Post Game Woooo Yeah Boobs Balls Huzzah

I thought Bobby was going to write a post game. He didn’t.

I’m not quite sober enough to write coherent. So I won’t.

What I do know is that the Kings own the Blues. Why did I want this matchup before the season ended? You got your answer tonight.

Frustrated. Incapacitated. Lacerated.

This is with an off game by Quick. Neither goal he gave were of the quality variety. Quick didn’t need to be spectacular, though he was solid. The defense suffocated like pillows to an unwanted vegetable. The offense cashed in like an ex to a cheater with gold dust blinding the vision of misshapen an ill-begotten eyes.

The Kings controlled. The Blues chased. Oh sure we went into prevent mode for about 5 minutes of the 3rd period, allowed St. Louis a hopeful goal. But no more. As the Mexicans in front of me yelled throughout the game, ‘no mas chingara!’… Or maybe it was ‘tu es stupido!’… No, no wait it was ‘shut the fuck up you asshole gringo’.

I would be the asshole gringo of reference. Not sure why. Perhaps it has something to do with why my skull throbs and inner ears plea with my conscious to not do whatever level of screaming I did tonight.

It was a lot.

The Kings did a lot.

I don’t need to tell you about the game. You either saw it, or you need to see it.

For now, enjoy, as I enjoyed the game and the victory drinks courtesy of Nick in 318 and reader Gymm (that’s not me being drunk) Jymm (turns out that was me being drunk) who treated my party to food and beer in a lounge at the Marriott. Good times. But how could this Kings’ run be anything other than good?

It’s not. It’s great.

I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it. I know, I know, I know, aw fuck it all bring on Sunday.

As overtime demons were excised in the round of the first, so shall the afternoon succubus be banished this second.












PS- you may have heard me on Kings Talk rant about starting a social media brigade, outcry, uproar, what-have-you, and know that I was dead serious. It will commence tomorrow. Gird yourselves and be prepared to take up the call.

Fuck Brian Hayward.

Fuck NBC’s exclusivity.

Excellence of broadcasting shall reign as the Kings dominion imposes.

Let’s Go Kings

Clap. Clap. Clapclapclap.

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  1. Didja drive home?

    Just askin’?

  2. Holy cow Batman. What a game! Please please please sweep the blues outta staples on Sunday. Can er please continue raising hell until our baby stan is cozy in LA?! Yes, yes we can. I may be going nuts enough to fall outta the suite..oh God help me.

  3. Me last thought before I go to sleep…

    I can’t stop laughing.

  4. Putting your last post before the game next to this one after the game….would be a great ad for the anti-alcohol lobby. You clearly killed as many brain cells as the Kings obliterated any hopes the Blues had of coming back in this serious. Can’t wait for Scribe’s and your comments after you sober up. This victory will be remembered over the generations as a great moment in King’s history….not the Miracle on Manchester kind, but the type of victory that defines the teams coming of age as an NHL POWER. G-d bless Jamie Compon for his brilliance behind the bench, his subtle handling of the players, and above all his mastery of all things hockey! Just kidding.

    • There’s an anti-alcohol lobby? Are the prohibitionists making a comeback? Oh you just mean the Mormons.

      … And Romney.

      Oh shit, there’s an anti-alcohol lobby.

  5. I woke up this morning…and my body has been in a continuous state of a dry humping motion …the Kings have ignited my junk and I swear to god I could impregnate anything right now. My semen have swords and their bellies are full of red meat.

    I am trying not to get ahead of myself, but this team is looking like they can win the whole damn show if they keep playing this way.

    Exciting times.

  6. Please let us know how we can bash NBC in a united fashion.

  7. Seriously, fuck NBC, fuck Brian Hayward, and fuck their shitty excuse for play-by-play. I swear to go they would do actually play-by-play for maybe one minute out of three the entire game. Constant mindless chatter about stupid shit no one gives a crap about.

    Now I dont mind chatter from the color guy between whistles breaking down an earlier play. But there is a time and a place for that. Bob and Jim have an excellent give and take when calling a game. Jim lets Bob do his thing without stepping on his lines, and Bob lets Jim talk away when there is no action going on.

    But this NBC crew, my God. These fuckers are like the assholes corporate types that sit in the PR sections. Barely notice that there is a game going on between checking their phones, trying to get a waitresses attention, and trying to one up each other with their supposed knowledge of hockey. But not paying attention to the damn game IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES!

    There was a point last night where Greene took a penalty and these assholes couldn’t even tell us why until a minute of the power play had gone by. No graphic on the screen, no quick cut to the refs mic, just kept talking over each other until they happened to notice that the Kings were only playing with 4 guys on the ice.

    If this is what we have to look forward to in terms of broadcasting the rest of the way I might just switch the TV on and the receiver over to Nick and Daryl on the radio. It may not sync up, but I might actually find out what the call on a penalty is before its expired.

  8. Awaiting orders. ……

  9. Jymm not Gymm but it’s a good reminder that I need to see more of the inside of one of those places….after the Cup parade. Hope you guys had fun!

  10. Staples was blowing up tonight…. man this is a good feeling… random thought here… kinda off topic for a sec… anyone else notice how the kings have yet to get a “because its the cup” commercial and yet the blues already have two.. No respect at all for our kings


    • there’s one for Kopitar…but I’ve only seen it online and can’t seem to find it at the moment.

  11. Don’t forget last night when STL pulled Elliot and they put the graphic up the play-by-play & color didn’t even mention it. It was like 20 seconds later that whoever was doing “between the glass” mentioned it. I mean it’ss not like having an empty net or 6 skaters shanges the game at all.

    • I did see the Kings because it’s the cup once yesterday but saw STL, Nsh, NJ, and NYR multiple times does NBC fucking realize the LA KINGS are the nest team playing right mow and we got the best record to prove it 7-1 baby! And I’m willing to bet we go 8-1 and finish this on Sunday in front of the home Fans! And get our first ever sweep of a series, Because It’s The Cup! And we Fucking want it! Go Kings!

    • Yeah, that shit with the announcing crew having no fucking clue whats going on until a minute later has got to go. As soon as the final horn sounded I was looking for the postgame show on FSN with Bob and Jim to get clean the dirty feeling of listening to NBC cleansed away.

    • Thankfully I was at a bar that didn’t have the audio on. I was seething just looking at Haywards dumb mug.

  12. Great game and great atmosphere at Staples (except for those two loud fucks sitting in front of Surly spilling beer on the people in front of them)!!

    I fucking HATE NBC!! First & foremost, I always record the game so I can watch certain plays when I get home from Staples. Wouldn’t you know it, the HD channel of NBC sports was “not currently available”, thus, it did not record the fucking game! That is 3 times this postseason this has happened. NBC….get your shit together!! Secondly, your stupid ass announcers are the most bias, fucking assholes I have ever heard. I don’t need to go into the reasoning as I am sure every single Kings fan knows what I mean.

    What is it with the media and the Los Angeles Kings? Did AEG do something to the media scum we don’t know about? Do they treat them like shit so this is how they return the favor? I mean, how the hell can the Kings be doing this fucking great and not even get a mention on local sports news. I watched Fox news and they talk about Lakers, Clippers and even racing but no mention of the Kings. Then, you put on national sports media like ESPN or NHL Home Ice and the Kings never get the love. What the fuck is wrong with the media?

    • I didn’t see them spill beer on people!

      Though now I understand why he threatened to spill beer on me when I told him to sit the fuck down. Got in a few heated arguments with those degenerates. Gaggle of machismo sissies.

      • You guys missed the St. Louis fan barfing in section 302. He had about 5 buddies with him that all vanished when chunks started flying.

        • Ew.

          There were 5 St. Louis fans in attendance? I only counted 4….

          Unfortunately the numbskulls in front of me were King fans.

          • That is unfortunate. Met some pretty cool Blues fans in front of us. They were real quiet during the Elliot chants ;)

            This was my first playoff game and I loved every minute of it.

            Hope they sweep tomorrow.

  13. I often think on how I hate the Ducks and their fans and all that, and I do, I really do. But the hate I have for Brian Hayward is thousands and thousands of times stronger. That fucker shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a microphone. Bring on the social media campaign. I want to voice my overwhelming hatred for this bastard.

    Things like this really solidify the hatred:

    Also, fuck NBC.

    That game was awesome. Go Kings Go!

  14. I was at the game last night and there’s somthing that I think is worth mentioning about last night’s game that hasn’t been touched on too much. The Staples Center got raucous last night! It took a little while for the crowd to warm up, but at some point in the second period with Elliott feeling the wrath of the fans in my section (106/107), it could be seen how much of an effect the fans were having on the game. We shook Elliott. I wouldn’t be suprised if he never has another good game at Staples in his career. He was not nearly the dominating force that he has proven he can be. And in my mind that puck he tossed over the glass can be directly correlated to how much the crowd was getting under his skin. That was something special. I’m not gonna be there Sunday, but hopefully we can keep it up and help push our boys through the the Conference Finals!

    …Damn that feels good to say.

  15. I’m in on the social media blitz… Hayward’s a huge boob. The saggy, disgusting kind.

  16. I dunno if it was just me but did anyone else watching notice the dumbfuck announcers calling stl Vancouver? I almost died of laughter. What a fucking donkeydickface. Lets us know when we are launching a war on NBC …the kingdom will make them bow down.

    In other news. Woohoo Sunday!!! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

  17. Once again FUCK NBC!!!
    Go Kings!!
    I propose that Tampon works for NBC next season!
    After we win the Stanley Cup and the Parade around town!


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