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  1. Bob Miller did a great job with this video that just preceded the season of the 93 Cup Games. The end of the video has Bob talking about the LA Kings being ready, hungry for the Cup to come their way, along with Gretz talking about his hope to bring the Cup to LA.

    Also, at the end of the video the classic musical collage of footage is very outstanding that explains why to this day the Kings Nation is real and has new blood coming on board constantly.

    No wonder with all of this history and tradition so many fans young and old spontaneously drove out to LAX to welcome and cheer on pride and joy team.

    Here is a historical visit to the Kings logos:

  2. Here is a bit of trivia on how the LA Kings were originally given that team name. Looking back, choosing a great team name was super important and gave us the foundation for all of the team spirit, logos, uniform creativities and symbolism that we take pride in today.

    Thanks to the hockey gods for giving us that great team name.

  3. Here is an example of the team rosters when the Penguins came into town on November 2, 1968.

    You can see from the 1968 team schedule when the Kings in those days had to travel, it was a bitch, where the team was flying 3-6 hours to reach all of the other teams in the league, except when they flew easy up to Oakland to play the then Seals, whom they beat in round one of the playoffs. Too bad the team in that year could not get past the Blues and was swept out.


    GO KINGS GO!!!


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