The Hockey News And Ken Campbell. Morons Or Worse?

First, read the article and don’t skip the comments.

Ken Campbell’s The Hockey News Article Previewing L.A. Kings & New Jersey Devils

Where do they dig these idiots up? This isn’t “East Coast Bias.” This is sheer stupidity. Do these fools even watch the games?

One more thing just for fun. Go back to the article. Look at the “address bar” where the url is placed. Notice something interesting? It states “2011-NHL-Stanley-Cup-Final-Preview.” So, they copied over last year’s article or the short bus geniuses over at the Hockey News are still a year behind.

Fuck them all. Straight to hell with their Devils.

Go Kings!

Update: Ready for this? They changed the article AND DELETED all of the comments that pointed it out. So, incompetence + coverup = The Hockey News. Here is a screen shot of the original article because I had a feeling they would do this.

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  1. Ok that guy is just an idiot. I think he hasn’t watched a single King’s playoff game since he said the “X factor” is going to be OT and the Kings have not played one game of OT. Did he forget about our last game to clinch a Cup berth or our series clinching win over the gaynucks. This guy has no credibility….even his analysis of the forwards is skewed. The Kings have had contributions from all lines and even though the Devils have some big names, the Kings are playing a solid 4 line game. Thanks for exposing me to this downright idiotic article now I have to go get more alcohol to purify myself.

  2. They say that the Kings haven’t played an overtime game during the playoffs………Um, WTF do you call that extra period we played against Vancouver, that ended with a single goal by Jarrett Stoll…….or what was that 17+ minute period in which ended in a single goal by Dustin Penner that sent the Kings to the Stanley Cup Finals.

  3. this guy’s an idiot… I enjoyed the extended third periods of Round 1 and Round 3 … wow… well it doesn’t matter, we know what our team brings to the ice, so maybe this will benefit us in the long run… Brodeur might be a legend of sorts, but come on, we have Doty and Kopidor…. We’re an epic team… GKG… Kings in 6…

  4. This guy is writing a fiction novel making up fantasy fabrications. Exactly, he is from another planet like an alien who invades and has no clue.
    How do people like this get even a paycheck for this trash?
    We are going to see more insane and distorted opinion articles. Yet what counts is that we know the Kings are strong and talented and hot to duplicate all over again what they have been doing since February.

  5. KEN CAMPBELL is the breed of hack which keeps the NHL firmly behind miniature golf in the consciousness of the public. These dog-ate-my-homework jackasses use the time difference to not do the SOLE JOB for which they were hired: to cover the NHL, not the Eastern Conference. Hopefully, shame can be a motivator. I double checked to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

  6. uh im ken.cambell. uh i am an i-d-i-o-t. uh did i spell that rite. uh . did i mention that i am handing out FREE PASSES TO MY ASS? uh. i am hockey expert guy. ugh

    do they, ugh,
    make pills for stupidity like i have ugh,ugh. go east coast hokey teem(sic) ugh

  7. oh wate, i am sleeping now. ugh

  8. ugh. Devils are my boyzzz. ugh

  9. It’s a shame that the Kings didn’t win those two games in overtime that they won.

  10. … And to think, in the early ’90s, THN was considered the ultimate authority by so many Kings’ fans (including myself) – I had a subscription for four years because of how difficult it was to find in SoCal.

    How far they’ve fallen when their writers can’t be bothered to know much of anything that’s actually been going on for one of the competitors in the Stanley Cup Finals. And, what’s more, while the writer clearly has seen more of the Devils than the Kings, he managed to get the Devils’ OT record wrong, as well; saying they’re undefeated in OT when they’re not.

    I would have liked to do a point-by-point rebuttal to this story, but it’s impossible for me to take it seriously due to the basic and blatant errors in it. Terribly lazy and misinformed piece. What a shame.

  11. Where do I start with this fucking fuck sack.
    “His questionable hit on Rozsival” Questionable hit??? By who? great fucking reporting jackass, just copy and paste shit you’ve read. Fuck n hell, because someone said it was questionable means it IS questionable? Its like the political echo chamber, just keep repeating something that isn’t true over and over until it is presented as fact.

    Brodeur advantage over Quick? ok man.

    LA hasn’t played any OT games in the playoffs? You gotta just marvel at the fucking stupidity on display when a “writer” discredits everything they’ve written by making blatant errors in their reporting, demonstrating that they have no idea what the fuck they are talking about.

    Its the witness credibility thing and Scribe can attest to this. When someone gets on the stand and they lie once, their whole fucking testimony is worthless.

  12. total idiot. thank good for interwebs and sites like this to bring decent informed articles to us remote fans

  13. Sounds like spot on journalism to me. Don’t know what everyone is complaining about. He has a fact checker and everything.

  14. Ok that hack must have read these posts because he has now changed his article to omit the errant statements he made about OT. I’m guessing he hoped no one noticed since he didn’t even have enough class to put a retraction statement. Just pathetic. Keep writing your nonsense buddy just as everyone has this post season and we will post it to our walls for further motivation.

  15. There was a quick article on that said, ‘Devils will be the Kings toughest defensive challenge yet’…something along those lines. Right. When every single team the Kings have played so far all gave up less goals than NJ in the regular season. The Blues Gave up 44 less goals…44! I believe the Kings beat the #1,4 and 5 overall D’s in the first three rounds. All better than the Devils.

    If the Flyers made the finals, they’d be talking about how good their D and goalie are and the Kings should be worried. Doesn’t matter the team.

    Whatever these clowns can do to get on their knees and put that east coast cock in their mouths.

    • Not so fast my man. The Devils have a habit of congesting offenses. No? Think back as recent as the playoffs or as far as November’s 2-1 & 3-0 losses.

      Don’t think this will be a a walkover.

  16. That article is insane and I believe I read it post-edits…

    Isn’t the X Factor more likely to be one of the following:
    – Ricards
    – Gagne (Where would he go? 4th line?)

    Also, I don’t think we need an x-factor. We are rampaging in full beast mode. Kings in 5.

  17. I updated the article. They made the edit without a retraction and then deleted all of the comments that pointed it out and there were many. Wow.

    • I was the fourth comment on the page last night and posted over at JFTC about it. Woke up this morning to find exactly what you described. No retraction? Just terrible. My comment was incredibly tame – “The Kings haven’t played in OT and the Devils are 3-0? Gee, Ken, it’s almost like you haven’t been watching the games – and it was deleted.
      Total embarrassment for a once-proud magazine.

  18. Here was my reply under your reply:
    Who the hell are you to even think you know what you are talking about Sobby Bcribe? We all no Doty is a “Conn Smythe” candidate. I mean he has to be right? Why else would the Kings sign him for 7 million per season? That goalie Jonathan Bernier hasn’t had to be that good playing Columbus/Colorado and Anaheim before making the finals.
    NJ is getting scoring from all 4 of its lines and since LA just seems to be getting lucky, I mean they are only a month of so removed from the regular season, where they were the worst scoring team in all of the WNBA.
    Every goal scored by NJ has been an enormous one, while the goals scored by the Stars has just been regular goals.It’s pretty clear since Brodeur beat Vezina/Hart Trophy shoe in Lundqvist, this along with winning 3 of 4 OT games (something the Kings didn’t have to do) NJ will prevail in the finals.
    THN has become the Readers Digest of a dedicated hockey publication. I wouldn’t use this paper to line the bottom of my bird cage.

    How this guy can even think being lazy and obviously taking the same breakdown done last year and just replacing the team names and player names without getting caught is beyond me.

  19. Just think about this.

    You are a staff writer at THN. You were told by your boss to do a preview of the SCF. The boss would say that we need a high quality and in depth and thorough preview, with it being fair and balanced. Take your time. Do some research. Do some proof-reading. Give me the preview first. Lets get it vetted too. We don’t want to screw this one up. We want to have an outstanding preview that upholds the proud tradition of our publication and be appreciated and respected by our subscribers.

    The boss says in closing: Now go for it, and this is huge, and it better be well done!

    Okay, so you as a staff writer you do the logical research. You check stats. You read a variety of materials. You look at video. You read other publications. You hear the commentary by TV experts. You make phone calls to some league coaches, players, retired experts, but in any event, you make some phone calls and talk it over.

    Next, you want this article to be covering many important elements of information and analysis. You want to mention several of each team’s top players that were the keys to success. You would want to talk about any number of categories of stats. You want to talk about all the things professionally normal that go into a final conclusion.

    You take your time to get it done right and complete.

    Practically everybody on this board would take this really seriously and do a great study job before you would put your name on it for national publication. I know I would. Besides, the last thing I would want to do is write up a preview that all the NHL hockey players and hockey teams and experts would laugh at and find elementary school quality or worse.

    So, the end result here: THN was out to lunch, asleep at the switch, and let this elementary grade school review hit the wires and streets.

    Consequences: Letters to the editors with complants, cancelled subscriptions, redactions, retractions, cover ups, rationalizations, and then worse of all:

    Apology: If you were offended and hurt and upset, then, I would be sorry for that.

  20. Question? On The Hockey News site when I go to videos they only have Coyotes videos posted and nothing else? Am I missing something?

  21. I don’t think so. Look at jerk Ken Campbell and how he rants and raves how fantastic the Rangers are and will be to beat the Kings:

    So, once the Rangers lost, Campbell immediately switches over to the Devils as his favorite. Big hypocrite all that is.

  22. Good work Bobby.


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