Even God Rested On The 7th Day. Kings Drop Game Four, 2-0

Don’t care that Shane Doan scored two goals. He is subhuman to me. A mutant goon posing as a hockey player. Dog shit disguised as human shit.

Don’t care that Mike Smith got a shutout. He is cut from the same diving, prima donna cloth as Roberto Luongo.

This game wasn’t about what the Phoenix Coyotes did. It was about what the L.A. Kings didn’t do.

The Coyotes tried to give us the game in the first period. Powerplays, one after another and we could not capitalize. We move the puck around better and hold our front of the net presence and we could have crushed their spirit in the opening frame. Instead of driving home on the 5 South, I could have been streaking down 11th Street, screaming in ecstasy…with Surly filming.

That bullshit phantom call (don’t call it “soft” because that term implies there was something there) on Justin Williams led to their first goal that, now that I have seen the replay, Jonathan Quick would want back…he cheated off the post. Their second goal, well hell, nearly the entire crowd and four zebras missed it so I guess we really can’t blame Quickie on that one. What you saw today is the L.A. Kings not finishing their first opportunities and not creating enough traffic in front of Mike Smith to get the second and third ones. Shit happens. I hate afternoon games too. The vibe was off today. Driving to Staples Center at 8:50am, walking to the Yardhouse at 9:20, sissy bicycle paraphernalia all around, a beer before 10am…actually, that part was pretty cool. It reminded me of my early 20’s and law school. But the whole karmic feeling of this game didn’t feel like game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.

So, back to the desert we go where Surly’s ancestors wandered and Moses found the 15 commandments before he dropped a tablet, we will find the hallowed road to the Stanley Cup Finals. All great things must be earned. Let’s earn game 5 and wipe these Coyote fucks from the bottom of our skates.

Go Mother Fucking Kings!

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  1. Also by winning today, we would have been cut off early from the trophy presentation. They would have shuffled everything off quickly to set up for basketball. A win Tuesday allows it to sink in longer. To enjoy it, and to know the work is not done. We had a bad game. Fine. It was one bad game while up 3-0. Now up 3-1. This gives the team a chance to see how deviation from the plan leads to defeat and gives them a chance to regroup, refocus, and take game 5!

  2. I predicted 5 games, I wanted to be wrong, but now that game 4 has been dropped, I’m sticking with that prediction.

    After Tuesday we rest. Go Kings Go!

  3. To the old lady in the kings jersey that barked at me for trying to chant phoenix still sucks at the end of the game, I apologize for say you’re not a real fan. But it was funny.

  4. I’m only focused on Tuesday now. Whatever did or didn’t happen tonight, I’m over it. They’ve played too well these playoffs to dwell on only their second loss.


  5. Just remember, it literally took a realigning of the moon and sun to knock the Kings off their game. Luckily, no eclipses scheduled for Tuesday.

  6. Honestly this is a blessing in disguise. Time off is good but a week and a half is too much. Still have to take care of business.

    • I think it also gives the team a chance to refocus. There is a lot that can be learned from a loss.

  7. Honestly, I think we fans were 10 times more disappointed than the Kings today. We fans are naturally hungry for wins and wanted of course to put the dogs out of their misery today at Staples.

    The Kings squad came out and stuck to their basic ongoing game plan. There was collectively no urgency or do or die situation for them. They have figure out by now that they can can beat the dogs and today was not the day. So the game plan did not work today, but, it can work for the next game as it worked before.

    The Kings really can turn the tables on the dogs with getting a couple of goals and then closing them down from any comeback.

    So, those dogs had their back to the wall, but now they are set up for hitting the wall.


    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. Kings came out lookin good. Same energy we’ve seen since the blues series. But after the cuntyotes first goal, kings took their foot off the gas for the first time in a long time. That’s all it was. It wasn’t what the a holes did, it’s what we didn’t do and we allowed them to have the puck and play in our zone. They beat us to loose pucks and won more battles. They wanted it more.

  9. Nice Mel Brooks reference.

  10. on off day and one that showed exactly what is lacking from the Kings game. something that can help a team overcome ‘off days’ and steal a game. a PP that can actually capitalize and penalize an opponent when given the chance. 0 for 6. for almost everyone that is not shocking…hell it isn’t even surprising, because let’s face it we have seen this stat for too long now. ‘0 for’……. that is what the Kings PP should be called. ‘o for’.

    one change that needs to take place is to see less Doughty out there on the PP, if he doesn’t start playing smarter/faster. the kid is taking to long on his decisions at the point. he is also looking to often for the big slapper. he needs to check his ego and look at Lidstrom and his ability to quickly get wristers and snapshots off. hell just look across the bench at Voynov, because he is doing it as well. if DD8 wants to setup the one timer, then rotate him around the perimeter for the shot. but keeping him up top as a QB, while he is looking for the shot just isn’t working. the PP could possibly improve by rotating him to the left side (his off side) simply as a shooter. then have either WM, VV or AMart on the right side QB’ing the unit. i guarantee the PK unit will get stretched because they will be cheating in two directions. to the left to cover DD8 and also to the right to cover Kopitar on the right halfboards. now all of a sudden the center slot area opens a bit. if they dont cheat, then either DD8 or Kopi are getting a bit more room. Doughty at the top of the PP, just doesn’t work. we have an entire season of results to prove the point.

    it was a game of bounces going PHX’s way finally. face it eventually it was going to happen – it always will happen. whether you watch a lot of hockey or play the game, you know that eventually the bounces will go the other way. it was a game of 2nd bounces that if a Kings player was standing ‘here’ instead of where they were, LA wins that game. M ‘the Slasher’ Smith was fighting the puck and mishandling rebounds the worse he has to date, but LA couldn’t finish.

    if the PP would have responded with anything it would have helped the Kings overcome the bounces that went PHX’s way.

    a sunday afternoon game so was it really any surprise? i predicted LA in six games. i knew the Slasher would steal a game for the Dogs. this was it. LA to the desert and wraps this up on Tuesday is my pick now.


    • I think great elite teams try to mix it up and not be predictable when there is a tight game. So, it would make sense for any of the King players to do some adjustments during the game, where the adjustments are pre-planned as much as possible. So, players know how to rotate around and
      assume another position with the rest of the team knowing what is going on. I have advocated in the past that Kopi needs to at times rotate into the slot/crease area, and let the others on the PP
      handle quarterbacking.

      Nobody I know wants to see 12 noon starts in LA. But, we already know is that we are not going to get in LA any consideration as to what is best for us and our team on playoff scheduling. We will just have to live with the dictatorships out there.

  11. Back to Phoniex. More shots of Dave Tippet behind the bench. More shots of that redheads rack!! Taste

  12. best. title. ever.

    • Do not fuck with God. He can smite the living shit outa you.

      Just imagine what He could do if we piss Him off . . . I’m afraid even to mention a possibility so cruel that we Kings fans would NEVER recover from it.

  13. I have been busy doing to some dna research to see more about this sub-human issue that Bobby brought up.

    When I can get some more research accomplished, I will try to update:

  14. Kings got to get used to the afternoon games, because in the finals I am very certain that all games are played at that time.

  15. Somebody needs to step up and neutralize hot head Doan http://www.cornerstone-ct.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/hot-head.jpg).

    The ongoing debate I am seeing is whether Drew is going to be the one to do a royal rumble with hot head Doan, so that Doan cannot rally his dog pack to continue this series longer than necessary.

    At this time, maybe we need Cliffy to come in to shadow and rattle the cage for Doan, throwing them off whatever competitive game they are trying to patch together to save their dog hides.

    Anybody have ideas for plan A to get mutant Doan ejected again?

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  16. Let’s not forget that this is the Western Conference finals. It’s not supposed to be easy. It’s not meant to be swept. The Blues series was gnarly but that is Far from the norm. It’s normal for the higher playoff series to go to 6 or 7. 1993 with Toronto went to 7. I hope that this series doesn’t go to 7. I’m hoping that the squad gets it done tomorrow night. If not tomorrow then 6 at home.

    Just because the boys played a flat game Sunday doesn’t mean they won’t coming out steamrolling the Yotes come tomorrow night. And hopefully the boys will be putting much goals on the scoreboard so the cam can pan to the Redhead I mean Tippet.


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