Kings Take Game One. Enjoy It. Forget It Tomorrow. There Is Work To Be Done.

Justin Williams’ presence of mind. Justin Williams’ pass.

Did it get you on your feet?

Me too.

Anze Kopitar’s patience. Anze Kopitar’s deke. Anze Kopitar’s goal.

You screamed. You raised your arms. You thanked the Hockey Gods.

I thanked them too.

We heard about their fourth line…a lot. Now, they get to see ours. Colin Fraser scored the first goal. Jordan Nolan was in beast mode. Did that put a big smile on your face?

I was smiling too.

Jarret Stoll. 90% on the faceoffs. Did you “wow” when he looked unbeatable?

I did too.

You know Jonathan Quick is a great goalie. You loved watching him be a great goalie tonight?

I loved it too.

We played as a team, 12 forwards, 6 defensemen, every line playing the same game, four lines rolling, we still have a lot of room for improvement and we won. Does that get you excited?

I am excited too.

This photo.

That is Surly. Cool, right?

I think so too.

Experience the experience. Love that we have taken game one. Know that we are not done. We are doing this to raise the Stanley Cup.

Go Kings!

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  1. Amazing game, great pic there Surly. Is it Saturday yet??? GO KINGS GOOOOOOOOO!

    • I cannot sleep, cannot study for the bar exam, cannot stop thinking about this game. This team is the most exciting thing I’ve seen for quite some time and I absolutely love the drive and determination and never say die attitude that the boys have shown all throughout the playoffs. 3 more…3 more.

  2. Gee, for a second, I thought that was Brad Doughty in the picture.

  3. Surly Jesus

  4. Is that really Surly or is that photoshopped in?

  5. Awesome game…soon as I saw Kopitar on the breakaway I knew he was going to score. So proud of the boys for pulling that one out even though we didn’t play near our best. Can’t wait for Saturday to come…GKG!!!

  6. Is Roenick within elbow distance?

  7. if you’re Zubrus, do you dive forward cutting off kopitar’s left and allowing Brodeur to overplay?

  8. I stood up when that pass headed towards Kopitar and I lept into the fucking air when he hit the back of the net. I haven’t screamed that load in a VERY LONG TIME.

    We’ve been this close once before. WE WANT THE CUP.

  9. I’m flying in from Birmingham on Saturday… is there a good watch party any of you guys are attending for game three or a suite night? I’d ask about game four but my ass will be at Staples!

    Great post!

    • We will be at game 3 and 4. I am pretty sure the game will be on every TV at LA Live or close to it.

      • I was really hoping you guys would be at Game 2 as well. I’ve been a Die Hard Kings fan from the East Coast of Canada (yes there are a handfull of us out here) for close to 30 years and I am making the 12 hour drive to Jersey for Saturday night’s game and was looking forward to meeting you guys!!! If anyone from L.A. is at the game (or any Kings fans for that matter), I will be in Section 119, row 13, come and say hi, would love to meet other Kings fans…GO KINGS GO!!!!

  10. “That is Surly. Cool, right?”

    He looks like a religious icon.

  11. Surly photobombed a national broadcast…EPIC!

  12. That picture is EPIC!!

  13. In the post game, shown on the NHL network, Kopi kidded around (chuckled) as he said he remembered Brodeur stopping his backhand in the past and so he switched to the forehand to beat him.

    NHL network team post game tonight were preaching how NJ can come back and how they could win game 2. They seemingly want to suit up in red and black for Sat. night and help NJ to come back. East coast bias and trying to hype up that East Coast hockey can prevail.

    Bottomline: Kings are road warriors and thrive and yearn for road competition and prevailing.

    A big factor in the game, but not analyzed much, was how the Kings routinely stood up at the Blue line and so often stopped penetration and took over puck possession. Besides that it interfered with NJ forechecking intentions for the game.

    Kings can rest up more and figured out how to unleash even more up tiempo aggressive pressure to push NJ to cough up more penalties.

    Go Kings Go!!!!

  14. Good night. Love you all!

  15. Amazing!!!! What a Game..What a Ride..
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    ALL THE WAY!!!

  16. Get on my feet?? I dropped to my fucking knees when Kopi entered the zone. And when he scored, I yelled FUCK YEA in front of my two kids (ages 6 & 5), apologized, the proceeded to hug them and give them high-fives. BTW Surly, as soon as I heard someone yell in happiness behind the guys from NBC, I knew it was you. I was laughing my ass off and explaining it to my wife that it could only be one person. Then sure as shit, you walked by. A truly epic photobomb sir! Well played!

    • That was SURLY yelling? oh that makes it even more awesome!

      *Thumps chest throws peace sign* Respect bro; respect.

  17. . . . Surly’s prayers are the key

  18. Watching the game it looked clean, but after watching the slo-mo replays you see some dirty hits and such that just didnt get called. Surprised me. But the game made me happy.


  19. Loki Clifford and Gagne is a solid fucking 5th line

  20. Epic picture compa Surly! Right place at the right time!

  21. Surly had one of those magical days. Got to see a Stanley Cup Finals win in the enemies house and photobombed on national TV.

    Fucking epic man.

  22. …in other news, an obviously intoxicated Jesus Christ was spotted at the game, endorsing the team from the whore of Babylon. Unfortunately, the Savior wasn’t as lucky as his team with Him getting robbed at gunpoint on His way out of the Prudential Center.

  23. Whoevers interested in a watch party.Go to the ESPN Zone. Always a goodtime there. Crowd goes ape shit. maybe you can get your Jay Flats jersey signed too LOL

  24. I think I threw my shoulder out of socket doing a pumpernickel when Anze scored. No worries. I will ice it and be ready to go for Saturday.

    • This is the playoffs, we are all watching through various injuries such as burnt nacho tongue, sore hamstrings from jumping in celebration without proper stretching, and bruised knuckles from punching holes in the wall when the opposition scores.

      It’s time to man up for these last few games and give it your all, we have plenty of time in the offseason for R&R.

  25. I feel we can be sssoooooo much better. I leave game 1 happy, relieved and knowing we can DOMINATE to a new level. Fuck you east coast biased assholes. NJ played a good game. Probably their best game. Just not good enough. GO KINGS GO!!!!!

    • Not according to DeBoer’s and Parise did NJ play a good game.
      I thought they actually had some very strong moments, and others where the Kings breakouts were excellent.

  26. 1 game closer
    is it Saturday yet?

    if the media wants to jump on the NJ bandwagon and tout how they will come back then let them. let the media crawl back into their hole and dismiss the Kings. the same way they did against VAN, STL & PHX. let them talk up the opponent and then in the closing remarks throw something out there about the Kings. they can eat crow later.

    i jumped out of my seat when i saw JW make the pass and Kopi accelerating up ice to it. i couldn’t believe that NJ left Kopi open down the middle like that. never had any doubt he was going to score.

    great photobomb Surly, just sorry I missed it. must have happened after I flipped over to NHLN from NBC. that is epic. if that isn’t Surly then it appears as though Jesus is pulling for LA which is a good thing. after all they are playing the Devils, so I guess he would regardless.

    1 game closer. once they get the next W I will feel better. we were here 19-years ago and the wheels fell off. just need to shake that off….. hurry up Saturday

    • From what I know, the national NBC coverage switched over to local LA NBC after the on ice interview with Kopi. So, it appears that we all missed Surly here local on his photobomb. Yet, can we get that national NBC video posted of the Surly photobomb? Anyone have any way to do that?

  27. loved it when Nolan was whacking away at Brodeur in the crease. Anyone watch that moron Fred Roggin after the game? What an idiot? It looked like Scuderi wanted to kick his ass

    • It was not one of Roggin’s finer moments by any means. He does not have many good ones anyway. These local TV sport guys are horse flies that naturally would bug the Kings since they only show up for the big games and don’t even care about the regular season or the rest of the playoffs.

      It was actually funny that Roggin was squeezed out into his own corner and the national medial people had the rest of the Kings cornered in the locker room. The best Roggin could at first do was find Luc and talk to him. I guess Roggin doesn’t know how to squeeze in and get the scoop first.

      Surly would have done a much better job than Roggin and would have found top position in the locker room.

      • Only thing that would have made it better was if Petros Papadakis was there bug Fred the whole time like he does on “The Challenge.”

  28. The only thing better than Kopi’s hand eye coordination was mine while driving home with my knees cause I had one hand blaring my horn and the other out the window pumpernicklin’

  29. and i forgot

    how f’n lame is P Magurire? he described the NJ goal as a “juicy rebound”. really? a puck that deflects 4-4.5″ in the air and deflects off of Voynov’s chest/shoulder/head (still can’t tell what it hit) is a juicy rebound? seriously Pierre?

    someone needs to threaten NBC they will start to kill kittens or puppies if they don’t muzzle this jackass

    • The only 2 worth a damn are Eddie Olczyk and Doc. The others are all morons and none of them can pronounce Kopitar’s first name correctly

  30. Here’s my big question: Do you think Brodeur crapped his pants BEFORE Kopitar stuck it inside him…or AFTER Kopitar stuck it inside him.

    • Kopi’s breakaway goal is absolutely in Brodeur’s head. Kopi is now in Brodeur’s head. Brodeur will now be his own worst enemy.

  31. First: Doc not exactly the “best in the business” stellar last night. He was constantly referring to the wrong player with the puck. We all were disappointed when we read the LA Times piece on how NBC did not want to use anyone but Doc/Edzo and Predator.

    Doc was the Devils play by play for years, so there is a serious call for homer on his calling of games for NBC especially when its New Jersey playing.

    Total disrespect for the West! These guys have been on the right coast for way too long, and since Nothing But Crosby (NBC) only televises Penguins games and news, with some Flyers and Rangers thrown in, it showed, they didn’t know shit about the Kings.

    NHL Network, NHL Live the story of Lidstrom was more important than game 1 of the finals, which is pathetic. Once again whoever is sending the memo for the programming should have 86’d anything to do with anything other than the Kings/Devils game 1.

    Pierre: I was so happy his microphone was not working for the 1st 10 minutes of the game, I could actually watch and not have to hear the conversation back and forth between Ed and Pierre, and how much of a stiffy Pierre had for the Devils. We only had to endure a few useless factoids about the Kings players like Dustin Brown who played for Guelph in the OHL, but he didn’t mention Doughty playing for Guelph which I was happy he omitted. Jordan Nolan played for Windsor, but Jordan Nolan also played for the Soooo.

    Ed Olczyk: Edzo actually used his coaching brain, when he mentioned that the Devils needed to change things up, because the Kings were all over them, and not allowing much to generate.

    In summary: Dean looked even more like a genius because the 4th line which don’t even make much over 2 million combined outplayed Kovalbuck. Kovalbuck looked spooked, almost like the Russian Mob laid down some big dollars on the Kings to win the series, so he was pretty much a non factor, almost looking scared to even shoot the puck on net.

    Quick still continues to has that top part of the net open, but not many people have been able to hit it, either because they just missed or a Kings player making a play which make the puck miss entirely. Quick does however need to stay in his net, and handle the puck much less. Too many times he was caught, or even made a horrible decision playing the puck poorly.

    Richards/Carter/Penner come on guys, you can play a heck of a lot better, and having the 3rd and 4th lines outplay every other line is just another show of decent depth on this Kings team.

    I will say this, there is no way Murray would have been able to get this team to this point, and certainly there is no way the Kings could have lines together for this long as to develop chemistry like they have now.

    Kings score 3 goals last night, 2 against Brodeur and 1 against Quick, which says Quick shutout NJ, even if the scoreboard says different.

    Game 2, just before the 3rd period, Sutter/Stevens/Kompon make sure the equipment manager checks the stick blades before they start the period.

    Go King Go.

    • If Doc had any actual sense of ethics, he could have asked NBC to allow him to just do some other position in the playoffs. This is the worse case of conflict of interest in sports, and is actually a disgrace because there is just no way he can be objective. Even force of habit and subs-conscience will color his announcing even if he is not aware of it. My respect for NBC went down several notches.

      Also, what a joke to have Costas do the opening and then disappear. Why bother with that?

      At least Milbury and Jones were bashing and ragging on Kovalchuk that he disappeared on the ice plus was was fumbling the puck and losing position, etc.

      Somehow Quick has made up his mind that he is going to do his routine of covering the lower 1/2 of the net with this speed, and then adjust as fast as he can to defend the top part. He seems to be given the green light to do that, and I question if Sutter or anyone at this point is going to tell him differently, especially after this hot win streak is ongoing. All I do is hold my breathe when he goes for the puck and exhale when all is safe.

      • I for one agree with you on Doc. I think he’s a good guy and all, but how can there not be a conflict of interest there? Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but his call on Henrique’s OT goal vs. the Rangers….. I could hear that extra oomph that went into the call as it put the Devils into the finals. Had it been the Rangers I wondered if it would have had the same energy behind it. That said, fortunately for him, so many of his calls have that slightly tweeked edge to them anyway, that maybe it all just blends together. But I really can’t say for sure. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. But in OT, several times when the Devils were in the Kings end I lowered the volume so it wouldn’t be so difficult to absorb had NJ scored the OT winner.

  32. That pic of you got me excited. Is that wrong? When Kopi score I yelled so loud I woke up all the dogs in the neighborhood. GKG

  33. So, is that Westgarth behind JR in that pic?

  34. On second thought, Roenick has probably been slanting coverage for the Kings. Several times his commentary has been pro Kings and he definitely supported Brownie’s hit on Rozsival.

    So, we are getting some counter weight to Doc’s bias for the Devils.

    What you think of this as proof?

  35. Haha i thought it was surly damn lucky bastard went all the way over there.

  36. I was on my feet when Williams had it on his stick. I was on one foot when Kopidor got it. I was about 3 feet in the air, as was the table next to me, all glasses full of beer and a plate of nachos included, when Brody was laid out and Kopi had his arms up. I screamed. I shouted. I whistled. After I cleaned up, I was enthused.

  37. i’m surprised i still have fingers left after that whirlwind of a game. i was so anxious i could’ve collapsed when kopitar came through in the clutch. justin williams has definitely been under the radar for most of the season, and completely forgotten if you’re an nhl analyst, but WOW!

  38. Talk about King fan excitement, there was a lot of celebrating at Hooters Ontario by a King fan crowd there organized by minor club the Reign.

    Go Kings Go!!!

  39. Justin William’s presence of mind. Justin William’s pass.

    … Really?


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