

  19. If the hockey gods so will it, maybe the Kings don’t need to return to the State of Misery…

  20. I don’t know to expect. I figured this would be the more difficult series, but christ the blues looked like they were waiting for their mother to call them home for dinner. After the first goal I thought hitchck made a move for the dressing room. And yes, fire the fucking suit who okayed haywurd. The goddam suck colour guy for the king playoff games? Unfucking believable.
    The kings are playing in conf semis and you hire sucks colour? Cup check that.

  21. I’m sorry but is it just me or was STL starting to look like Vancouver towards in the sense that they were down by so much that getting physical and starting fights to draw penalties was looking like an out for em. Typically, I would have thought, “c’mon boys, dont give in to these fucktards, keep your cool…” but I’m glad they handled shit like the kings they are. One more game mentality until we bring our baby home to LA.

  22. Thank you Mike Keenan for being unbiased

    Next time Brian Gayward does any post game interviewing, our guys need to completely dissagree with his point of view
    EX; ” Anze, is it coach Sutter’s plan for you guy’s to keep getting puck’s to the net, so you can use your size?” Kopi, ” NO, that would be utterly predictable and stupid, next question”
    Gazy, ” The shot totals for the Blues really started to rise, and they got back to their game. Were you worried at any time that they would just come back, having taken complete control of the game.” Kopi,” NO, We never felt any fear, even when the refs took control of the game, we got no bounces our way, but we never quit…stupid question!!!!!”
    Gazy,” Anze, The Blues….” Kopi, ” Enough, my name sounds weak when you say it, please never say my name again, you are pathetic.”

  23. It was bad enough that Hayseed was even within a foot of any King, let alone talking to them, but the refs were hosing the Kings all night long with BS calls and missed calls. The refs were doing all they could to let the Blues back into the game.

    I wonder why that happened……?

  24. Well I tried, and believe me I tried Hard. Just got off the phone calling NBC Sports, and what do you know, nobody has the guts to take a phone call from a viewer. They’d rather transfer you too dead lines and message systems. Too me this is truly what to expect from a company who relies on viewers to make there profit.

    So here is the phone number for NY NBC Sports 212-413-5228, 212-413-5229, ask for the Sports Department, and tell that loser Biatch who answer the phone why your calling and ask for a executive !


    • What a joke, NBC employees transfer you to numbers and don’t even know who they’re sending you to. I’m trying to find the right number, I’ve already talked to three people with their heads up their asses!!!

  25. The rookie Kong gave Promqueen a dance the Blues wont recover from.
    Penner is a beast and is funnier than bad sex doing it

  26. I think Hayward likes SoCal male Peepee. Duck/ King/Laker/Clipper…..He just likes SoCal penis. He may even like floppy donkeydick. All signs point to yes.

  27. A question for you savants (I left out the word “idiot” because this site doesn’t have idiots). If Tuan Jim can extract himself from ogher peoples semen and his own vomit, his input would be invaluable. My Question: Would the Kings be making this run with TM behind the bench? Is it DS? Is it Carts slotting everyone into their proper position? Is it the two rookies coming up? And if all of these things happened under terry murray, ( the trade for Jeff Carter and the bringing up of the two rookies) do you think we would be in the same position? Or do you think Terry Murray would have ruined jeff carter along with the rookies?

    • I don’t think Terry Murray could have done this for several reason. Actually been thinking about writing an article on it, but I’ll save it for the off season because things are too great right now to bother ripping on the past.

      In short.. Murray couldn’t keep the players together like this (as witnessed by collapses the last two playoffs)… he wouldn’t have given the 4th line or rookies the opportunity to shine like Sutter has (could you EVER see Murray throwing the 4th line out there for playoff time as a boon to them and snub to Kopi’s line for not getting the PP job done?), and Murray couldn’t match up lines and roll 4 the way Sutter has that has been a big part of our success.

      • Should we don the hazmat gear and try and save tuan jim?

        • what happened to tuan jim… he drowned?

          • Not so.

            Tuan Jim rises from the frothy semen like Moby Dick breaching the ocean surface. (He was a sperm whale, after all.)

            Actually, I was trolling St. Louis waters, reading its news reports, following its fans’ blogs . . . you know the drill — using their discomfiture and loser-rage to fuel my auto-erotic fantasies.

            As to the question under discussion: I agree with Dutch that TM died for everyone else’s sins. And leave us not forget he was able to take the Flyers to the finals when he had the materials at hand to create the Legion of Doom. So he was not totally inept as an offense-minded coach.

            But the way Darryl Sutter — whose Coming To Los Angeles I opposed — has made use of what he’s got has convinced me: I was fulla shit. I’m too hysterical a hockey fan — and too battered an old-time Kings fan — not to believe the Blues can come back and ass-fuck us before this series is done. But this ride is even more fun than the one in 1993.

            If this is just a dream, lemme dream it out to the end. And PLEASE, let’s have no McSorley-stick nightmares at the finish.

          • He may have died for everyone else’s sins, but that doesn’t mean he could have done this the way Sutter has. In an alternate universe, sure, but in this one, as things had unfolded the last two years and this one, his fate was utterly necessary to the Kings current success.

            Also, tuan, if your semen is frothing over, please see a doctor before its too late… I’m glad I don’t drink lattes.

          • I don’t drink them either. But whenever I order one at Starbuck’s for a lady friend who does like them, I sound like a Cheyenne warrior as I intone, “Vente non-fat no-foam latte.”

          • No foam or no sperm?

          • Nothing is more disgusting than sperm in coffee.

            In an Orange Julius, however . . .

          • haha… you’re a strange one tuan. Something terrible must have happened to your juice boxes when you were a child.

  28. NBC Sports dispatched Hayseed to conduct a vitally important Blues fan interview where the fan was offering the Blues some advice on how to fight in game 3….

    • Ha! Ha! In Ozzy’s defense (not as a his lawyer, mind you), I believe he liked that shirt more for the musical note aspect than the team! I don’t think he even knew what hockey was then (he probably doesn’t know now either…)

  29. If you feel like bashing on Hayward and the other completely biased announcers NBC used last night, here’s their email address.

    • Thanks for the address. I ripped into their amateurish playcalling. At least Jim Fox rips the team that pays him when necessary. And he never fails to credit the other team for their successes. NBC is amateurish at best.

  30. There’s something about hockey . . .

    You got penalties for tripping, holding, charging, boarding, spearing, butt-ending, elbowing, cross-checking, high-sticking, interference . . .

    So what’s left that makes up “roughing” ? Smacking some guy upside his head? Kicking him in the nuts? Chewing on his dick? What?

  31. So when is your guys next podcast on the victory from last nights game?

  32. Damn… Junior Seau died… thinking it may be a suicide. Gun shot wound to the chest, not the head. Thinking it may be so he can donate his brain to concussion research.


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