2-0. Reset. 2 More Remain

Drew Doughty said it. Reset. Start the series on Monday night like it’s 0-0. There is plenty of room for improvement.

Jarret Stoll said it. Two means nothings. Only four matters.

I was so proud of my fellow fans who packed LA Live and witnessed the Kings take a 2-0 series lead. I am very proud of that maniac at Hooters named Matt who led the Kings chants. I am proud of our LA Kings.

But now that the excitement has worn off, it occurs to me there is work left to be done and there is no time to celebrate until the goal of a Stanley Cup has been attained.

Enjoy it tonight. Refocus tomorrow.

Go Kings!

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  1. These games are tighter than a….
    We gotta get more pucks on Brodeur. Cant help but think he’ll let in some soft ones.

    Surely, thats a fucking awesome pic of you and Bob man, killer!!!!!!
    That other pic behind Roenick is fucking priceless, Did that make it on air? gotta check my DVR.

  2. After every win this post season, I have to tell myself, “ok they only need to win 3 games out of 6” and so on and so forth, so I don’t completely grasp what they are doing. If I didn’t do this I would probably have a brain aneurysm and die. Go Kings!

  3. Oh sure, proud of everyone who drove few minutes to a bar. Forget about my troopers out on the East Coast! Met up with cool Kings fans tonight. Crowned Royal, @TheMouthLAKings, Stephane, Meghan, Erin and Chelsea from Calgary, Greg from San Diego and more.

    We OWNED the East Coast!

  4. We Kings fans are truly bestowed the ultimate hot streak that happens every decade or two. I mean how incredible and magnificent this hot streak keeps rolling on.
    It is like going to Vegas and rolling 7s each toss for hours on end. It is like going to Santa Anita and winning each race bet.
    Now I can see how lottery winners feel in beating those heavy odds.
    The best part so far is that the Kings are not fearing their opponents but are just out smarting them.
    We have seen this movie many times before.
    It is about Quick being an acrobat giant in the nets with then some King hero nailing a score.
    It is very simple how they achieve this synching to seal wins.
    So this is special and alive and well. It is beautiful and elite hockey worth it’s weight in gold.

    Go Kings Go!!!

  5. What I saw from the Devils was a team playing their game 7. I personally think we’ve broken their backs. On to the draft.

  6. Don’t forget, if I have the stats in my head right (too lazy to look them up), that the devils have been down 0-2 and won four in a row, and I think were down 2-1 and won 3 in a row. A lot of those wins were on the road I think. Or else I’m making this shit up.

    But if true (or close enough to it) don’t count them out just yet. One win puts them back in it, The Devils outplayed us for a majority of the game tonight, the lucky team won. The Kings need to step their game up. 2 games left.

    I’m excited as fuck, but this is far from over. Especially this series. I’ll take nothing for granted.

  7. Haven’t been on here for several weeks (since before the playoffs actually). Work is what it is. I just want to tell you all a brief story…
    I grew up in Québec City. A Nordiques fan. I, as many of my friends and family, played our beloved game for many years. We grew up, life happened, and evolved into our careers (mine being music). But I never, for an instant, felt as an artist that I was above sports. Especially hockey.
    Peter Stastey changed my life. Michel Goulet was a machine. They gave me hope, and the same way guys like Kerouac, Eno, and Lemmy did, they inspired me to be better.
    I’ve been living in LA now since 2000. I got a job working at Staples bartending in the suites since 2006 (whaddaya excpect, I’m a fucking musician!), I’m an Angelino, a hockey fan, and a Kings fan since before I worked at Staples. I love this town, kids.
    I guess all I’m trying to say is that I know this team inside and out, I’ve met the players, I’ve interacted with you guys, l grew up with a team that got moved one year before they one the cup, and, all jinxing bullshit aside, I can’t
    wait, for two more wins!!!

    • Hey is there grooming standards for bartending the suites? Cuz that’s sounds like a fun job but I ain’t shaving for nobody. See u Monday, ill be the hairy one.

  8. Great game by Richards which is a good sign. Good stuff from Voynov and Nolan too. Another quietish game for Brown but I think he will respond in a big bad way at home. Like Quick this dude knows how to bounce back and I expect a big game for him.

  9. I want to hug everyone and there is still two wins to get. I love this team.

  10. I am still waiting for our forwards to play a complete game.

    Hats off to Quick and the D for getting it done.

    Nice play by Carter…anyone still mad about the Johnson trade right now?

    2 more. Lot of hockey left.

    Go Kings Go!

  11. Many commentators based in the East Coast contend that NJ outplayed the Kings. I look at it differently, that the Kings were superior defensively in stopping in the final analysis the core of the Devils, such as their desire to make goals off of forechecks. That is what they were trying to do all night, with one defection goal to show for it.

    The Kings know that game and we could see how they managed resisting the forecheck with a high percentage of success all night long. Yeah, the NJ forecheck worked at times, but that is the case for any NHL team.

    The point is that so long as the Kings kept frustrating them on the forecheck, and NJ cannot put together rushes with play making for scores, then, the Kings are looking in great shape for more wins.

    We can also see the holes in the NJ defense. NJ D-man Green let Carter slip on by the boards as he played the puck and not the body. That was a defensive lapse. They have defensive lapses that were very visible, and they are not making top quality line changes on the fly, where they got caught on the Kopi goal and the Carter goal. If they cannot clean up their line changes on the fly better, that will be a weak spot. Even with the Doughty goal there was a NJ line change in progress.

    Also, they began to tinker with line up changes, which is a sure sign of distress and worry.

    Finally that Doughty goal was a mental worry for them, because they have to be thinking about those kinds of rushes at any given time now.

    Bottom line: More pressure on NJ and the Kings just keeping on seeking to improve and play stronger and more aggressively.

    • NJ outplayed the Kings easily that second game. Quick is what saved the Kings.

      I don’t feel wrong for admitting that too.

      The better team lost, the luckier team won.

      • … I don’t see where a team who outchanced the Kings 21-20 outplayed them “easily”.

        The shot total was also nearly equal, the Devils outshot the Kings 33-32.

        I think people are so used to the Kings dominating games that when a pretty even game is played, there’s a rush to talk about how much the Kings were “flat” and “outhustled”. Part of it is also the East Coast media bias, which is firmly in the Devils’ corner and will do anything they can to praise any little thing the Devils do positively on the ice.

        The Devils played a much better game than they did in game 1. But it’s not like the Kings were lucky to come out on top, at all. This was especially clear to see as the game moved into overtime.

        • ESPECIALLY clear in overtime.

          (However, I’m keeping a low profile — rat-in-a-junked-toilet low profile — while this series is being played. I fear the slightest word, the wispiest fart fume, may damage the Kings karma.)

        • The first game was even. Kings controlled the first half, Devils the second.

          The second game the Devils controlled large swaths of the game.

          I’m on my phone and I hate typing on it so Ill go in detail when I get home.

          I will say I don’t see how you think game 2 was even.

          • … In the first game, the Devils didn’t do ANYTHING offensively. What did they have, about nine scoring chances? 16 or 17 shots? Quick might as well have been in a rocking chair. That’s not an “even” game. You’re not giving the Kings much credit, here.

            The second game was close, and the Devils slightly outplayed the Kings. But, to say the Kings got lucky to win it is not true. The Kings just outlasted the Devils. They finished excellently.

            I’m the first guy to give the opposition credit, and to say when the Kings are clearly outplayed by their opposition. Last night wasn’t it.

          • I guess we just determine who plays better differently. What I think the Devils did great was their puck possesion. They controled large portions of the game and had the Kings on their heels. The thing the Devils did terrible was their shot selection and not making enough of their puck possesion. Sure, they had the puck a lot, but when they had the chance, they wouldn’t take the shot and instead pass it off somewhere else. Credit the Kings 5 man D for a lot of that. Not all of it, but a lot of it.
            I think Quick has been the star of this series (Dought as well). But I don’t want to have to depend on Quick stopping 35 out of 36 (or whatever it was) every game. I’m nowhere near saying the Kings have played like shit, just the Devils have played a little better in certain important, key aspects (like the forecheck). The Kings are more than capable of limiting the Devils forecheck and I think we saw some of that in the OT.

            I’m usually more optomistic than you, so it does feel a bit of a role reversal lol. I guess just that I’ve been a fan for a long time (I’m only 27, but been a fan and plaed since I was I think around 7 or 8).

          • (Stupid phone) so because we are so close now, I don’t want to get too excited and I want the Kings to play their best hockey of their lives to finish this series off. I’m happy for about an hour after the game, then I’m focused on what the Kings and Devils did good and bad.

            Less than 24 hours to go! LGK!

          • … Quick was definitely good yesterday; no doubt about it. Saving 32 out of 33, I can deal with.

            The Devils DID have more puck possession, and more possession in the offensive zone than did the Kings. And I agree that the Devils were too unselfish. But that’s the whole thing, isn’t it? It’s one thing to have the puck, it’s another to know where it should go and put it there.

            Although they were slightly outplayed overall, I thought the Kings were more efficient in putting the puck where it needed to go when they did have possession. And that’s not surprising, seeing as how the Kings are a tremendously confident team right now – as they should be.

          • Unselfish, or trepidatious?

          • … Perhaps a little bit of both.

  12. Anybody else miss the redhead with the big rack behind the Coyotes bench?

    • Fuck. Looks like I’m just going to watch the rest of theta finals at the penalty box (which has been a mad house). Nosebleeds are up to 500$ at the least. Kings runnin LA

  13. All I know for sure is that the fans in LA are going to go berserk. Put them in that 3-0 choke hold. Feed of that energy boys from the loyal kingdom!!!!

  14. Not in the bag yet fellows. Just ask a sharks or canucks fan. decent ice at staples. will see two completely different teams. should be kings advantage but have to wait to see.

    • I agree completely. Only thing is Canucks won first two games at home… although the road has felt like our home with an undefeated playoff record going on still.

  15. We are on an incredible run and gaining momentum. Quick has to be getting into the head of the Devil shooters, and we have silenced their biggest guns in Kovalfuck and Elias with a swarming defensive effort. It’s not done yet by any stretch of the imagination, but the team should be able to feed off the rabid atmosphere that is sure to be in place in Staples come Monday. I am seeing Kings jerseys all over the place, and the area is on fire for hockey like it hasn’t been since Gretzky played here. We can do this! We can raise the Cup in Staples and make Kovalfuck watch!

  16. Obviously there are a few ways to look at this. The Kings have been lucky is one. NJ outplayed the Kings for most of game 2. In overtime though the Kings came on strong and starting playing good hockey again. They allowed too much of the game to come to them for most of last night. And if they continue to play like they did in OT, this series is over! NJ played their best hockey. The Kings haven’t. Enough said.

    Let’s win the next two and send these guys back to the hell they call Newark.


  17. Look, BOTH teams played better in game two than the first…..the one thing that differs between the two is our KING team is better defensively, bar none. All three pairings can be out on the ice at any time and do what they have to. We still haven’t had our best game, but trust me, it is coming…..someone wrote earlier that after last night’s game it seemed we broke New Jersey’s back…..I sort of agree, but the Devils will be all out Monday night…..and the Kings whack them 4-1 because their D will get caught many time in that game.

    I too, am a long time King sufferer ( 1971 is my start year with them ) but always supported, and am so excited right now, I think I pee my pants when they win it all!

    • One difference is the 4th line of each team. LA’s wasn’t very effective in game 2, perhaps their weakest showing in the playoffs to date. Whereas the Devils 4th line came back from the dead and really came on last night.

  18. When two teams are playing a low score, tight game, does it really matter that one side is doing greater offensive efforts but the other side is playing super defensive efforts? The fact that NJ got some forechecking going and some extra puck control is only part of the formula, because, what is going on is that the Kings are playing as a 5 man defensive squadron pressuring them back. Kopi and Brown and Richards and the rest of them were always working hard defensively with the D-men.
    NJ has to be plenty worried and concerned that the Kings were not cracking like the Rags and Philly and even finally Florida. NJ got ambushed in effect in their own outhouse.
    Sure, NJ might solve the riddles out there on the ice, as they are a proven winner team to get to this place.
    Yet, the burden and heavy lifting is on their backs now to figure out the Kings’ very resourceful and clever defensive tactics. Meanwhile, they know the Kings have forechecking and rush and steal talents that can strike them fast and unexpectedly too.

    True: the Kings can play better and we want to see that, but, even with the level of play we have seen from them, they can still beat NJ with the same show as exhibited in the last two games.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  19. If the Kings have a lead in game 3 after the 1st or 2nd period I will buy anyone a beer who comes and tracks me down…sec 326 row 2 seat 1 =)


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