The UK’s Guardian Talks About The L.A. Kings’ Hockey Success And Its Impact

I am a fan of prose. Give me great writing and I fall in love. The Guardian (UK) is one of my favorite reads. For just about any subject, news, politics or sports, their writers and reporters are a cut above most.

I was very proud to see them cover our L.A. Kings in such a positive light. I was humbled when I noticed they quoted Surly & I to cap off a terrific article.

Here is the link to Rory Carroll’s Guardian article about our L.A. Kings. Enjoy.

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  1. I prefer the Sun, page 3. Pictures are easier to look at while reading is over-rated. Someone pointed out that the last 3 teams to win the cup started their seasons in Europe. Omen????

  2. This article was well focused and had a very good theme to explain the excitement and changing landscape in LA over the Kings and hockey. Journalistically, it gets high marks for what it was trying to accomplish and meeting its objective, along with some humour and entertainment value.

    But it should be noted that the Kings have enjoyed for a long time a great legion of devoted followers with very good game attendance, at a first rate arena that produces a great overall fan experience.
    In addition, the relocation from Inglewood to Downtown turned out to be a great success and ramped up interest and a broader base of fans.

    The franchise will prosper even more now with the SCF experience and next season the sales staff will have an incrementally easier job to sell tickets, both season and otherwise.

  3. Just noticing the “Most Read Recent” section contains the article decrying the rumored Jack Johnson trade. In retrospect I think Jack’s attitude had soured over the coaches trying to get him to play a safer defensive game (he even sited as much in his interviews with the columbus media), and I will always wonder if his departure didn’t do as much for this team coming alive as Carter’s arrival. Of course none of that really being known at the time, the article asks a legitimate question, but if Jacks attitude had really soured then Lombardi trading him was the absolute opposite of selling his soul – someone who preaches team character and winning attitude will trade that attitude immediately, regardless of skillset.

    Also fun to look back through the comments, and see that all the talk is how to get better for next year, and how this season was already over. Such doom and gloom is just delicious irony now.

  4. These predictions are a little different from the first series…

    • All these predictions are the kiss of fucking death. Almost all these assholes picked EVERYBODY to beat us in earlier series.

  5. I don’t know… I caught semantic and spelling mistakes. Shame, England.

  6. Bobby, I love the Guardian, having lived for a long time in the UK. It’s still my go-to publication on line for news. Great cultural pieces, keeps you clued in on music, film and all the rest. Evidently even on the Kings. Pretty cool that.

  7. . . . I prefer the Ken Campbell story, but I’m a contrarian

  8. Did you blow Rory Carroll to get mentioned?

    Is this thread just part of some mutual ass-licking agenda?

  9. And you guys even get a mention in the article! Real nice read.

  10. “….winning a lot of their games in overtime”

    What percentage of teams make it to the SCF with less than 2 OT games? They were very memorable extra periods, but I think I’m going to call bullshit.


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