It was on. Then off. Then damn. Then fuck. Then the scheduled commitment for Monday morning in Van Nuys miraculously got moved. I had little to do with said fortune but a quiet fist pump and a whispered hell yeah caused me to call Surly with a “I’m in!”

He took care of the rest with the flight, hotel and of course tickets in section 113, row Y. There are 4 of us total as our buddy Marc and his son join our motley crew.

When I made the trip to San Jose for game 2 in last season’s playoffs, my emotions were on edge. Not this time. I find myself calm but with a ready energy. All of the chatter about the Kings being favorites in this series bounce off me. We beat the 1st and 2nd place teams in our conference. Now, we play the 3rd. The Coyotes are a good team and, like us, have earned the right to be here. To win, we simply have to be the better team and, one thing everyone can agree on, the L.A. Kings have given us confidence to believe they can be exactly that.

What will we do when we arrive tonight around 8:30…unpack the very small duffel bag and go check out what Glendale, Arizona has to offer, harass Coyotes fans, congregate with fellow Kings fans who made the trek as well as those who live there, drink beer, and think about how I can channel all of your fervor, my brothers and sisters of puck who won’t be there with us, through my own lungs during the game tomorrow. I will be loud. Surly will be loud. We intend to start many Kings chants. We intend to immerse ourselves in every shift, every hit, pass, shot and goal our boys put forth, every save Jonathan Quick makes, all to the hopeful victory that awaits us by Sunday’s end. Let the Hockey Gods bless us from the game’s start tomorrow to the playoffs’ final end.

Sobriety and state of mind will determine whether we launch the Surly & Scribe Podcast Show from there, tomorrow night and after the game or whether we wait until Monday.

Are you ready for game one of the Western Conference Finals? Oh I know, it was a rhetorical question. You have waited for the day for a while.