LA Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes Round 3 Game 2 Open Forum – Keep On Keepin’ On

Today I watch not from the suffocating heat of the despot known as Glendale, Arizona. No Maricopa Mea Culpa County for me. Back in Los Angeles, where I belong, I’ll have to enjoy this LA Kings win from the comfort of my home. Oh darn.

Well, a win provided the Kings just keep on doing what they’ve been doing.

With the exception of rubbing out a few minor glitches, the Kings don’t need to change a thing. Relentless forecheck. Stifling gap control. Exuberance to a man that compounds the efforts of the many. Expect a bounce back game from Jonathan Quick, who is his own harshest critic and is as mentally tough as any goalie I’ve seen.

The Coyotes will come out with guns, both brandished and legally concealed, blazing. We are immigrants in a land hostile to border jumpers. But who needs to weather a storm when you are thunder itself.

Adrian Aucoin is a game time decision for the Coyotes. The media seems to see this is as some huge boon to their club. Aucoin is a solid player, always has been, but he is not the difference to stopping the wrecking ball that is our forecheck. It matters not who is in the Phoenix lineup. Ours is a game of cohesion, ferocity and determinism.

When we want more of the same, we do more of the same, and so we pray.

In the name of the Captain, the Son of Philly and the Holy Goalie.

Bless us Oh Hockey Gods, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through LA Kings, Our Team. Amen.

Blessed are You, Kings our Team and Team of our fathers, Team of Dionne, Team of Luc and Team of Gretzky, the great, mighty and awesome Team, exalted Team, who bestows bountiful goals, who creates all wins, who remembers the insanity of the fans, and who, in love, brings a redeemer to their fans’ children, for the sake of Our Kings.

Peace be upon no Phoenix fan, without mercy or blessing of Kings.

Holy Sutter, Holy Stevens;
We give you thanks
that your Schemes, Attitude and Leadership
Are manifest with Power and Pressure
throughout all zones,
within all lines,
and we accept your Tutelage now,
in defense and forecheck.

I pray to the wunderkind, the play-maker, destroyer of all cap space, the enemy of forwards, of great brilliance, the descendent of Orr and of Borque, the one who shines like the Dewey flower.

I invoke and call upon thee O Father Mitchell,
Lord of long stick, Master of all lanes and gaps.
I invite you to the blue line;
Defend it, sustain it, make it home.

As it was,
As it is,
As it shall be
O Thou Carter
Of goals!
With the forehand
With the backhand
O Thou Carter
Of goals!
With the forehand
With the backhand

Our Rookies, King of steadfastness, strengthened Nolan, Voynov foothold, support us against the disdainful people.

Voices above,
Voices of Fans,
Yell from your couch or barstool;
Voices below,
LA King’s Inner-voices,
Speak from the dreams of childhood;
So may our playoffs be beautiful.

Our Kings, who art in Phoenix
Hallowed be thy game.
Thy kingdom come, thy wills be done
On their ice, as it was on the Blues’
Give us this day our daily goals, and forgive no Coyote their transgressions,
As we pound into submission those who trespass against us.
And lead us past the third round,
Past these evil Coyote fucks.

Hail Kopi, full of grace, the fans are with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst players and blessed are the fruit of thy skills, goals.
Holy Kopi, dominant of centers, play for us sinners,
Now until the hour of our Cup.

Go fucking nuts.



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  1. Are you adding more prayers…i confess to skipping over them.. being a bad Catholic i still feel funny about seeing a unprayer prayer..
    You may be glad to be back in LA but for eveyone who was able to go to Game 1 how
    very cool you got to represent LA in a Game one Victory..
    Repeat Repeat.. such a fabulous time to be a King Fan..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Been adding a prayer every game. What do you mean by unprayer prayer?

      • He means he’s not an observant Catholic but his Catholic guilt still makes him squirm a bit when he sees the “prayer.”

        • Was just getting ready to say ..exactly what VegusKingguy said.. TU VKG.. laptop crapped out on me last night.. tardy with reply.. Surly not being critical.. you are the one Huge Talent IMO .. it is just my quirk..
          VKG.. her not him ;-D
          GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. As we all know, the Coyote constantly tries to come up with some big plan to get his nemesis. I have watched at one time or another every coyote cartoon, and he never yet beat or caught his intended prey.

    The Kings are super “Quick”. They “Drew” up their own plans. There is “KOPIous” energy. They are “Dustin” the ice with black and white LA razzle and dazzle.

    Lets just see what plan the Coyote hatches today, and how their nemesis prey handles everything with kingly speed and smarts.

  3. According to my magic crystal eight-balls (that’s a three-fer) the Coyotes ahve been looking at film showing the Kings penetrating from the half-wall. Brown repeatedly, Kopi, Williams, even Richardson, Lewis and Nolan all had multiple exapmples where they worked off a cycle and go to the middle of the ice between the point-covering forward and the low-coverage Coyote Forward/D-men. In other words, they had their forwards too high, above the tops of the circles, and our guys got the middle by going between the two areas of coverage.

    I am thinking the Yotes will drop their forwards lower to close that gap. This will leave ice available for for our point-men and F3 to be open for passes in the high slot, and let them get the puck and move across the blue line and find shooting lanes more easily. F3 will have a little time to be able to accept a pass and get off a shot from closer than usual, with the Coyotes clogging up the zone in the middle but much closer to the net.

    Fake a shot to make the defender commit, then passes within an umbrella setup can find an open guy for one-timers. When the Yotes adjust to that and time the blocked shots, next option is the quick-return pass where you just get it and give it right back, or the fake one-timer to make a guy sprawl and then just walk in around him for the wrister.

    • This could be what Tippet has teaching new tricks for his dogs. Something tells me that they may be wanting to push (dog mush!) the forecheck more to keep the Kings out of their D-dog house zone as much as possible. They also know the dangers if the Kings are allowed to get some passing lanes such as Voynov to Brown, so that I feel that they may have been busy with such training tricks and dog treats to get them to obey.

      However, I am not sure it will matter.

      Even if you give them some extra skates and legs on the ice, I dunno if that will scratch the ice surface much for them:

      GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. . . . I’m controversial and pseudo intellectual

  5. Alright, my King brethren, here’s to our boys continuing their incredible playoff run! Cheers.

  6. …just finished listening to the podcast. Dying of laughter…you guys are great.

    Sounds like Coyote fans are a bunch of pussies…for the most part. Who the hell bitches about chants…what losers..they don’t like? Scream louder!

  7. Kyle Clifford is playing gys and dolls. Fraser is out for super secret personal matter (STD flare up?).

    • STD- screw those dogs?

    • I thought I heard him screaming his ass off on the mens room the other day.

    • Really never thought I would be stiking up for Frazier.. but then I Never thought I would Adore the coaching of Sutter.. did not want to like Frazier.. and I can be a Hugely Stubborn “B”
      but the guy has proved himself worthy.. he tries 110%.. may be 4th line material but he has a firiggin big a good teamate.. and is a nice least the times I have interacted with him.. so take it easy.. that being said.. VERY Glad Cliffy got back in grateful his concussion was not like others we have seen this season..
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. They show the Doan slew foot as a highlight.

  9. End of first period. Solid game so far. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would have kept Fraser in over Clifford. My theory being dont change what works. Still, it looks pretty good and is a very minor change all things considered.

    Formerly “The Quick and the Dead”

  10. They cant show enough of Dave Tippet behind the bench. That chick to his right has a rack that won’t quit. :)

    • She lightened up on the cleavage since the last game unfortunately… but those sweater mittens are the only two things Phoenix has going for them

    • Someone said she has red hair but I didn’t notice :D

      • I’m taking the red halo around her fun bags to be red hair. But I could be wrong. Boobs have a tendency to fade out their surroundings.

        • To give you guys a chuckle I did not even notice the a/the girl behind Tippet :)
          If she had been wearing some great outfit maybe.. we always enjoy checking out the fashion.. but I was trying to see how Tippet was reacting to what was going on.. I think coaches for the most part( minus Torts) would be pretty tough guys to play poker with..
          GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. Fuck the mangy mutts……….leave em dying in the desert. Go Kings Go

  12. Dirty coyotes……..bad dog bad.

  13. Fuck Mike Smith. That is all.

  14. Fuck the Yotes!!!! Dirty filthy bastards!!!!!!!!

  15. Relentless, relentless effort tonight. And that is what it takes to go all the way. Bring the same for game 3!

  16. … I don’t give a shit about disrespecting the Coyotes, now. They want to disrespect us? They get the same in return. FUCK Phoenix and FUCK their hockey club. THEY HAVE NOTHING.

    Another great game, Kings. Congrats on the shutout, Quick. No debating semantics tonight. This is a wonderful team and I’m celebrating it fully. I love the Kings.

    This is MY team.

  17. Took away all their confidence tonight. Hopefully Doan the dickhead will be out again. I hate that bastard.

  18. Can’t wait to hear you podcast for tonights game! I can imagine it being EPIC! Fuck those dogs! Love my Kings! Bring it on! Two more games! WOOOO!

  19. Turned off the blah blah in favor of music with a few exceptions around the big penalty moments. “doan unfortunate” to not have been suspended from this game, fuck justice by result the sensible thing is sit guys for non-hockey plays, this aint the regular season where entertainment dollars for noncompetetive teams is a thing. I left work early and got drunk to watch bad hockey game? This is bullshit, the NHL should call the series and have LA play SJ so we could have a perhaps interesting exhibition of hockey. 6 OTs 8 1 goal games? No kidding. A bunch of hacks with a fucking Roy goalie, I will fucking put ben gay in the jockstrap of the next King who takes a square shot gloveside high, their dumb big lunk same old big butterfly plus glove goalie is that goalie, yes he is, ps how many 7 hole blocker side goals has this robot idiot given up? Do nhl teams hire people to analyze video? What a waste of time. I would start game 3 with the 4th line and have fraserlewiswesjte?whoever straight skate down the ice and concuss motherfucking “smith” if he can manage to hit him before the dive. Fuck em.

  20. “The Coyotes will come out with guns, both brandished and legally concealed, blazing. We are immigrants in a land hostile to border jumpers. But who needs to weather a storm when you are thunder itself.”

    Dude. What a great quote.

  21. I’m not gay but I would let the 3rd line have their way with me tonight if they wanted to.

  22. What happen to the hats after the Carter’s hat trick? Are coyote fans that clueless or did NBC not show the hats? If it’s a Ranger hat trick you can bet they’ll spend a least couple of minutes seeing the clean up.

    I’m getting tired of the lack of Kings’ praise in general. Always mentioning how good Doan is and the Great Smith. Maybe I’m knit picking, does anyone else see it?

  23. an someone post a picture with the titties!? Me and my husband kept missing them! I want to see what the fuss is all about!

  24. If you haven’t listened to the podcast, you should. It reveals my genius in all its glory. My predictions were dead on. Fuck Klesla.

  25. It not over yet, Kings you don’t count Coyotes out. by the way the kings plays like girls

  26. LOL!!!! DUCKS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! Fuck The Kings!! There having a one in a million Season!! All I have to say is, Lord Stanley came to the Ducks FIRST!!! ha ha ha you LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Kings winning the Stanley Cup will be like losing your virginity in your late 20s to the girl who was your crush all through elementary school, high school and college. The girl who you loved first for her personality and thought was adorable even when she was prepubescent and goofy looking. But then she becomes a swimsuit model and after years of not seeing her, you spend a perfect evening entwined in passion.

      You may never have sex again, and of that’s the case so be it. What you had can’t be beat.

      The Ducks winning the Cup was losing your virginity in Mexico to a gross prostitute with more skin tags than teeth. You were so happy just to have fucked that you didn’t notice the warning signs and now years later you still have advanced and untreatable syphilis.

      • LMAO!! Surly Jacob you are retarded! You obviously know nothing about Hockey or women! lol If I’m not mistaken that gross prostitute I fucked in Mexico was your mother! lol

        Bottom line, Kings will blow it. I’m really sorry, but you should come over to the Ducks buddy! I think I have an extra jersey for you. Holy crap I just cant stop laughing! lolololo


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