The Phoenix Coyotes Identity Is Self Evident In Leadership

The propensity of the Phoenix Coyotes towards post scrum shenanigans and their nearly comprehensive habituation as between-whistle nuisances is not a sudden phenomenon. We have seen this team several times this season. We have watched fists and elbows fly, individuals get lost in dog­‐piles and penalty whistles overused.

We have not seen the level of thuggery the Desert Dogs put on display in Game 2 of the Conference Finals. In a game where their aim was to neutralize our commandeering of home ice advantage, the Coyotes unraveled faster than the thread on hand-me-down clothing. I suspect the direct reason for this was due to their powerplay’s impotence, which was barely able to muster a shot, let alone cash in for a goal. If our PP is a boob, theirs is just a wrinkled areola.

However, there is a deeper cause for a team in the Conference Finals to so quickly abandon its pursuit of the Cup in favor of a quest for blood; it is bred into its identity. The Coyotes, like the Canucks before them are a team of cat callers and dog kickers. While the Kings have assumed the identity of its leaders – the work ethic of Dustin Brown and the mental fortitude of Jonathan Quick – the Coyotes have similarly derived their purpose from Shane Doan, their spiritual leader and Mike Smith, their weight bearer.

Doan has long been heralded as a quality hockey player, known for his blend of skill and hard-­nosed play. His willingness to lay his body on the line for his team has earned him a reputation for being all that is right with hockey. As much as these qualities are true of Shane, who more closely resembles his team’s namesake than any iteration of the logo on his jersey has, they are neglectful of his aptitude for goonery. He is a violent player and while we applaud our own blow-bestowing Captain, Doan has replaced his previous penchant for clean hits meant to separate men from pucks with dirty hits meant to separate heads from shoulders and shoulders from sockets.

Meanwhile, Mike Smith, who is the Coyotes leader in terms of the player who consistently wins them games, has displayed a temper these playoffs that does his team no good. While perhaps this is in some way justified as a measure of self defense derived from Andrew Shaw delivering a highly illegal check on Smith in the first round, the fact remains that a man who the Coyotes look to for strength in times of need is failing his fellow players by setting an example of indignation. I suppose the fans assumed the same behavior for a similar reason. Another level of the building the Coyotes have constructed -­ a building that is collapsing.

Dave Tippett ought to be able to get his team in line. The man is as good of a coach as there is in the NHL. It would appear that he has, to some degree, lost his room. How much will be known by the Coyotes’ showing in game 3 on Thursday. However it is not a mar on his coaching acumen when it is the personalities of his team’s top two players that is the cause of this malfunction.

What can a coach do when the player the team looks to for guidance displays a message of unnecessary intent to injure? Before boarding Trevor Lewis, Doan had gotten away with a similar board on Kyle Clifford. Last game we saw Doan show of his MMA skills against Mike Richards off a draw. After going over a decade without suspension, Doan has received at least two that I can find in recent years, along with fines for head hunting and violent boarding. Mike Smith has allowed frustration to preclude composure. His diving, slashing and frequent grabbing at heads does not inspire confidence, nor intensity, but merely a lesser form of insanity.

The Coyotes are their leaders. Derek Morris and Martin Hanzal happily followed suit last night. Instead of rallying their troops with a message of resilience and strength, a call to clandestine vengeance has been trumpeted. Vengeance can be a strong motivator, but not when the object of one’s anger is mostly the result of one’s own shortcomings. Tired clichés of good and evil adorn our history and our fairy tales, but for good reason. The providence of the just cause resonates as true because it often overshadows the forces of spite and malignancy. Purity of intention brings focus. Corruption of purpose sows despair.

And so the Coyotes now despair. I relish the Kings’ victory, their domination on the ice. However, I expected a better series than this. I mistakenly thought we would be seeing serious hockey, two teams bearing down in the final stages of the season. To that end I am disappointed and embarrassed. Disappointed that Tippett, a man I respect a great deal, is powerless against the influence of his own players. I am embarrassed that such base degenerates govern one of the NHL’s final four teams. Had I thought more on who it was that led this Coyotes team before the series, I would not be as I also am, surprised.

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  1. I too thought we would see a better series. But I offer another version. Maybe our game is so suffocating, like vancouver, the coyotes have no answer. Like st. Louis, they have no answer but to resort to the rough stuff. I don’t think we have seen the best the coyotes can offer, and pivotal game 3 will be the tell all. The question is do the Yotes have enough time to bring their game to our level before time runs out?

    • This is what it looks like to me too. Suffocation = Domination = Frustration = Decomposure = Meltdown = Sweep

  2. Given the Coyotes crude, debased, and deprived play, insulting to the league and the sport, the NHL today issued a one game penalty requirement for the Coyotes that they play Game 3 naked at Staples, with no protection and no helmets, well no nothing….

    The NHL league offices also gave carte blanche to the Kings that they can aim for the gonads and
    rectal area for the game too.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. I was afraid of this goonery from the Yotes. If any of our key players go down for an extended period because of this series, I WLL BE PISSED!!! We need these guys for the finals. Let’s just finish this series off without any major concussions or broken legs please.

  4. Hanzal disciplinary hearing today. He should get at least a game IMO.

  5. We really didn’t expect to get through this series without goonery, did we?

    In any event, we still have games to win. The proverbial pig in shit is no happier than I that we took the opening two in Phoenix. But leave us not forget that the Yotes have a terrific road record this playoff season.

    So I want no hunger for revenge and no sober judgments of our moral superiority either. Just wins, baby.

    • Yeah, and so far every single game the Kings have lost has been at home.

      Translation: Fear no evil!!

    • No we did expect some goonery, what we didn’t expect was for the Coyotes to make it the centerpiece of their game.

      And retribution is what wins are for. This is merely an evaluation as to why th Coyotes play the way they have, because they are led by scum.

      • Goonery was expected. Hard nose hockey was expected. Their top three players acting like fourth line washouts from the Talahasse Wart Hogs was not.

  6. In analyzing the last two games in GlendaleWorld, it seems that the local four legged mongrels of a hockey team became bozos in their own circus tent.

    They forgot to show up for a hockey tournament, but showed up instead to play in their amusement park:

    Many have posted here that they were looking forward to a class act and highly professionally skilled hockey contest. After all, this is the conference finals where players typically show off their skills, talents and team cohesion. After all, isn’t there pride, integrity, and honor at stake?

    Certainly the Kings completely delivered on their side of the invitation.

    Yet, the hosts of this tournament inexplicably converted everything into a Glendale country-desert carnival, with all of the fun zone rides and carny games.

    The goalie became a fun zone target:

    The sand dune dogs have now been identified and exposed for who they are:

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. The kings are now firing on all cylinders, they are scary good. 10 down 6 to go. GKG

  8. I did a full recap of game 2 where i analyse the game and give u my picks for game 3 and why the dogs will take it right here !

  9. … Hanzal got a one-game suspension.

  10. I thought I would share this little info with you all. So I was trolling around the Coyote’s blog today ( and was laughing at what I found. I decided to leave a comment, a respectable, intelligent, debate invoking comment at that. Take a look at what these pathetic Phoenix writers had to say. I must say that their organization, their fans and the people who write about them are immature and petty little fucks!

    • I may be partially responsible for some of that. A few of us gave Five For Howling some serious shit last night, which seemed to upset him. He whined about it to his followers and thus they decided to be petty losers when you decided to go over there. At least that’s what it seems like to me.

      • I think it inherent to all homer SB Nation sites that the discussion is limited by the hosts/moderator’s personal tolerance levels. The whole thing is stupid, that guys wield the “or else you get banned” weapon. Total lack of balls to need it, even worse to use it, and when you trot it out after a guy’s very first post on the site like they did, it denigrates the einter network of sites.

        Freedom of speech, and now even internet freedom of speech, the Arizona way… why does it seem familiar to think about inalienable rights being limited, subjectively and by group, in that state?

    • I just visited their site and I got the “You’ve been banned” deal. Fucking pussies. I didn’t even talk that much shit. One little comment and they get all sensitive. Must be that time of the month I guess.

      • Yea, they are the biggest pussies I have come across. They are worse than the Vancouver Chokers’ fans, and that is saying A LOT!! “The Dude” can talk shit all he wants about Brown, but God forbid anyone calling Smith a diver. What a piece of shit wannabe writer. Fuck the Coyotes. I have lost all respect for them.

        • Agreed. We should send a virus into that site and install Kings content and photos. They are in for some sore losing soon.

      • They probably auto-ban anyone with an LA county IP lol…

  11. If that’s the case, then nice job brother!! LOL! They deserve it. I can’t believe how much of a whiny, piece of shit “The Dude” is. They can dish it out, but can’t take it back. Typical douche-nuggets. I hope they enjoy these next two games when the Kings literally rip their souls out and devour them on the way to the Cup. Fuck you ‘Yotes fans, team, organization, media, city and state! Amen! GO KINGS GO!!!

  12. As for Quick, I really do prefer that he is spared as much as possible from having to stand on his head and making spectacular saves, which he is so capable of doing from our many witnessing observations. If he is pressured all the time in games, then, I would imagine the Kings are perhaps in trouble with the score, or their defensive formations are breaking down.

    All I know is that Quick has gotten the team into the playoffs on his back and he has been a solid work horse in the playoffs, with often very outstanding technique that has been highly praised on TV, and the various other media outlets.

    Look at his positional technique and it is just top of class:

    My nephew’s girlfriend is so much in love with Quick, she bought some hockey net stockings
    in commemoration of Quick’s accomplishments so far. She tells me that she hopes this brings him and the Kings the best of good luck for the race to the Cup.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  13. I’m stealing this shit from “the Dude” over at fiveforhowling and using it against Dutch:
    – call Quick a non-elite goaltender again and I will ban your ass. I recommend you never post here again. –
    rolling with laughter! Those guys in PHX are entertaining.

  14. Again, as for Quick, I am looking forward to the Kings Team Store at Staples to begin selling an official Quick design shirt that is patterned after this kind of concept:

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  15. Like I said the other day, The Kings are having a one in a million season! BFD!!!!!! They are going to fuck it up you watch!!! HA HA HA !

    GO DUCKS!!!! LOL
    Who already has a championship ring? Oh yeah, THE DUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Douche Bag Kings Fans! he he he


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