First, read the article and don’t skip the comments.

Ken Campbell’s The Hockey News Article Previewing L.A. Kings & New Jersey Devils

Where do they dig these idiots up? This isn’t “East Coast Bias.” This is sheer stupidity. Do these fools even watch the games?

One more thing just for fun. Go back to the article. Look at the “address bar” where the url is placed. Notice something interesting? It states “2011-NHL-Stanley-Cup-Final-Preview.” So, they copied over last year’s article or the short bus geniuses over at the Hockey News are still a year behind.

Fuck them all. Straight to hell with their Devils.

Go Kings!

Update: Ready for this? They changed the article AND DELETED all of the comments that pointed it out. So, incompetence + coverup = The Hockey News. Here is a screen shot of the original article because I had a feeling they would do this.