Surly & Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast Show: Razing Arizona

Surly & Timmy in a room.

All about the road trip, no jacket required, the near fight, cheerleaders offended, cops, fake tits & leather faces, dominance, hard work, the Hockey Gods and game one. Enjoy.

Surly & Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast Show, 5-14-12



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  1. Nice! And extra long podcast
    This will keep me awake during my daily voyage from Ontario to Gardena

  2. Lewis needs credit for his work on the boards. I think he is better than Kopitar. His forechecking doesn’t create the offense that Kopitar’s creates but Lewis’s puck possession on the boards is insane.

  3. I would put Hanzal’s balls on my chin AND watch every game with two coyotes fans announcing to get that t-shirt (I’m a poor college kid that hasn’t bought a jersey since age 13… it doesn’t fit).

  4. The Solar Temple – Heaven’s Gate
    “The Human Garden must be Weeded”
    As must Phoenix

  5. You guys made an outstanding point that one of the world’s most oddities was building a hockey arena on top of this:

    They have one advantage at Jobing arena where they can go fetch some free salt for the margarita’s at the salt beach next to the arena:

    You guys got a terrific deal on those black napkins, and can you all maybe get one of those for everybody at game 3 at Staples. We need to have a black out.

    I have been to a few games at Jobing and the number one tradition there is that everybody is sitting there munching on food for the whole friggin game. I mean those dudes are constantly going up and down the aisles bringing back more and more food as if they all believed they were watching TV at home. The fans there think it is a food court first and hockey game second.

    You all did not mention that annoying howling siren that blasts every couple of minutes. If I were living there and a local fan, I would be in the insane asylum having to listen to that all game long. Isn’t it enough that the fans go back home and hear the real coyotes howling in their neighborhood anyway all day and night long?

    I got news for you if the Kings advance and match up with the Rags. You will be so pissed with the NBC TV camera set up and angles and distances of shots at MSG you will flip out and smash your big screen. You will also be adjusting your contrast, colors and tints on your TV to solve the horrible lighting conditions that screws up the broadcast.

    You mentioned Klesla, and that dude used to be 220 lbs (probably now 240) and is 6-3, and when you watch that Brownie game winning score, Klesla was so slow and laboring and out of shape Brownie just cruised on by that sloth. Klesla and Morris are their achilles heel no question about it. In my book, the D guy to be careful about is Yandle who is the Coyotes version of Blue Pietrangelo.

    Hanzel is about 50% of what in theory could be his potential given his size. The fact that he has that size and not using it to the degree many others in the league does give me some pause that there is something going on upstairs that is not matching the brawn. We all know that with many Euro player (not all), they don’t get pumped up for the Stanley Cup and find it worthy to pour their guts, soul and heart out on the ice. A lot of the Euro players (again not all, and certainly not Kopi who is a gifted and dedicated exception), really want to be back in Europe this time of year, when they can do all of their fun outdoor stuff, climbing the Swiss alps, racing cars, river rafting, fishing, and hitting the nightclubs. Hanzel may have his heart and soul already in Czech world.

    Anyway, it would be safe to say as you mentioned that the Coyotes should be much more ready to play tonight, but, they are now seeing the “New Kings” that are turning up the horse racing derby out on the ice. It is so hard to stop the best streaking thoroughbred horse that exits the starting gate fast and furious.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Just saw on Hammonds blog that the local NBC news had a story on the LA teams still in the playoffs and they evidently showed a graphic of the GD Sacramento Kings basketball team! Our own fucking news teams don’t even know what the fuck is going on with LA hockey how is the rest of the hockey world gonna give us some respect out here.

    I called and left this asshole a nice little vm message saying how much of a complete fuck up these assholes were and told him they needed to publicly apologize for their retarded fucking gaffe. Call and tell this asshole he and his retarded fucking team is a fuck up!

    Shawn Edwards
    VP Sales LA

  7. Fuck those shirts, there 20 bucks.

  8. Saw you guys in the next line over as we were walking into the arena. You would have really liked our seats (freaking Ticketmaster). They were in the middle of the Coyote Den. It was a tad bit uncomfortable at first, but then we decided it was really nice having our own bar and fancy bathrooms. No one tried to kill me when I chanted, “Go Kings Go!” Those Coyotes fans must take some Xanax before the game. Well, most of them anyway. Afterward was a different story.
    Hubby and I were out in the Westgate area when we heard a commotion behind us. A punk ass Yotes fan yelled, “Kings suck!” Because, you know, right after a team wins, that’s the best time to point out how bad they are. I smiled until he called me a “cunt bitch Kings fan.” Yeah, that was it. I went ahead and got in his face and asked him what he called me, before my husband (who has a lightning fast temper) even realized what was going down. That stupid fuck backed up real quick, but he didn’t shut his mouth. We advanced toward him as another, older fan stepped in and told the punk kid to get the hell out of there. Then, we had a very nice conversation with the old dude. Which was a good thing, because an arrest for either me or my husband would be cause for immediate firing from our jobs and would probably make it on the news. No bueno. We consumed more alcohol at Margaritaville before stumbling happily back to our hotel.

  9. Fuck Mike Smith. That is all.


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