I Talked With The L.A. Times Today About NBC’s Coverage, Bob Miller And The Kings

I was flattered when T.L. Stanley of the L.A. Times reached out and wanted to talk with me. She was a pleasure to speak with and very professional. She wanted my input on NBC’s coverage, not having hall of fame broadcaster Bob Miller calling the games and the team in general. Her article just posted in the L.A. Times Entertainment section. Click on the preceding link and check it out. If you can spare a few seconds, jump in the comment section of her article and give her some positive feedback. She is cool. I dig that the L.A. Times is paying more and more attention to this issue and we can thank Surly for starting it all.


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  1. Will do.. I put the get Miller to announce Petition on FB as well.. Doing our best ..
    Today one of the emails I received and read (seriously been in an 8 day going on 9 day craze and cannot think straight..or function too well.. OMG we are in the FINALS!!!)
    was touting the Greatness of Mike (Doc) Emerick… comparing to Vin Scully and on and on..
    When you see that you know you are up agianst it..serious East Coast Bias..
    We all norticed that he was the announcer of the East Coast Playoffs as if we are not worthy..
    cluless they are…
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    ALL THE WAY!!!

  2. In the article they quote some higher ups by saying “We’re celebrating the game with three guys who do it better than anyone.” I suppose that depends on your point of view.
    I find it rather interesting that while Mike Emrick is a good announcer, (and it’s all personal taste really), he also happened to be until a year ago the Devils play by play announcer for many years. They could have in that case employed the other team that was doing the Western Conf finals to remain completely neutral.
    We’ll see how it all plays out, but I was paying attention to his calls in the NYR-NJD Conf Finals and for sure when the Devs scored there was no question of the intensity of the calls. But perhaps he always sounds like that? I just don’t know, but I do know that I’m not all that fond of him calling a Devils final regardless of who the opponent would have been.

  3. I remember the days of Jack Kent Cooke trading away our number one draft choices. The 1993 run was nice parltly because a piece of the tripple crown line was still there and I was excided to see him win the cup. It did not happen a team of bandanges is going to bleed at one point and that team did exactly that. This year its all about our young core leading the pack is as Daily Breeze calls him captain courageous Dustin Brown, Kopi, Quick,Doughty,Lewis,Martinez,Lewis,Voynov,Clifford,Parse,Loktionov and the two youngins King and Nolan. I kept saying to my Son Tyler next year we be ready he said no this year dad I can feel it. He was right.
    In closing we are missing only one person to make us completely happy.. our voice of the Kings Bob Miller. The man who coined the phrase ” He shoots he scores.” Miss you Bob.

  4. It is a sad state of affairs when you have Brian Hayward commentating for a Kings playoff game. Bore me to death or piss me off. 5PM start does no one any good in LA.

  5. Look, you guys can bitch about this all you want, but the fact is that Miller & Fox ARE THE OFFICIAL LA KINGS ANNOUNCERS right now, not last year or three years ago, and NO TV network is going to cave in to allow the OFFICIAL announcers of one of the teams in the Stanley Cup Finals to call the games.

    It was a ridiculous notion to begin with, and no one on here knows anything about about broadcasting, clearly.

    Oh–and I was in broadcasting for most of my life, so do I know what I’m talking about? Yes, I do.

    Try to put the shoe on the other foot: how would ANY of us feel if NBC tagged the CURRENT Devils’ announcers to call this series?!?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    It was never gonna happen. LET IT GO.


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