L.A. Kings Euthanize Coyotes 4-0 And Expose Its Players For What They Are – Vermin

Suggested questions for Dave Tippet at the press conference:

At some point, did you consider calling a timeout when your team started to completely self destruct?

Would you consider the level of integrity left in the room after this game to be slim or none?

Do you remember the exact moment in this game that you completely lost control of your team?

The NHL owes Dustin Brown a formal apology for that embellishment call. Mike Smith deserves a minimum of a 1 game suspension for that hack. Shane Doan is what he is. A dirty, cheap shot artist. Martin Hanzal really should stop pretending to be a hockey player. The talk about the Coyotes leaving Glendale, Arizona must stop. By my evaluation of their team and fan base, they deserve each other.

Enough of them. I am angry. You are angry. For the sake of Coyotes fans on Thursday, I hope to calm down by then. I have a talent for picking a fight. Let’s talk about the game, the one to which only we showed up to play while the Coyotes wrapped their vagina around a symbolic football in the last two periods.

Give Surly some love. Since the end of game 1 as we walked out of Jobing arena, he has said more than once that Jeff Carter’s breakout game is coming. Boy, did it come – like ten inches of testosterone, Jeff Carter found the opening and slammed it home not once, not twice but a sexy manaja twa hat trick with the Coyotes and Smith playing the role of the hapless girl that gave our fan base a collective climax. That line, with Mike Richards and Dustin Penner, has become a force. Mike Richards is warming up for beast mode. Dustin Penner is in position to where the puck is going to be. His reads (as Jim Fox confirmed just as I was writing it) are uncanny. That line has provided so many problems for the insects from Arizona that Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Justin Williams have impunity to fuck Phoenix at will…and our top line is not being shy about it.

Fuck them straight to hell, I hope.

Who said Jonathan Quick will have a big bounce back game because that is who he is and what he does? Just about everybody who has watched this goaltender mature before our eyes to the special player he is now.

Enough from me. Bring me your passion across this site’s pages. This place is like Staples Center. It’s your home. Go crazy now but remind yourself tomorrow…one game at a time.

Go Kings!

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  1. Kings impressed me more than ever by staying calm, cool, collected and above all by remaining defensively sound and impressive on the forecheck all while facing some of the dirtiest play I’ve seen in quite some time. Great job boys, 6 more!!! GO KINGS GO!!!!!!

  2. I hope Hanzal “The skin tag” does not get suspended, someone needs to take a run.

    Also, if the King’s are up, someone needs to take a run a fuckin’ Smith… What an ass, What a fuckin’ flopper. What was up with that flop when King Kong went thru the crease?

  3. I’m sure if Torres was playing one of ours boys would be injured right now. FUCK YOU YOTES

  4. The Coyotes willingly and intentionally went cheaply after the player that is the biggest threat to them, Dustin Brown. They couldn’t match his play fairly, so they did the only thing available to them. What a bunch of lowlifes.

  5. I watched this game at my house on my HD TV. Beautiful. Continued the Sizzler and Hockey tradition that was started last season. Delicious. Got a Sucks fan to admit that the Kings are in it to win it. Told her that balance will win the cup. This game was such a delight to watch. Also got surprise tickets for the game on thursday, pretty sure I will have to call out sick to work but it will be worth it. Sec 303 (I’m sad it is not 315-319, but beggars can’t be fucking choosers). Funny that Timmy Love mentioned Carter’s break out game on the podcast. I loved that they called it a hat trick but that was Kopi and his patience all the way. Finally some power play goals. I am just so FUCKING happy.

    GO KINGS GO! oh how much I love Surly and Scribe.

  6. I quite simply cannot believe the absolute bullshittery I witnessed while watching this game. Between all of the absolutely intentional attempts to injure Kings players, to Smiths best Sedin impressions, to calling Brown on an embellishing penalty.

    I take solice in the fact that even the the Coyotes have everything they had (and then some) our boys still shut them the fuck out. Good luck at Staples without 2 of your star players you Winnipeg rejects.

  7. This is the most amazing Kings team I have ever seen……..period

  8. The diving call on Brown was classic zebra bullshit. I’d like to take a whack at that asshole like that and see if he can get right back up and skate fine after. It’s one thing to whack him with his stick but it’s the way he whacked him and with what part of his blade that I wanted to see someone kick the living shit outta him.

    But all the bullshit aside we’re up 2-0 in the series and to be able to give the Yotes a nice, firm middle finger is icing on the cake.

  9. What a clinic on the penalty kill. Great execution throughout the game. Just a joy to watch. Figured the “Jokes” would start to play dirty as they had nothing else going for them. We need to stay the course, continue to do the small things that make the difference. We are out hustling them so far, but we can’t relent.

    Look forward to attending game 4 on Sunday and hopefully closing out the series.

    1 game at a time.

    Go fucking Kings Go! “Not the Sacramento Kings, BTW”

  10. I always thought Doan and Smith were, and still are, pieces of shit.

    I really do wondering the NHL will hand suspensions; doubt it.

    Good game by our boys tonight though, and..,

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. Does anyone know where to look up a player’s suspension history. I know Doan was suspended for elbowing a couple times. Does he have a boarding history also?

  12. Fuck and NBC and their Mike Smith and all things Coyotes Love Fest!

    (that felt good to type……GO KINGS!!! I’m so happy I’d hug my neighbor across the street with the hairy mole! )

  13. Fuck that random “and” too!

  14. I respected Shane Doanu until I was in person what a gutless, dirty, no good piece of shit he is. I’m sorry my son had to see that, but ecstatic about the ass kicking he was able to witness by our Kings. They sat Giroux, they need to sit Shane Done!

  15. Objectively speaking, Doan shouldn’t get suspended. Lewis looked him in the eye, and then turned his back (I know, players do it all the time, and induce penalties and suspensions) to face the boards when he knew he was going to get drilled.
    As far as Hanzel, he’s fucked. 2 games. That was as brutal as it gets. Although, seeing as he’s never been suspended, he’ll get 1 game.
    Smith is a fucking bitch, and he should get a game for that slash. But he won’t get anything. He thinks he’s a badass. The NHL should eliminate the trapezoid, and let the goalies handle the puck wherever they want, with one caveat, you are fair game when handling the puck. Se if he goes around swinging his stick or punching people in the face when they breathe on him…

    • I get that Lewis turned. My problem with the hit is two-fold, one is that Doan wasnt moving that fast and did NOTHING to ease up. I dont want to hear any of the ‘you can’t stop when you’re committed to the hit’ crap because I’ve watched Willie Mitchell ease up in the same exact situation several times and take a boarding penalty without hurting someone. It’s simple respect for a fellow human and Doan showed a complete lack of it.

      Second, I also thought it was a charge. Doan was at the front of the net and didn’t skate in to make a play, he skated away from position purely to drill Lewis.

      For those two reasons I think the call on the ice was correct and I think its a one game suspension because of his history. If he isn’t suspended, I’ll understand and not complain. Hanzal is a different story. If he gets away without anything then Shanahan is a tool.

      • I disagree, Doan had Lewis lined up…I don’t think he much option other then to follow through.

  16. Suspensions? Not with the league owing the team and them down2-0. Hanzal should get 1 game. I can’t believe leading 4-0 we didn’t get a little payback. no one even got close to smith. 10 down.

    • The key is 0, as in shut out, as in Venezia Trophy. What’s more important, soiling a jersey by checking Smith or winning Quick a Trophy? The guy’s goals against is fucking amazing…. 1.45. Give him the friggin’ trophy already.

      • It was my understanding the Veznia is decided by the Seasons’ performance, not by the Playoffs. I would think they are helping Quicker towards the Conn Smythe.
        GO KINGS GO!!!

        • Correct. The playoffs are not SUPPOSED to factor Ito the Vezina. But… Since I don’t think it’s voted on until after the Cup is handed out, I imagine it has some unconscious influence.

  17. It is hard to know where to start on the ” squeaky clean” Kings butt kicking game. I bet I wind up posting several contributions because there is so much to mention.

    First, however, I need to declare that we are watching a true “championship” caliber red-hot Kings team.

    Yeah, yeah, I know you win no prizes nor anything for two wins in a playoff series. But, regardless, I really have been waiting my lifetime to see an elite LA Kings (excepting 1993) team. I was getting comfortable and pleased that I could watch an elite Kings team, but, now, wait a minute, the team transformed itself into another higher level. Like I said, it is championship grade play now.

    That is because the high intensity King aggressive play is freaking me out but in an excellent way. King bodies diving for pucks, stepping up into plays, tape to tape connections, beating the dogs to the puck, and taking shots anytime possible, along with giving and taking the body. They are doing the little and big things for 60 minutes that show grit, desire, and this hockey nirvana: “We want it bad enough and we want to win” attitude.

    Yet, when the Kings are interviewed post game, they are subdued, calm, polite, respectful, gentlemanly, and professional to the media. They are not kidding me at least, as I know each player has to be giddy and downright jacked about how everything has jelled together in the playoffs.

    So, my friends, that is the beauty of what we are witnessing before our eyes game after game now where the team has risen into playoff hockey outer space orbit, namely, playing out of this world.

  18. I was yelling soo much in my dorm room. What we witnessed with the Phoenix Coyotes was a disaster. For the first time in the postseason, they were tested and they felt like this was a must win. They have already checked out of the series and were becoming frustrated. When they became frustrated they did what we were watching in that first round with all 14 teams (not Canucks and Kings). It was dirty, it was not what the NHL saw in them, and I’ll be damned if they continue to take runs at our winning team.

  19. This game had me swing up and down with emotions, where at times I was infuriated with the dogs’ dirty play but then I was laughing when I saw the stupid antics and imbecile behavior.

    I kind was wondering if the most powerful hockey gods wrote the script for this game and sent it down to earth for us mere mortals addicted to hockey to savor in perpetuity.

    I think the hockey gods were watching some old Coyote/Roadrunner cartoons from yesteryear in order to create the script for tonight for our viewing pleasure.

    I was saying at times to myself that I was watching my favorite Coyote/Roadrunner cartoon, with the Coyotes doing the most hair-brain and pinhead tactics that blew up in their faces.

    I would say that the following sums up best the “loco en la cabeza” brains of those Glendale desert mixed breeds:

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  20. Y’all wanna see dirty? I wouldn’t be surprised if Torres pulled this kinda shit on any one of our star players. Good thing he’s out.

    • Yea, that is pretty fucking dirty! What a piece shit Domi was! Domi was lucky Stevens wasn’t on the ice when that happen…did you see how pissed he looked in the box!

  21. the commentators literally drooled over mike smith the whole game despite him being scored on 4 times. do these guys at nbc have their eyes glued to paper all day reading statistics? i don’t understand why it’s impossible to hear something positive about the kings for once during a broadcast. regardless, the kings do the best thing possible by simply winning. i know there was a bit of a rivalry here considering the physicality of the regular season match-ups, but were brown and lewis even remotely deserving of that kind of BS? great game to watch, i have no fingernails left due to the anxiety, and thank god for jonathan quick. peace be upon him.

    • I could not agree more, what the hell is up with them all giving so much credit to Phoenix, it’s like they a hard-on for Mike Smith. Where is the respect and credit to LA, Quick is the best goalie in these playoffs, LA has been lights out since the first game of round 1, and they are absolutely dominating all their opponents, and making goalies like Elliot and Smith look like what they really are, Average goalies who got lucky. Phoenix is outclassed and are outplayed by LA and they show that they don’t belong in this series. Fuck the Cryotes and their dirty whiny bitch players.

    • You miss the essential difference of a national, network broadcast fromn a local, regional broadcast.

      Most of their audience is mostly impartial. Most of their audience are fans from teams that have been eliminated. The audience wants one or another team to win, but only superficially, at best for their personal choice for “second team.”

      Most of all, the audience just wants a cpmpetitive, action-filled game. The networks certainly want the same thing: a close, competitive game with a very “good finish,” meaning a one goal game for the pulled goalie, or a game tied going into a brief overtime. the network wants ratings, and they want people to watch the whole game.

      When a game is lopsided, and when one team is clearly superior to the other, the call of the game needs to focus on the perspective and qualities of the losing team, in order to pump up the weaker team, and create an “underdog” mentality. (Yes, that’s a coyote joke. Actually, it should be blunderdogs) When there is an underdog, peopel root for them, and by enhancing the potential of the underdog to succeed, they “hold” their audience.

      Even so, the imbalance is not so stark as it may seem. The announcers were gushing over the Kings, too, but they had to bring focus to anything positive regarding the Coyotes that they could think of, and Mike Smith is the obvious choice especially when the announcers have lost the “grizzled veteran leader waiting his whole career for this chance” story-line when Doan got kicked out of the game.

      They are just trying to make the game good enough for people to keep watching what was clearly a meltdown (a dry heat joke) and an abslolute dismantling of one team by the other. Mostly, the call was fair, but the imbalance favoring the Coyotes was simply national broadcasting 101.

  22. Another series, another frustrated team. Vancouver and St. Louis didn’t fully understand the buzz saw they were walking in to. Phoenix had enough tape to watch to know what was coming, but were powerless to stop it. Their best player has has 7 goals against and 4 PIMS (should be more) in the first two games. I smell the beginning of a meltdown. The boys need to stay focused and show these classless fucks back to the pond. Go Kings!!!!

  23. These fucking cock sucking piece of shit mutherfuckers. Deliberately trying to injure players. The hit on Brown and the knee on Scuds was just scumbag tactics. Hey if we can’t beat em injure them???

    I saw this shit coming. I knew somebody was gonna get hurt. Hopefully brown and scuderi aren’t fucked up.

    Fuck the coyotes. I had respect for their team and their coach before this series but no more.
    They have shown the type of character they have and it stinks like the dog shit that they are.

  24. I was a big fan of the Sutter hire when most were weary because I knew the accountability he’d bring to our team and I think he has coached flawlessly. . . until tonight. The score was not 1-0 or 2-1, the game was firmly in hand when the shenanigans started. Our players have the right to defend themselves and their friends-teammates, period. We should have responded swiftly and with bad intent…

    Ok, now that I got that off my chest, can you folks believe how well our team is playing? In-Fucking-Credible. Is this fun or what? Even JT has relaxed a bit and is enjoying this miraculous ride. Welcome to our Happy Place, Dutch.

  25. I will wait til morning to comment as my fury still rages and I may regret some of the things I may say. But for now…white out? Pffft….more like SHUT OUT!!!

  26. If I were back in the pen, I’d slap smith around, make him a yard bitch, a rent him out for Top Ramen, that fucking lame.

  27. Does anyone know where to find the contract status of each of the players on the roster. Specifically those that are in their walk year. Does the CBA provide for both unrestricted and restricted free agency?

  28. Great game. The Kings didn’t sink to their level. Phoenix thinks they can win by Being dirty pieces of shit…yet, they’re still getting their asses kicked.

    Smith is the prime example of what’s wrong w the NHL and their views on goaltenders. Smith takes a vicious swing at the back of Brown’s knee (intent to injure) …they give him 2, but give Brown 2 for embellishment …then when King barely touches Smith…Smith flops and dives all over the place and King gets the call without an embellishment call on Smith. The NHL says , ‘goalies can do as they please without any fear of getting punished for it, by us or the player’s ‘ . it’s a joke.

    Then Brown is targeted again by that pussy ass. He’ll get suspended for sure.

    Phoenix doesn’t even deserve to lick the ice the Kings players spit on…let alone skate on it.


    • This Kings team is so fucking awesome to watch play. We have got everything a team needs to be successful and it’s so enjoyable to be a witness to it all. 10-1 record so far is more than anyone could have dreamed up! We are the Kings! We play for each other, our city, our franchise, and our fans who have stood by us thru it all! We play the right way and respect the game and our opponents. Our opponents have no answers for our game except to cheap shot our players with intent to injure, flopping and diving to try and get calls and incredibly get more love & praise from NBC commentators than the Kings! Fuck them all Go Kings Go! Staples will be a mad house on Thursday and Sunday! God Bless this site and Surly and Scribe!

  29. Great win, great game, no one got injured. Offense was great the D was was better in front of Quick.

    I’m sure many of you will disagree but, I really thought Quick played a mediocre game last night. Huge rebounds right in front of the net. Overplaying shots that sent him 3 feet outside the post scrambling to get back. And poor puck play again behind the net. Sure he got the shutout but, if Phoenix would have had a guy anywhere near the net they could have had a few goals so easy I would have put them in.

    • … Watch out, now. That’s a lonely road you’re traveling on. Quick is pretty serious business ’round these parts.

      • Whatever. Anyone can feel free to prove me wrong. All those rebounds are dangerous, as well as sliding outside the posts because he’s over playing shots. A team like the Rangers, who have a better “O” then Phoenix, will light up the lamp.

        • Quick was solid, but not spectacular last night. His rebound control was not up to his usual standard and you are over exaggerating what was really just one play by Boedker when mentioning his sliding out of position.

          The Kings D did a fabulous job on the PK, to put it mildly, but the Coyotes had some quality chances turned aside by Quick. Even those large rebounds he gave up, he was able to regain position. He didn’t let pucks dribble loosely around the net, which is the biggest danger when giving up rebounds. He deflected them far to the boards, where Coyotes did pick them up, but without causing any great immediate threat. Not Quick’s best game, but by no means a poor game. This shutout was a total team effort.

          The Rangers have some good shooters, but nothin I don’t believe Quick can’t handle. Don’t speak as if this one game is indicative of Quick’s average performance as he doesn’t give up rebounds like that regularly.

          • I was simply talking about this one game. A lot of people are quick to say that Quick was dominate because he got the shut out. All I’m saying is that is Phoenix doesn’t act like a bunch of 3 year olds that wet the bed, the outcome could have been different.

            Quick is good but, people need to stop making him out to be Roy or Hasek.

          • Fair enough. The Coyotes were certainly their own worst enemies.

            I also believe however that scoring that flukey Morris goal from center ice was bad news for the Coyotes. Quick’s favorite time to shut the door is after bad goals, and. Have a feeling Quick won’t be losing focus again anytime soon. He wasn’t dominant last night like he can be, but he finds ways to get the job done.

            He’s not Roy or Hasek.


        • A team like the Rangers, who have a better “O” then Phoenix

          … Well, I’m not sure if it IS better, I’ll just say that.

          In the regular season, Phoenix scored 2.5 goals per 60 minutes at 5-on-5, while the Rangers scored 2.4. Virtually no difference.

          In the playoffs, Phoenix has scored 2.2 goals per 60 at 5-on-5, while the Rangers are at just 1.7.

          The Rangers DO have a better power play, but not by much. Both teams were in the lower third of PP efficiency during the season(Rangers were 23rd and the Coyotes were 29th), and they’re right next to one another in the playoffs (both slightly below the middle of the pack). The differences are not enough to be of any significance.

          • Power plays are part of your offense. Rangers were #11 in goals per game during the regular season and Phoenix was #18.

            Not a big fan of PP efficiency. Efficiency doesn’t win games, goals do. Give a team enough chances and they are going to break through. The Kings give a lot of chances.

          • Power plays are part of your offense

            … They are, just not as much of a part of it as 5-on-5 offense and impacted much more by random chance.

            Not a big fan of PP efficiency.

            … I am, because otherwise you end up basing results on how many overall power play opportunities a team has, something that (again) is more impacted by random chance and/or the flow of a particular game rather than by the team’s offensive skill.

        • Odd that anyone would tout the offense of the NY Rangers. Its been their greatest deficiency this year. Every game I watched on MSG LaGreca and the rest of them only talked about lack of scoring about a BILLION times. So, you may be in the minority thinking they are some sort of offensive juggernaut. You may not have said that, but I love spelling juggernaut.

  30. First of all nice call Surly.. Carter sure was on the verge.. have to say his ankle was the problem.. played thru it.. good for him..
    I was so mad last night just could not go on here.. too much venom coming out of me..
    It was said this series would be rough.. but I did not think we would be facing the dirty play like that of Vancouver.. wrong..
    so today we got the no ball ruling by the NHL commission..

    Wow one whole game.. This was supposed to be the number one goal this year, the hits to the head and the dangerous boarding ..to stop it.. I see as this:
    League officials seemed more determined to make their point during regular season play..3 games ..4 games.. depending on how many previous violations.. kind of like our 3 strike rule.. so here are the playoffs and the officials now lessen the penalties for the same behavior..and if it is the goaltender ..well even less of a punishment..
    All who watched the game last night.. Lucky for LA Brownie is made of something more then most human beings.. but I will guarantee he is one Sore and Hurting mother today.. hope our
    physical therapy staff is working some magic on him.
    What Smith pulled last night.. 2 minutes..that is it?????
    No supplemental fine at least?? My daughter described the whack
    behind Brownie’s knees as a ‘Tanya Harding’. She got that right!!
    I thought that was one of the cheapest ..poor sport hits I have seen in a long long time..
    not good karma on Smith that is for sure..
    kINGS just Rocked!! One of the articles from Bleaschers talked about Keys to winning the Series.. and that no one outside the Locker room thought the Kings had a chance.. wonder who they have been talking to.. not LA King Fans that is for sure..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  31. The way I read the blog I thought you were saying the Kings players were vermin. I was expecting some sort of ironic joke it’s-really-the-opposite-hint-hint Surly & Scribe esque blog. Turns out I just misread the title.

    Anyway, the Kings, holy shit!!! I haven’t been able to be on the computer much lately but I’ve been watching all the games, and man, there’s just some weird things going on here, period. The way NHL hockey is being played now, it doesn’t even feel like the playoffs, and skill really isn’t very important anymore in a sense. All the games are starting to blend together for me and mostly it’s just chaos, just a bunch of random events that happen and at the end of each night whoever gets the benefit of the most of those random events bouncing their way gets to win.

    With the Kings, that’s not the case though, they are dominating, but it’s only half on talent, the other half is they just seem like the perfect team for the way the NHL is right now in terms of their size and defensive structure, along with enough skill. But it goes back to me not even knowing what to think anymore, because it’s just been so easy. It’s like are they really this good, a team for the ages all of a sudden, or are they good, which clearly they are, but also benefitting from something just plain strange going on in the NHL right now? Because outside of beating the Canucks in round one, the Kings are about to go to the Stanley Cup finals without having to beat a team that had a 40 goal scorer on it this season, or even an 80 point player. Now the Kings would be great defensively anyway, as they were against the Canucks (who actually did not have a 30 goal scorer either until Daniel Sedin came back I don’t believe), but they’ve just been so dominant, no one can create anything against them, and you wonder if that would be quite as possible against a team like the Flyers or Penguins in the East. Even if they play the Rangers in the Final, they’re not really getting that, because the Rangers are a team that, like the Kings, is riding the current NHL trends to success in a way. But I believe the Kings, barring a meltdown, are now the better team, especially with the Rangers looking to be running on fumes.

    Anyway it’s just been crazy. 10-1 in the playoffs, the 8th seed. Something weird is happening. And hey, maybe they are simply this good. Maybe five years from now, we will look back and realize, hey, Jordan Nolan is a top line talent, Dwight King is a legit top-six power forward, Slava Voynov is an all-star #2 defenseman, so when you add two top-six power forwards, a #2 defenseman, and a 40 goal scorer in Jeff Carter, when you add all of that to a team that’s already a Cup contender, really when you add that much to any team that is already a Cup contender, that team is going to be fantastic, and dominant.

    So maybe it is just that simple. They had these gems in the minors and never realized it until late this year, and since then it’s a completely different ballgame, and that will be more clear as time passes. But right now it seems more than that, it’s just weird, the way the league is trending, the Kings in the middle of that, and it’s just amounted to this insane run where it’s like, winning a Cup is actually pretty fucking easy. I mean we all know it’s not, not normally, but so far for the Kings it’s been an absolute cakewalk. And that’s what’s so strange because we’re talking about a sport that prides itself on calling it’s championship the toughest to win in all of sports, yet the Kings are cruising.

    What do you guys think? Have you ever seen anything like this? My theory is that it was simply impossible before. Before, when there was more room on the ice, even if you were the best in your era defensively, there was still going to be too much talent out there against you to at least win some games singlehandedly, like Mario Lemeiux was still going to take some games over and beat you a couple times no matter how good you were defensively. But now in this era of checking lines and zero high turnovers and no-risk hockey and clutching, grabbing, stick-lifting, interfering, it’s the opposite. It’s like it doesn’t matter how much talent you have, there’s just no way to take games over anymore or make plays by yourself. You have to be patient and hope one of those point shots deflects in, same as everyone else.

    I don’t know, it’s just crazy, but that said, the Kings are fucking good. I think they finally got it, Dean Lombardi finally got it or at least was necessitated into leaving his comfort zone and making the Carter trade, and really the Kings got their identity back with Nolan and King, and they were just the missing pieces in so many huge ways, putting everyone into their proper lineup spots, and creating a lineup that finally had both top size and enough speed to compliment it, and really juts balance in every facet whether it’s speed vs size or skill vs two-way players, Voynov has been great, Mitchell has been great, Doughty finally seems in shape and more confident, everything is just coming together and it’s a special team. I just hope success this season doesn’t trick Lombardi into thinking he doesn’t need another sniper like Parise. You can always get better.

    Anyway, crazy.

  32. Sorry if my thoughts are scattered , by the way, but I’m trying to write them as fast as possible because they’re long, which means I let the writing quality and thought organization slide, and also, what’s happening with the Kings is crazy, and my thoughts about it do involve just a bunch of different factors.


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