A Team Of Work Ethic. Kings Take 3-0 Series Lead Over Coyotes

Dennis Bernstein asked Darryl Sutter whether the LA Kings were a team of destiny. Sutter responded, “what’s destiny?”

It’s a simple and honest answer from an honest coach. Hard work, smart reads, simple plays, an honest game where our Kings, his Kings, engage in a relentless attack that comes with an aggressive forecheck and bodies to the net while the defense closes gaps in the neutral and defensive zones and doesn’t give the Coyotes any room to operate. That is LA Kings hockey and it has steadily come together leading to the playoffs and within it…and there is still plenty of room for improvement.

It’s been an emotional night. I watched our LA Kings tie the game, take the lead and never take the foot off the skinny pedal to the right. We took over in the third period. We dominated. We did so when it would have been easy to sit back and protect the lead. We don’t protect leads. We build on them. If that makes us a team of destiny, so be it. With my eyes, I see a team that plays to win and refuses to do otherwise.

The story lines are many.

Jarret Stoll’s increasing confidence and escalating greatness.

The chemistry of the CPR line, the Carter, Penner, Richards line that gives opposing teams a stroke.

Dustin Brown’s prowess and model captaincy.

Justin Williams. A critical part of the first line’s engine.

Anze Kopitar. Are there words for that delicious goal?

King and Nolan. Growing up before our eyes, maturing into the type of young depth players the best teams possess and others envy.

Trevor Lewis, Brad Richardson and Kyle Clifford. Roles that fit them like a glove and were made for their skill set.

Drew Doughty. Playing to potential and promise.

Willie Mitchell. A rock.

Rob Scuderi. The picture of consistency.

Slava Voynov. I can’t get the smile off my face each time I think about him.

Greene and Martinez. Teams wish they had a 5 and 6 this good.

Jonathan Quick. The king of goaltenders.

One game at a time remains the mantra. Enjoy this tonight. Bring your passion on Sunday.

Go Kings!

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  1. You preach the gospel here. We have become believers. The team has avoided for the most part playoff OT periods that can be taxing and demoralizing if not won.
    But these guys are steady and up tiempo both. They have not taken off shifts.
    I sense the Kings really were motivated to eliminate these pain in the butt dogs and it has worked in textbook fashion.

    Go kings go.

    • We were believers when they were dead last man! No matter what, they’ve done above and beyond. I don’t even give a fuck. Just keep on truckin’ guys – we’ll always be here. Fucking great ride – so awesome to see this team peaking with every step closer. Everyone is contributing. Sutter knows exactly what the fuck he’s doing in coaching playoff hockey. The Flames were right – he’s a badass coach… It’s not revenge or just determination – it’s hard fucking work one game at a time. Sutter is keeping them absolutely grounded with no bullshit. Fucking perfect coach. Just a radical change when he came on line. The first game with him was a whole different team. Murray crushed their soul and ability. He brought out the best. Go fucking Kings. Bury these pathetic dogs… And if it doesn’t happen, you’re goddamn amazing and I love you. Everyone owes LA a little fucking respect which we never get. Even the Lakers get bullshit – bad officiating, etc. Fuck it. We triumph over adversity and that’s our lot. We’ve always been in it for the long haul and that ain’t gonna change. Even when they were dead last we sold out Staples. Fuck the haters.

      GO KINGS GO….

  2. Wonderful team effort. Players are relishing in their roles from the 1st line on down.Can’t wait til Sunday! CAN”T FUCKING WAIT ‘TIL SUNDAY! GO KINGS GO!

  3. Great article. Read the pre game entry before the game as well and got really pumped up.

    Speaking of storylines, let’s not forget to mention Colin Fraser. We gave him a tough time this year, but he’s put in some excellent work in the playoffs. Hustling, winning loose pucks, causing turnovers, and maintaining possession.

  4. Oh yeah, forgot to say…
    GO KINGS GO!!!!!

  5. Dennis Bernstein asked Darryl Sutter whether the LA Kings were a team of destiny. Sutter responded, “what’s destiny?”

    Dennis Bernstein asked Darryl Sutter

    Dennis Bernstein

    … I seem to have isolated the problem, here.

    In other news, since the Carter trade, the Kings have played 33 games, 24 of which have come against playoff teams. They have a record of 22-7-4. In those 33 games, they have scored an even 100 goals and they have allowed just 59.

  6. Voynov is starting to relax and make his smart plays….its gotta feel good knowing you can be creative and play your game knowing you have Willie there to bail you out when shit happens…..what I loved tonight was near the end of the 3rd when Voynov took the puck in deep and held onto it for 20-30 seconds was amazing…..reminded me of Frolov back when he actually tried…..you could never take the puck away from him along the boards.

  7. One more blackout left before those dirty dogs go back home with two black eyes. And…can I just say… KING FUCKING KONG! How I love seeing that huge smile knowing those dogs are falling apart.

    Now.. seriously, personally, I thought our boys were not 100% tonight even though they gave those dogs an ass woopin…sure, dominating the 3rd and practically the whole damn game and not being as aggressive as games 1 & 2, yet STILL winning…? Get some rest boys, it’s your time to shine even brighter than you already are this Sunday because I know you’ll bring your A-game and sweep these scoundrels out of our barn.

  8. Love the CPR line. haha fantastic

  9. Justin Williams …….. 10 Points in 12 Games …….. Don’t tell anyone, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

    Thats just about a point a game player, in the playoffs ! How many can say that ?

  10. In retrospect, glad the yotes scored first, gives us a little adversity to play through. The first period was rough, passes weren’t crisp, we seemed rusty, but progressively got better as time went on. Kong’s goal was a monster. I was at game 6 vs Toronto in ’93, and look forward to the attending on Sunday and seeing the same result. GO FUCKING KINGS GO!

  11. Yeah, in the early game stretch, the Kings were not connecting on outlet passes and getting a good flow. I think Sutter got the troops pre-game to think that it was critical to think about containment and trying to deflate the dogs who were expected to come out hungry and to show they could play much better.

    So, the Kings were prepared for that contingency, and frankly, anything else the dogs were trying to do with adjustments and establishing any flow to their game. The Kings went back to the kind of game they were successful with for much of the regular season, yet, they were over time gaining more flow and penetration and forechecking, where slowly over time the game was being played more in the dogs zone.

    It seems that the dogs were getting confused on what to do as the Kings were showing so many different looks and threatening frequently with attacks putting them back on their heels.

    Maybe the man not on the ice was Sutter, as the troops were evidently buying into whatever he was selling last night.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  12. Tippett can fuck off w/ his comments about bad calls and “embellishment” calls.
    Really, Tippett? How many player suspensions has your team received during these playoffs? And if we’re talking embellishment…look at Mike Smith, who does it on a game-to-game basis and gets away w it.

    I love Sutter’s response, “”Embellishing? I didn’t see that,” Sutter said. “We didn’t complain last game.”

    Read into that: The Kings didn’t complain about the Coyotes ramming two of their players from behind into the boards. (from ESPN.COM) ……(not to mention Smith’s slash on Brown)

    Suck my balls, Tippett, you piece of shit.

    • after those complaints, my respect level for tip went down..big time. you’re the coach, if you’re in defeat mode bitching and complaining…how do you think your team is going to feel and work on the ice? Mood trickles down, if the top is getting frustrated and angry, they will crack on the way down as we’ve been seeing. Can’t wait to sweep these dogs on sunday.

      • You are 100% correct on this one girly. I believe this to be true at any level of sports. The moment your leader starts placing blame outside the team, then the team feels that they have lost control of the situation. Why skate hard? Why backcheck? Why put your body on the line, if the refs control your destiny? This is the writing on the wall for the Coyotes. Kings in 4.

  13. ive been in detroit all work for biz and had to watch both games at a bar.let me tell you how great it is to sit and overhear wings fans bitching about being out of the playoffs. Whats better is them hearing talk about how LA is just steamrolling teams. I was hoping to hear them also add in that LA would beat DET if they played each other but never heard that.

  14. I dub our top line, The Avenger Line. Starring: Dustin Brown as Captain America, Anze Kopitar as Thor, and Justin Williams as Iron Man. What a great shirt that would make with their faces drawn in on those characters bodies.

  15. Kopi in the pre-game meditating and contemplating the game ahead. This shows his calm, confidence, and concentration for the battle about to start.

    Whatever he does in the pre-game ceremony and mental preparation, I hope it does not stop or change at all.

  16. Seems to me Deano knew what he was doing the whole time! Wow, this Kings team is scary good! Also, I see us being good for a long time to come; however, we still have to focus on the task at hand, and quite frankly that is least of my worries.

    Go Kings Go!

    • Great photo shot of center ice before the game, with a terrific lens bend effect.

      Notice the King Crowns implanted along the red line. I had not noticed that in the past.

      Kudos to the ice rink prep and maintenance team for great ice and designs.

  17. Work ethic is right. This team is all about doing the work and not expecting to be given anything for free. This has to be the most resilent Kings team ever. If they give up a goal, then just work harder and get that goal right back. They stick to their game plan and just work harder. They ultimately have a deep rooted belief in the system that Sutter has instilled, with the fucking relentless pursuit of OUR puck. That’s right, we will let you borrow OUR puck every once in awhile, but just remember: we will come to take OUR puck back, so don’t get to cozy with it. If you have any trouble finding OUR puck, you might want to check the back your your net. We like to put it there for safe keeping.

  18. … Ellen Etchingham, a writer whom I admire greatly, had this to say about the Kings:

    But man, these Kings, they just look so brilliant. So clearly and completely and definitively ass-whoopingly eye-catchingly heart-liftingly brilliant. They play the way I’d always hoped a Cup-winning team would play. They play like they are actually so much better than everyone else that they (*gasp*) deserve to win. There’s still a part of me that can’t wholly believe they’re for real. There’s a part of me that’s still tensed for the inevitable fall. But, nevertheless, I hope. I would like to see a team take the Cup this decisively, in less than twenty games. I want to see a juggernaut victory.

    If you have the time, please read the entire article.

    • That writer had some excellent observations. To me, what has happened since the beginning of the playoffs is that the opponents have been deprived of their own game plans and tactics, where they became too busy and pre-occupied to fight off the Kings’s attack and defense.

      In effect, the King’s opponents became forced to devote a great deal of time and energy to stop the Kings and it did not work and it prevented them from getting their usual quality scoring opportunities.

      Then you add into the mix a goalie in Quick that has been the last line of defense, the opponents just have been so neutralized and rendered impotent.

      There is certainly nothing that is on the horizon in this series that would change that dimension on the ice.

    • Thanks for the read Dutch. She’s a fantastic writer.

  19. The greatest thing I think this playoffs has shown is we might not need a Parise or a Semin, etc. Our team has proven they can score now during the toughest stretch of the year on a consistent basis. It doesn’t get any better than the last 1/4 of the year and into the playoffs averaging (I think) over 3 goals a game. 3 FUCKING GOALS A GAME! This is the fucking Kings we are talking about!

    Let us not forget that another 30 goal scorer practically hasn’t played all year. Gagne, if healthy, is a stud as well. Sutter will have the whole preseason to coach these guys even further.

    The point is, we have one more game to win, then we have a chance at Lord Stanley’s Cup. This would obviously be one of the most cherished and amazing moments of all our lives, right up there with the birth of children or marriage. Hell, even divorce for some people.

    The Kings are on an amazing streak, one that so far has been one of the most dominant playoff performances ever. Appreciate every second because we may never see a run like this again, from any team. All our misery, all the agony, could soon be gone.

    And the Canucks, Sharks, and Coyotes will still not have a Cup hahaha.

    • Kings Team Stats:
      G/G: 3.08 (3rd trailing only Pitt and Philly, who shouldn’t count because they both showed up without their defense)
      G/A: 1.42 (1st)

      The scary thing is, if you look at the rest of the numbers, New Jersey is not far off from us. Jersey scares me more than the Rangers. But even there we match or beat them in every category but Power Play. That’s not so bad, especially since our PP is coming around, while their PK blows and ours is impenetrable.

      • If we get by Phoenix, this next series should be the hard one. I have said that each series so far though so “it is what it is.”

        As much as I have obviously loved this run the Kings are on, they have not had to face much adversity at all. The two teams left in the East have. They’ve had to battle A LOT more than we have so they might be better prepared for it in case that is what the Stanley Cup Finals turns into (if we make it, once again).

        On the other hand, that can also help the Kings. We obviously have the fresher legs so we may just continue playing the way we are because of the East Coast team’s tired legs.

        • Adversity can be defined perhaps by starting each series on the road, no? Having to face the President’s trophy winner, no? Having to face a team that only lost 6 times at home, in regulation, during the regular season, no?
          If anything, the Kings had come into the postseason having braved adversity, just to make the play-offs. Then they faced the number one, two and three seeds to get where they are today. To me, they are feeding on the adversity like the Smog Monster and it’s just making them bigger and stronger.

          • That is a form of adversity.

            I’m talking game-wise. They haven’t had to really face adversity in a game. Except maybe the one they lost. Other than that, they’ve pretty much steam rolled through everyone.

            The adversity I’m talking about is losing 2 games on teh road and having to come home and win or your chacnes are almost over. The adversity I’m talking about is being down by a goal with 10 minutes left in a game and having to score to tie.

          • I share your enthusiasm with the strength of the roster, and of course am ecstatic about this unbelievable run as well. That being said, I disagree with your assessment of what it means to face “adversity” on the ice.
            It’s easy to focus on the dramatic moments and point to them as being the things that define a teams ability to face adversity, but in my mind that represents a team that is “clutch”. IMO fighting adversity is more about how consistent you are in answering the bell vs focusing on what happens in the dramatic “we might go home” moments.

            Facing adversity both for the individual and the team begins the second the puck drops, and is constant throughout the game. It’s that pressure that constantly bites into your psyche while you sit on the bench. When you’re on the back check do you have the resolve to chase the play 100% even when you are seemingly already out of it. Finishing checks, getting good starts, and overcoming penalties. When you break open and get a chance and know that you will not get many and you MUST put the puck in the net. Every time a team scores against your team is an opportunity to overcome adversity.

            The teams that are the best at facing adversity, are also the best at avoiding being in positions where they are forced to be clutch to have their desired outcome.

          • Interesting points. I’ll think about that for a while.

          • Every time a team scores against your team is an opportunity to overcome adversity.

            … There are different levels of adversity. There are a lot of hearts & flowers in what you wrote, but the fact of the matter is that the Kings have not faced anywhere near a level of adversity which would cause any kind of real concern.

            Only once in these playoffs have the Kings trailed in a game by more than one goal, and they lost that game. Only five times in their twelve games have the Kings trailed by even one goal. Only twice have the Kings trailed in the third period.

            The Kings have simply been a dominant team. I don’t see where words like “psyche” and “pressure” are even relevant to the discussion. The Kings are plainly showing that they’re deeper, they’re more talented, they’re better structured. They have been fortunate in that they haven’t had to deal with a significant injury. They’ve been smart in that they’ve not lost a player to suspension. They are just an effective, efficient, and balanced machine. It has been this way for the last 33 games. Why not just call it out for what it is?

            Sure, I’ll grant that there was some pressure in the first and third games of the playoffs. But, other than that? It’s been FUN. The Kings are playing with house money, here. They’re deeper into these playoffs than anyone ever expected them to be. Want to know real pressure? Try getting up for a team or a game when the season’s already over, the team’s just playing out the string, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. That was the Kings, just three short years ago. Used to be that I couldn’t sleep certain nights because I was so angry and frustrated at this team. Now, I can’t sleep because I’m too excited for the next game.

  20. If the Kings can produce more PP scores, along with the rest of their A game, then, they certainly have all the ingredients to go all the way. I bet they put a lot of emphasis in future practices on the PP to see if they can somehow get a lot more red lights lit up.

  21. It’s no use. I’m sick with fear.

    When the Yotes are all sealed in body bags — only then can I stop hyper-ventilating.

    And even then — IF that happens, I’ll just get the shakes for the Cup finals. “Aha, Brown! Thought we wouldn’t catch it, eh? There’s an illegal curve in your dick.Two minutes in the shithouse. And be quick about it!”

    Like I’ve often said: Moses should lead all the old-time Kings fans into the desert — keep us there for forty years of bitter wandering — until the entire slave generation, the guys like me who’ve eaten two hundred megatons of shit, forkful-by-forkful, season-by-season, have finally died out and are replaced by newbies who’ve known only freedom and success.

    • Eventually, Tuan, you’re gonna have to become Neo in the Matrix and put up your hand to the onrushing bullet and say, “No.” Instead, so far, you sound like Nancy Reagan: “Just Say No,” but you’re saying “no” to success.

  22. Three things..
    1) This fan knows she is a TRUE One and Only
    King’s Fan when reading Bobby’s description of the Players in this blog and having tears well up in her eyes. Great read!
    2) Big art of a Hockey team is the Chemistry of the lines..Stollie confirmed this in his Post Game Interview..what we have know ALL ALONG..Sutter has let our Boys develop their lines.
    3) please send Good Thoughts today as
    I’ll Have Another tries for the second leg of the
    Triple Crown in the Preakness.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  23. Do you all want to know how much the Kings rule in my household?…. My daughters Prom is tonight and I was getting ready to shave my playoff beard so I could take pictures with my beautiful baby when she shouts, “DO NOT SHAVE YOUR BEARD, WE WILL LOSE!” She would me rather look like shit that shave. You have to love that.


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