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  2. OMG!! I can’t believe it, I’m so happy right now. WTG Penner.

  3. Finals! This whole year has been crazy not just looking at the Kings in a microscope but also contextually to the rest of the NHL. And Penner just shows it’s always nice to have talent even if it’s underachieving, you just never know when that puck is going to come to the guy and you’re going to be happy it was a talented guy who knew what to do with it, even if he generally isn’t a hard worker, he still has that skill set and it can be worth it in instances like that.

  4. The Stanley Cup Fucking Finals!!!! WE ARE GOING TO THE FINALS!!!!! HOLY SHIT HOLY FUCK!!!!! GO KINGS GO!!!!!

    • Yeah ………… I feel exactly like that too

      WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooT !

      I put a few TV Videos on my YouTube Account SYRINX65
      Check em out !

  5. All the suffering. All the setbacks. All have paid off. 4 wins away!!!!!

  6. I am going to eat nothing but pancakes from
    now on! Holy shit I think am going to faint!

  7. It just feels so good.
    6:52 am here in Italy…time to happily go to work, dead tired but totally pumped up.


  8. FUCK YES!! FUCK YES!!! FUCK YOU Shane Doan! Fuck you Mike Smith!! Hahahahahaha!!! Mother fucking Stanley Cup Finals!!! God damn I am so beyond happy!!! I love you, Los Angeles Kings!!

    • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot !

      Alright, lets both take a breath

      Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot !

  9. Considering everything, the Kings outplayed the dogs at their dog house, so that they deserved that game.

    It was a great OT aggressive puck pushing game that finally broke the dogs back.

    On to the East Coast!

  10. I’m loving this JR, Mulberry argument … but go to the fucking locker rooms already!!!

  11. Hell just got a little colder, with an excellent chance of icy… I’m comin’ boys!… I’m comin’!…

  12. Worst officiated game ever…. Hanzal, Smith, Doan, Rozsival, Ekman-Larsson all should have had penalties. Not just penalties, they should had game misconducts and been suspended for several games. Beyond that, Doughty should have no less than three penalty shots at the beginning of every game to make up for the horrible calls against him. I completely agree with Tippett, the diving has gotten out of hand. Hanzal, Smith, and Rozsival need to be suspended for ALL of next year. We need to preserve the integrity of the game and this is really the only way. Thank you Tippett, your a great coach and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • I think it was Smith and Doan that actually got game misconducts at the end of the game for their theatrics

      • Did you catch that outrageous chop to Carters midsection by Smith’s stick as Carter skated by with his arms in the air after the game winner?

  13. GO KINGS GO!!! FUCK YEA!!!

  14. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!! The look on my dads face when Penner scored was priceless, he’s been a Kings fan since ’75.

  15. Phase 1 – OWNED

    Phase 2 – OWNED

    Phase 3 – OWNED

    Phase 4 – COMING RIGHT UP!

    Holy shit we’re going to the Stanley Cup Finals!

  16. PENCAKES!!!

  17. Pencakes, you sly dog. Just carb loading this whole time.

  18. Wow who would have though back in February???

    This is awesome!

  19. Dear god this is exciting.

  20. I will be up all night after that game. Holy shit! The finals!!

    JMSALSA, work your magic with that series!

  21. Here you go boys. Want a good reading? Go look at what these whiny bitches are crying about

  22. Go back and watch the winning goal again. Just after the puck went in, Mike Smith tryed to slash Richards in the stomach even though Richards wasn’t even in the crease. He made contact, but just grazed Richards.

    • I saw that too. Once a piece of shit always a piece of shit.

      • Shows exactly what a poor sport and piece of shit Mike Smith is, but FUCK him and Doan and the Coyotes, we’re in the FINALS, 4 more wins!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Great “postgame” coverage NBC! We’ll soon see if you just suck at postgame coverage after the winner of the east coast finals, or if you just suck covering the Kings.

  24. I want to hug everyone!

  25. I’ve been waiting 19 years for this!

  26. Yessssssssssssssss….SO0 glad penner got the goal!!!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  28. WWWWWOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Good picture of Brownie and the Campbell Cup along with Penner OT winner.

  30. This kicks ass more than anything that’s ever kicked ass before

  31. Bob Miller on not being able to call the games–
    Let’s win this series for him boys!

  32. Smith is a fucking cockroach. A little slashing whining bitch. I hate him so much the top of my head is on fire.

  33. Group hug everyone?
    What an amazing game, I’ll never forget this moment, and I’m glad me and my sister have a memory we’ll never forget.

  34. Thanks hockey gods for feeding the dogs a big meal of dog bones that choked them up for the game tonight.

    PS: each time the Kings got a short handed goal, it immediately deflated the opponent.

    What a timely deflation for the dogs that they then were stunned and lost the momentum and intensity that they brought to the game.

    Kings did not back down and pressured them and threw them off their game once that short hander went in.

  35. Win or lose the Cup, I’m proud of these boys.

    They’ve faced a ton of adversity this year and answered the bell.

    Were in the Stanley Cup Finals!!!!!

  36. Tenacity. Stamina. Grit. Wa aren’t the fucking Lakers. I hope the News in L.A. gets it right tonight.

    Los Angeles Kings. Western Conference Champions. Soon to be…

  37. I’m so proud of this team words can’t even describe it! My mind takes me down a trip down memory lane. Getting fucking screwed last season with Kopitar going down then getting beat by SJ. That fucked up comeback. Could this squad with some key additions make it deep? All the anticipation for the season to start, all the ups and downs and today this squad has made it to the Stanley Cup finals. Who woulda ever thought we would only lose 2 games in the playoffs? If you woulda told me that at the start of the playoffs I would laughed my ass off told you to take it easy on the acid.

    Conference champs is cool but I really don’t give a fuck about it. 4 more games to finally close the deal and redeem 1993. GO KINGS!!!

  38. We are all at the airport to meet the team. Many many many many fans here

    • Can you please get some pictures to share with us later??

    • … Finally back home. Crowd was estimated to be around 4000+. Amazing, and the people I was around were great. Everyone was so positive. It was worth the wait to get a chance to see the Campbell Bowl up close and personal, and to show the Kings our appreciation. I think the loudest cheers were for Bob Miller driving by in his Lexus and Dustin Brown in his Mercedes. Then, as if it was the finale, Dustin Penner drove by near the end to HUGE cheers. Unbelievable – Dustin Penner, the Man of the Hour. Great stuff. Great night.

      It’s taken 19 long years to get back here. I wish I could hug all of you right now. Through all the arguments, the disagreements, the craziness … we’re the Campbell Conference (yes, I still call it that) Champions and we’re all going to the Stanley Cup Finals. I love this team. I even love Dean Lombardi right now … imagine that! And I love all of the fans, all of YOU, who’ve waited so patiently for a night like this – a night where we cheered the Los Angeles Kings at midnight. It’s been emotional. I’ll never forget this night for as long as I live.

      I know there’s still more hockey to play – but, Thank you, Kings, for what you have done thus far. Thank you!

      GO KINGS GO.

  39. HELL YES!!! after 19 fucking years of waiting, we’re finally back in the finals !!!

    I can’t believe how classless the Coyotes are, crying about te refs.

    What about that knee On knee hit that Morris gave Scuds, or that chop that Brown took from asshole Smith? Oh well, fuck’em

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  40. On second thought it’s time to write a new chapter in the Kings history books. This is 2012

  41. Ohmymuthafuckingawd! BOOBs for everyone!


  43. “”If Raffi Torres gets 25 games for a hit during the play, then this guy should be done forever,” Coyotes netminder Mike Smith said.”


    Says the guy who takes lumberjack swings on the back of players legs. Dems the breaks. No sympathies for these shitbags and I don’t even care any more. FINALS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

    • Since I ran around my living room like a maniac, I didnt see till the 300th rewatch—- Class Act Smith throws a wicked slash across Richards stomach AFTER the goal too

  44. The Kings should have Bob Miller and Jim Fox call the games for a team issued Bluray of the SC Finals. Let’s start a petition!

  45. New rule rumored to be debated by GMs over the off season:
    15.1(a) – Reassignment of a Penalty –For a penalty assessed under Rule 15.1 – Calling a Penalty, the un-penalized team may elect to place its own player off of the ice and replace the penalized team’s player back onto the ice for the time of the infracting team’s penalty, rendering the un-penalized team “short-handed” (see Rule 16.2-Short-handed). This rule shall be unofficially known as “Paying the Kings’ ransom”.





    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  47. Because its the CUP.

  48. Do you smell that? That’s pussy juice, soldier. There’s no other smell like it. I love the smell of a swollen clit at midnight. It smells like… VICTORY!!!

  49. We rode his ass all season like a beaten, broken down donkey. How about some love for Penner?!

    Now I get to play therapist to my GF, who’s been a die-hard fan for 25+ years…It’s ok to believe. It’s ok to have hope. The Hockey Gods punish hubris, not faith. McSorley and his stick are retired. It’s ok!

  50. 2:00 min mark, the dive is pathetic……the hockey gods got him back with the bulldozer that is Dustin Brown

  51. 4 more to go!!! Go Kings Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve only been a (hardcore) Kings fan for 2 years. Guess I got lucky with the timing. It’s a good thing I just moved to New York because my blood alcohol content was way to high for driving last night. Couldn’t help myself after Dustin Penner scored the game winner. Unbelievable.

    I got so drunk that I left behind my new favorite bartender and failed to give her the chance to “take me home”… Next time I will make it up to her :)

    Formerly “the Quick and the Dead” (Need to come up with a new username soon. Fortunately, this one doesn’t fit anymore)

  52. un-fucking-real.

    Booking my flight to CA to be there for game 5 and beyond (doubt there will be a sweep)…

    Go fucking Kings baby.

  53. I didn’t even know what to say or write. Just coming back from out of the country, saw game 4 and during first period of game 5 thought…. how exactly did these guys only lose one game while I was away? I was to find out shortly thereafter.
    Massive game, huge heart. Wow.
    I still don’t know exactly what to write. Just incredibly proud of the guys. and couldn’t be happier for Penner.

  54. Nice shot of the Western Conference Trophy and the Kings celebrating in 2012.

    I like this new nickname for Quick: “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SCORE”

  55. As for Doughty, whatever he is doing off the job seems to be working, so keep it up!

  56. Smith is going through a post loss infant tirade and tantrum that Brownie deserved a big time suspension.

    He wants Brownie banned forever. Of course, Smith was a perfect angel and goodwill ambassador for hockey in this series—not!


    • Fucking joke. This goes both ways. There were plenty of non-calls on Phoenix…and HORRIBLE calls against LA (Doan’s PP goal in game 4 was result of a bad call….Phoenix’s first goal last night was the result of a bad call)…give me a fucking break. Coming from the guy who brutally slashed Brown earlier in the series. Who took a slash at Richards at the end of last night’s game.

      What a fucking classless piece of shit.

      Comparing Torres to Brown?

      The officiating blew calls for both teams, and you’d have to be a fucking half-wit to not understand that.

      Enjoy the golf course, Smith and Doan, you filthy pieces of shit.

  57. Staples Ice Maintenance Crew are already hard at work with the Ice for the Finals:

    Take a look:


  58. not to rush you guys, but when is the next S&S Podcast?

  59. The best one yet!!

    “Captain Shane Doan, who stopped Brown in the postgame handshake line to offer his thoughts on the play, also drove the whambulance in the dressing room.”


    • Yeah, watch the Doan bitch post game session.

      Obviously, unknown to us, the guy was carrying a lot of psyche mental baggage from the beginning of the series as he became paranoid that he was caused great injustices and cheated by the refs.
      So, his mental anger/anquish passed off to his teammates who took then cried over some beers with him.

      Notice: Final words—ah, well they beat us….go figure


  60. I myself did the Mike Richards …………….. Jumping up and down around my couch hitting my hockey stick into the ceiling numerous times :)

    WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooT !

  61. Stop whining you bitch ass Coyotes! We’re going to the show boyz and girls!!!!! Getting so many goosebumps right now…. This Kings fan of over 30 years feels THIS IS IT! YES!!

  62. Just a note that for the record, both Doan and Smith were issued game misconducts on the official game statistical summary, for being jerks and cussing out the ref. In the post win video, you can clearly see the ref was being hounded by the dogs. No doubt they told the ref every name in the book. Later on Doan dubbed the officiating “Criminal” and he said that the officials will definitely find every excuse in the book to justify what they did with bad calls.

  63. Well where to start. I’ve been playing hockey for 22 years now and I am by no means an expert, but I do consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about the sport. What I saw Tuesday after game 5 by some of the members of the Phoenix Coyotes and some of their fans really disappointed me. I agree that the officiating during these 2012 playoffs has been shoddy at times with “bad” calls and missed calls, but the pendulum has swung in both teams favor. For a team and some of its fan base to claim that there is a conspiracy or that the calls have been overly tilted one way is just a bold face lie. I agree that there has been embellishment by certain players on each team, but it has been rather evenly distributed amongst all teams. It is a sad state for hockey to find itself in since this type of behavior really degrades the game; however, this is the new culture of all sports. Players have realized that if the continue with the play and do not flop, dive, or flail their arms they will likely not get the call. Players have become so adept to this behavior that it is becoming harder to tell what really is a penalty and what is not. It is also the emergence of this behavior that has resulted in the missed calls as referees now think players are acting. So if you look at this logically the players themselves have contributed to the shoddy officiating. No one to blame but yourselves NHLers.  

    Speaking of blame, are we seeing the emergence of the “it’s not my fault” generation in the NHL now. I work with many young twenty-somethings and I consistently hear “it’s not my fault” from them when they error or fail. This lack of accountability and integrity only leads to three things: 1) the loss of all credibility; 2) a lack of of growth and maturity; 3) a cheapening of others triumphs and feats. I was truly disappointed to see this state of mind displayed by some of the Phoenix Coyotes, an organization I had a large amount of respect for due to their accomplishments this year and their gritty style of hockey. I’d be lying if I told you that level of respect didn’t significantly erode after game 5’s antics. Now I know that it was not the whole team or all of its fan base that behaved like this, but everyone must realize that anyone that wears that team’s jersey represents the whole organization and one bad apple can ruin the pie. To those members of the Coyotes that held their head high, bit their tongues, and gracefully congratulated the Kings I thank you for honoring sportsmanship and the tradition of the handshake. Arguably the greatest display of sportsmanship and respect in the game of hockey. To those that tainted the tradition with your curt and disdainful behavior I remind you of what your mother told you as a child “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I understand that you were angry, hurt, and disappointed, but that was not the time or place for such behavior. The only thing you accomplished is making yourselves look like an immature child, not the professional athlete you have come to be. As if to add injury to insult you inspired some of your fans to follow suit and show classless behavior by throwing trash onto the ice. Once again a few bad apples give the world the impression that all your fans are classless. 

    To those true fans who honor and respect the game of hockey I am sorry that you will be judged by the actions of the minority. True hockey fans know you are better than that. 

    As far as the Brown-Rosival hit is concerned I’ll keep my opinion to myself. No matter what anyone says or what evidence is paraded out people are going to see that play how they want to…you’ve already made up your mind. The only facts are that no penalty was called and no suspension or hearing is scheduled. Right or wrong that is how the play stands and obviously we all see how the league views it as well.  I am glad to hear that Rosival only has a bruised thigh/knee. I never like to see a player injured. 

    I hope that this was all just an unfortunate incident and isolated spectacle…I’d hate to see this become the norm. 

  64. fuck the LA kings and their dirty style of playing hockey. Fuck the city of LA and all the pro sports teams that play for that fucked up shit hole excuse for a sewer city.


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