Suggested questions for Dave Tippet at the press conference:

At some point, did you consider calling a timeout when your team started to completely self destruct?

Would you consider the level of integrity left in the room after this game to be slim or none?

Do you remember the exact moment in this game that you completely lost control of your team?

The NHL owes Dustin Brown a formal apology for that embellishment call. Mike Smith deserves a minimum of a 1 game suspension for that hack. Shane Doan is what he is. A dirty, cheap shot artist. Martin Hanzal really should stop pretending to be a hockey player. The talk about the Coyotes leaving Glendale, Arizona must stop. By my evaluation of their team and fan base, they deserve each other.

Enough of them. I am angry. You are angry. For the sake of Coyotes fans on Thursday, I hope to calm down by then. I have a talent for picking a fight. Let’s talk about the game, the one to which only we showed up to play while the Coyotes wrapped their vagina around a symbolic football in the last two periods.

Give Surly some love. Since the end of game 1 as we walked out of Jobing arena, he has said more than once that Jeff Carter’s breakout game is coming. Boy, did it come – like ten inches of testosterone, Jeff Carter found the opening and slammed it home not once, not twice but a sexy manaja twa hat trick with the Coyotes and Smith playing the role of the hapless girl that gave our fan base a collective climax. That line, with Mike Richards and Dustin Penner, has become a force. Mike Richards is warming up for beast mode. Dustin Penner is in position to where the puck is going to be. His reads (as Jim Fox confirmed just as I was writing it) are uncanny. That line has provided so many problems for the insects from Arizona that Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Justin Williams have impunity to fuck Phoenix at will…and our top line is not being shy about it.

Fuck them straight to hell, I hope.

Who said Jonathan Quick will have a big bounce back game because that is who he is and what he does? Just about everybody who has watched this goaltender mature before our eyes to the special player he is now.

Enough from me. Bring me your passion across this site’s pages. This place is like Staples Center. It’s your home. Go crazy now but remind yourself tomorrow…one game at a time.

Go Kings!