Questions For Surly And Scribe For Tonight’s L.A. Kings Podcast?

Tonight’s podcast will start at 9pm. It will post immediately thereafter. If there are any specific topics you want us to cover (outside the obvious) or you have questions for Surly and I (or Timmy), post them in the comment section, below and we will get to all of them.

Love you all.

Go Kings!

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  1. In your opinion, what do you believe will happen with goaltending situation this offseason? What will be the price tag on quickie?

  2. What is your favorite moment in kings playoff history?

  3. Stoll and Penner have helped tremendously this playoff season, do you think Lombardi will try to retain them, or let them go while their value is high?

    Do you think Kompon will be released after this season is done, regardless of the outcome?

    Do you think anyone take a run at Smith and/or Doan when we have a lock to win, or are definitely not going to win?

    Will Westy dress at all for the remainder of the season?

    Why are the Kings so sluggish during noon games?

    What do you like on your Dodger dogs?

  4. The Ducks just announced the goalie signing of Viktor Fasth, do you believe they did that in hope of capture some magic off of Quick?

  5. Who is going to win Dancing with the Stars….(just kidding…)

    Assuming you guys became Sutter’s assistants today and thus were to participate with getting this team to “reach its supposed” best potentials, what would you all push for Sutter to adopt or promote to get the 4th victory in this series?

  6. Hey guys, just want to say that I love the blog and love theshow. So,Watching the playoffs this year has showed everyone just how useless Kompon is with the power play. It is easily the Kings only weak point so far this post season. Do you guys think that Kompon is done after this season, or will he stay?

    Thanks guys and GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. I would like to hear at least 10 amazing, fantastical insults which would make Shane Doan consider taking his life had he heard them. Nothing so bad to make him kill himself, but to make him question it enough so he’ll suck on Tuesday.

  8. Tell people to bombard nbc/aeg to get Bob Miller and Jim to call the Kings in the final round! Aeg just had a multimillion dollar weekend and they can’t help Bob out? Come people get on it! I have gone on the web sites and email daily to everyone at aeg and nbc. I am only 1 pee on Kings fan but if there was a flood of request maybe something will happen!! Go Kings Go! @DustinBrown IS #CaptainAmerica!!!!

  9. Another question I have is do you think that Sunday afternoons loss may be a blessing in disguise?

    I ask that because if the Kings were to sweep the Yotes, the team might be waiting up to 10 days until the finals were to start up.

    Extended time off hasn’t always been a good thing for teams in the playoffs

  10. Allowing 5 goals in 4 games is a stellar feat for any goaltender, but looking back at those five goals, would you consider all of them to be fluke goals? The 100 footer, the poor puck possession goal behind the net, Langkow going ‘tweeners on a soft wrister when Richards lost his man to force a breakaway, Doan going to the backhand while Quick and Doughty were defending the pass to the slot(on a power play that should have never happened), and Doan’s shot off the draw, that may have deflected off of Penner’s wrist. Am I wrong to think that two of the three were gifted, two should have been prevented and one was indefensible?

    I’m not bringing this up as a knock on Quick actually, but more of a testament for why no one should be worried that the Kings won’t get it done in Game 5. The Coyotes have never manufactured a goal in this series, either 5 on 5, or through puck movement on the PP. The only chance they have at beating the Kings is by Mike Smith controlling rebounds and their defense forcing low percentage shots from the Kings, and that’s exactly how Game 4 played out. Smith didn’t stand on his head, he benefited from the defense pressuring the Kings, and that’s what they thrive in defensively, and kudos to them. But, the Kings didn’t get outplayed, and the Kings have only been outplayed for a few periods, and not since the Canucks series.

    What’s your take on this, am I way off base here? I mean, with a few tweaks, the Kings could be shutting out the Coyotes for the whole series, right? I’d love to hear your guys’ take on this in the podcast.

  11. You’re favorite Kings color scheme/sweater etc?

  12. Sutter made a coaching change bringing in Fraser to replace Clifford for game 4 after I thought Clifford played a solid game. I believe this was the first decision to change personnel that Sutter didn’t ‘have to’ make. Do you agree with his decision? And which player would you choose going forward?

  13. When was the first time you saw the Los Angeles Kings? against who? Did they win?

    Do you like Jay Flats? He’s a nuisance.

  14. Do you think dropping game 4 was somewhat of a blessing in disguise? and who is your favorite journalist to read?

  15. Yes. In the photo, Surly looks like a serious ‘metal’ type guy. Is that the case or does he actually have a hidden sensitive side and unbeknownst to many sometimes stay home and listen to Joni Mitchell and Sting :-) …. oops….. ?

    2nd question: I keep thinking about how hopeless the Kings looked in their two games vs. the Devils. We scored a grand total of one goal vs. them. If they were to dispense with the Rangers is that of any concern to you guys? (it is to me).
    Oh, and hi to you guys.

  16. Another one: now I’m getting greedy (cause I’m dealing w severe jet lag)…
    Are you guys as concerned as I am that essentially the power play has been totally non existent recently with the exception of the 5-on-3’s? It’s been that way all year mostly so don’t know that we can count on it turning around tomorrow night or in the finals assuming we’re there.


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