LA Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes Round 3 Game 5 Open Forum – One More Cup Of Coffee

Here we go again, into that dark cold… Um… Unreasonably hot night.

The Phoenix Coyotes have, for the second time, their hind legs hanging off a cliff. Shane Doan’s furry paws scratch and claw at the sand to keep the pack of pups clinging to his teets safe from falling to their doom. The Los Angeles Kings loom overhead, boots primed for grinding claws to dust.

The first two games of this series were not what we expected to see, domination and ruination. While we know we are the better post season team, Phoenix’s willingness to play dead caught perhaps both teams off guard. In games 3 and 4 we saw the two hockey clubs square off in a more familiar dance. Goaltending, defense and forecheck. Insane amounts of dirty play and hand-wringing seem to have finally taken a back seat to nose meeting grind stone hockey.

In game 5, expect war.

The Kings are out to make a statement to the Coyotes and more importantly to themselves. They may not have expected to sweep the series, but they’ll be damned if they let the desert dogs make it close. The faintest breath of life from the opposition is stench enough to fuel the fires against stagnation. Crash and bang baby, crash and bang.

In that vein, I predict a big come back game from Dustin Brown. Hs effort will pave the way for incitement of Kings and mental deconstruction of Coyotes. However I think this is the game that Mike Richards wins. He has been solid, but quiet offensively. With one foot on the gas pedal, someone needs to work clutch. Richards is clutch, let it be written, let it be done.

The Cup finals schedule was announced today. It’s the perfect day to make travel plans to New York.

The Kings will make no changes. The Coyotes may or may not have Adrian Aucoin.

We will have prayer.

In the name of the Captain, the Son of Philly and the Holy Goalie.

Bless us Oh Hockey Gods, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through LA Kings, Our Team. Amen.

Blessed are You, Kings our Team and Team of our fathers, Team of Dionne, Team of Luc and Team of Gretzky, the great, mighty and awesome Team, exalted Team, who bestows bountiful goals, who creates all wins, who remembers the insanity of the fans, and who, in love, brings a redeemer to their fans’ children, for the sake of Our Kings.

Peace be upon no Phoenix fan, without mercy or blessing of Kings.

Holy Sutter, Holy Stevens;
We give you thanks
that your Schemes, Attitude and Leadership
Are manifest with Power and Pressure
throughout all zones,
within all lines,
and we accept your Tutelage now,
in defense and forecheck.

I pray to the wunderkind, the play-maker, destroyer of all cap space, the enemy of forwards, of great brilliance, the descendent of Orr and of Borque, the one who shines like the Dewey flower.

I invoke and call upon thee O Father Mitchell,
Lord of long stick, Master of all lanes and gaps.
I invite you to the blue line;
Defend it, sustain it, make it home.

Blessed is he who is The Piece for the sake of wholeness.

As it was,
As it is,
As it shall be
O Thou Carter
Of goals!
With the forehand
With the backhand
O Thou Carter
Of goals!
With the forehand
With the backhand

Our Rookies, King of steadfastness, strengthened Nolan, Voynov foothold, support us against the disdainful people.

I profess myself a Penner-worshipper, a Pennercakean, having vowed it and professed it. I pledge myself to the well-played puck, I pledge myself to the well-delivered hit, I pledge myself to the well-fed monster.

Let us know victory.
For as long as the skates shall glide,
For as long as the chemistry shall flow,
For as long as the goal light shall shine,
For as long as the confidence shall grow,
Let us know victory.

Voices above,
Voices of Fans,
Yell from your couch or barstool;
Voices below,
LA King’s Inner-voices,
Speak from the dreams of childhood;
So may our playoffs be beautiful.

Our Kings, who art again in Glendale
Hallowed be thy game.
Thy kingdom come, thy wills be done
On their ice as it needn’t be on ours.
Give us this day our daily goals, and forgive no Coyote their transgressions,
As we pound into submission those who trespass against us.
And lead us past the third round,
Past these evil Coyote fucks.

Hail Kopi, full of grace, the fans are with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst players and blessed are the fruit of thy skills, goals.
Holy Kopi, dominant of centers, play for us sinners,
Now until the hour of our Cup.

Go fucking nuts.



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30 replies

  1. I feel strangely calm. Should be a good game today.

  2. We are down to the part of the playoffs where it becomes a matter of poise, aggression, execution, and professionalism to kick in for the Kings. They managed that ultimately fantastically against the Cansucks and Blues. So, they have been there and done that. It is time again to do it.

    They after all did what it took to win the first 3 games in the series, which put them in this wonderful position that any hockey team would be delighted to have in the bag.

    The pressure is on the dogs to perform, and all it boils down for the Kings is to ramp up that pressure so that the dogs get to start having some golf time starting tomorrow.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Kings look awful so far!
    PS I hate the NBC announcers.

  4. Off to a fantastically terrible first period.

  5. Broke the seal on Smith, now fill it up!

  6. What a load of crap, that they didn’t call that tripping on Eckman-Larson for tripping Brown. But with how bad the officiating has been I guess I should be happy that they didn’t call diving on Brown.

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  8. I feel like we are gaining more and more control of this game, Keep it going and this game will be ours!

    • It is good to see the Carter/Pens/Richards line clicking,,
      I sure hope the motivators are talking and whoever oversees the tweaks that need to be made are talking..
      We can do IT!
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. It’s time to put this bitch to bed. Go Kings! Twenty minutes away from a trip to the East for the Kings, and for the Coyotes– a looooong walk down to that guy at animal control in the room with the gas cans.

  10. 1 period left. Twenty minutes to put the Coyotes into exile.

  11. Coyotes are the better team again today. Kings don’t look terrible, but not as good as the Yotes. Hopefully they can steal this game with 2:41 left.

  12. Stressful. Lets get out of this one like we did the last game 5, soon in the Overtime period. I’m wearing the same paper crown I donned when I was in Vancouver and we dropped them in game 5, lets see if it’s got the magic touch!

  13. Penner cakes for the win!

    Stanley cup here we come!

  14. FINALS BABY! 4 to go.

    Attention: JMSALSA, you have some work to do!

  15. Same old script: guy back in game 4 to beat the sweep, lose game 5 at home in OT. Love the quick-labarbera moment. All penner haters can suck it, fuck everyone who gets down on our guys at games. Enjoy the long weekend, and cheers to nj-ny going 7!

  16. Smith was a bitch right til the end. Took a slash at Rickie after Penner put it in.

    • Also, this comment, are you fucking kidding me?! Go golf you piece of shit.

      “When Brown gets away with a hit like that after the whistle, knee on knee … if Raffi Torres gets 25 games, this guy should be done forever,” said Phoenix goalie Mike Smith

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  18. You know you’ve made it big time S&S when you have these dudes writing in God knows what language trying to sell us shit we know nothing about nor can read.

    • It’s Russian..weird huh?
      GO KINGS GO!!!
      ALL THE WAY!!!

      • Yeah I figured it was Russian, but those are advertisements. How the hell did Russians or why the hell did Russians figure this was a good place to advertise in Russian and how’d they find out about this site in the first place? They aren’t exactly posting in the right topic, this was weeks ago lol.

        • Exactly…I have been in a daze..getting worse as the days go by..totally understandable :)
          But these nuckleheads…not even in the curant series
          GO KINGS GO!!!
          ALL THE WAY!!!
          WE WANT THE CUP! !!


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