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  1. Beckham jabbed them good with good taste. Those Montrealites have to be suffering still over their local Habs failing to qualify and over no Canadian team left standing to play.
    Should the Kings go all the way to final victory it will be great that next season the team can bring into Canadian cities some well deserved bragging rights.

  2. I’m so used to posting on this board that I accidentally cussed on the NHL.com board. WHOOPS. but i don’t really care. Because I can still say FUCK here… Thank you Surly and Scribe… thank you.

    Oh, and yahoo sports had this posted a week ago or so. Pretty awesome.

  3. I pledge yo no longer make fun of David Beckham.

  4. Excellent. I suppose in Montreal today’s big question is, “What is French equivalent for “wanker”?”

  5. Beckham family at Staples for Canucks round one game. At least when Beckham travels the world, he will at least know the roster of the Kings—I would imagine anyway.

  6. I had a terrible case of insomnia. I tried drugs (both legal and illegal), sex (both the “individual” and the obligatory-marital kind), exercise, yoga, accupuncture, hitting my head against the wall, dipping my feet into a bowl of warm urine from a 15 year old Peruvian virgin, I’m talking everything here… And then I turned on the Rangers-Devils game and I was out like a light in seconds…

  7. Speaking of media, seems even NPR jumped on the Kings bandwagon this morning.


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