In quiet moments, I find myself day dreaming about the team. Each one has the same theme. I am sure you can guess what that is. I immediately interrupt my thoughts, become angry at my wandering mind and refocus. I am at my most efficient with a scowl.

Those of you who read our site’s pages are no different than I am. You’re fucking crazy about this team. Whether you are students, bachelors, married with kids, professionals, whatever your station in life, you live and breathe our L.A. Kings as an integral part of your psyche and soul. But if you share this aspect of my mania, you refuse to let yourself drift forward. You may do it for different reasons but as for me, here it is – I feel a personal responsibility to the L.A. Kings hockey culture that comprises of the team, management and its fans. It is one big collaboration and all of us are part of it. If we allow any of us to get soft, even for a moment, take our eye off the puck and do anything other than focus on the task at hand, the vision suffers. If I do it, then Surly may do it and if he does it, those he and I know may do it and this can spread like a virus. Since our boys on the ice are going to keep playing their ass off each shift and take each game one at a time, then damn it, so should we. The Hockey Gods want it that way. It shows respect for the team and game and lets us never lose sight of the salient fact that nothing is more important than the next shift.

I didn’t say it would be easy, just necessary.

Go Kings!