The L.A. Kings Come With Three Levels Of Experience To The Stanley Cup Finals

Take a journey, any journey, with an awaiting prize and those who blaze the path will fall into one of three categories. The first are the ones who have not reached its end. They come with wide eyes and anticipation, ready to accept the challenge that awaits. The second are those who have been to the end, only to watch another take the treasure. They wear a scowl, are ill-tempered and strive to never fail again. The third are those who have reached the end and achieved the fruits of their effort, one they seek once more. They use their experience to channel the will to victory.

Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Trevor Lewis, Dwight King, Brad Richardson, Jordan Nolan, Drew Doughty, Slava Voynov, Alec Martinez, even Willie Mitchell and of course Jonathan Quick. Be they rookies, established NHL players or veterans, each brings to the Stanley Cup Finals varied experience of the first category while they play their best hockey and have earned the right to be here. Each of them comes with those wide eyes, anticipation and ready for battle.

Justin Williams, Rob Scuderi, Dustin Penner and Colin Fraser. They have been to the Finals and won. The first three were a critical part of their team’s success. All four learned what it took to lift the Cup. Their experience and knowledge is immeasurable and they will channel that experience to bring victory to the L.A. Kings.

Jarret Stoll, Matt Greene, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. They have been to the Finals and lost. It is these four players from whom I look for something different, something we will measure in a unit called “redemption.” If you have ever failed at something you wanted more than anything at that time, that thing you had worked for all of your life, that angered you, nearly broke you and haunted you when you did not achieve it, that may haunt you still, you understand. Would you give anything to earn another opportunity? What would you do if you were presented with exactly that? Move heaven and earth?

The experience that comes with success teaches an individual what it takes to succeed. The one that comes from failure etches in the psyche what it takes to not feel failure again. The last group, the four, are what I consider to be the X factor in this series. These four players who carry with them the shot at redemption come to the Stanley Cup Finals from a different perspective than the other two groups. It is one that should not be underestimated.

It takes a team effort to win at a team sport. The Kings are a team that possesses a balance of youth and veterans, those who have drank from the Cup, those who yearn to and those who will not let it slip away again.

May our L.A. Kings earn their way to victory and immortality.

Go Kings!

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  1. Is it Wednesday yet?

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. I liked that article. But I am fairly certain that the Devils have the same makeup, so I don’t expect this to be a key to the matchup between the two teams.

    • I believe the only player on the Devils to have made it to the Cup finals and lost was Volchenkov.

      • I think they asked Sutter this and he made a good point. They really just don’t talk about it. Those that have been there know and will do whatever it is that they think they need to do to change things from last time (right?). It has more to do with whether you have played playoff games not necessarily how much success.

  3. These are very valid points that certainly can materialize in this ultimate test of desire and will and teamwork. The Kings stepped up to the plate to get into the playoffs, but, then, once into the playoffs, they went up to another notch.


    Because all of these attributes and team spirit and chemistry really kicked in big time.

    What we know is by no means did the Kings peak and did not reach some obvious point of achieving maxium output. We fans can see that they can be better and it appears that they will be
    striving for that nirvana level of maximum output and completeness of championship performance.

    I keep harping that that hot streak had a deeper meaning to it and will carry on as that deeper meaning and desire unfold and is unleashed.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • I think the key ingredient for a successful Stanley Cup run for our Kings is we have to have the following aspects in our game. 1. A relentless forecheck from all 4 lines. 2.continue to have an excellent penalty kill and hopefully stay out of the box for stupid stuff. 3. Continue to get balanced scoring for all 4 lines. And lastly 4. Quick must outplay Marty Brodeur. My gut feeling is we can do it! Go Kings! This has been the longest week waiting, anticipating a great series!

  4. I believe we need to win, to finally get some fucking respect in this league. Gary Buttman, you’re still a media WHORE!!!!!
    Go Kings Go!!!

  5. I love Kelly Hrudey!!!

  6. Quick needs to wear a blue bandana if the Kings win the Cup at the parade.

  7. Make it so S&S, please. It would be an early Christmas, not fucking holiday!!!

  8. If Kings win, would it be illogical for the Sharks not to pursue Penner this off season?

    On a side note, I almost wrecked my car recently when the car’s plate in front read, “CUPB4LA”
    That’s some fucked up shit to do to a kings fan in traffic.

  9. Maybe it was because Memorial Day weekend and being busy…maybe it just needed more time to settle…and I wouldn’t say I was in a state of denial, but maybe a state of surrealism. But reading hockey articles this morning…this tingling sensation rushes throughout my whole body. This is real. The Kings are in the Finals. This is happening. For the first time in my adult life (I was 8 in 1993) the Kings are playing for the Cup.

    I fucking Believe.

    I put all my chips on the table that there would not be a series sweep…so I am flying to CA for Game 5 and beyond. I hope to scream and drink and cry with some of you when our boys take it.

    Wednesday can’t get here fast enough.

    • There is so much to read on the internet and watch on TV it is practically endless.

      On the NHL network, they will be running today and tonight all of the media pre-game hype and coverage.

      It is getting very repetitious now and it seems like there is really nothing more that can be said and analyzed.

      It is just time to do it and play.

  10. Because there’s no such thing as a casual Kings fan….Because on game day, Staples Center is a party with 18,000 of your closest friends…Because LA has waited 44 years…Because it’s The Cup.


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