It’s Like A Dream

I know the ending I want. I can feel it. Every part of me that has loved this team for 32 years feels it. But not yet. One more. Reset. One more.


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  1. never thought i’d says this… One more win and the Kings win the Cup.

  2. With the cup in grasp…..

    Comes fans at the mall, wearing road jerseys, commenting on how well the 3rd quarter went.

    I miss when running into another kings fan always turned into a memorable experience.

    Even that can’t ruin what’s happening. As a life long fan of all of sports, few things have ever come around like this. This is special and will never be forgotten.

    • Can you not go 1/8 a mile without seeing obnoxious flags on cars like with the Lakers back in 2000?

    • I can just taste the wine from the cup. The last time I felt like this was in 1988 when the Dodgers were on the verge of beating the favored A’s. So fucking exiting and nervous.

  3. Holy Shit!! I can’t believe we are here!!! One win away from glory. One!! This team is unbelievable, 15-2, 10-0 on the road are you freaking serious!!! Pure domination!! Watched the Kings religiously since late 80’s while I lived in SoCal. Only live games I’ve been to we’re at the Forum including game 4 of the 93 Finals. Live in Texas now and tried to sell everything I could to make it back for this run but just can’t do it. Gotta keep my Kings life going through blogs and NHL Center Ice but hey whatever works, right? This regular season was full of highs and lows, frustration, bickering, player bashing, fan bashing and so forth. The last month of the season, this team has come together like never before and now is in all out Beast Mode!!! One more win, be it Wednesday or whenever and all the tough times, heart break, bad trades etc will go away in an instant and we can proudly recognize our Kings finally as STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!

  4. just found out my wife is pregnant, we’re naming her Kopitar. Go Kings Go!!!!

    And doing the math, she was a celebrating going to the conference finals baby.

  5. The team delivered for us a highly skilled sharp shooting exhibition with pristine goalie action.

    They are making us see shock and awe.

    More broom time coming up.

    Thanks to each one of you all.


  6. This game was so amazing I am speechless! Go Kings Go!!!!!!!!!

  7. i was almost in tears once that 3rd and 4th goal went in. we’re so close!

  8. I’ve been watching the kings since 1988. Which is the first time I saw saw an NHL game. I missed the 93 finals, because I had to go to Italy. I have loved this team like no other team. My dad passed away earlier this year and I know he would be watching this with me, maybe he’s watching from above. One more dad. I love you and the Kings.

  9. Gimme BOOB or gimme death! SUTT yeah!!!!!!!!!

  10. Fire Murray. Trade for Parise. Play Bernier. Dump Penner for a bag of Cheetos. What’s wrong with Carter? That is what seems like a dream. What is happening now a lot of us knew was possible and now it’s here. Let’s bring it home.

  11. I left for Europe after the 2nd win vs. Vancouver…… was gone five weeks, and got to come back in time to see Game 4 on tv (from ny) vs. Phoenix. I’ve seen all the rest since. What a beautiful story so far….. just one more needed to do what once seemed unthinkable.
    How flippin great.

  12. Just watched Penner’s post game speech. It was really good- he was surprisingly on point. I was very impressed. Penner has really turned things around and made me a huge fan of his. I hope he resigns with the Kings next year.

    • Was thinkin the same thing. He’s not only playing amazing hockey, but he brings such a great spirit to the room. I can see where, during a long season he’d be so helpful in keeping things light during difficult moments. And I suppose if he can’t do that then he could always bat clean up for the El Cid Lounge Softball team. Wait, who the hell would say such a stupid thing as that? Don’t ask me who does my writing.

  13. My brother and I will be Downtown LA this Wednesday. Where are we meeting before, and after?

  14. There will be no better pleasure in the world than to see my father, who has been bringing me to Kings games since I was 5(I’m 40 now), get to celebrate a Stanley Cup. As a family we endured some awfully lean years and so many frustrations as Kings fans. I have had the pleasure of looking back into my photo vault and my pictures with Larry Murphy and Dave Taylor sitting next to me in the Forum seats with me wearing my 1977 Boston University NCAA Hockey Champions shirt when I was 6. Or my pics from the cup run in 1993 when I went with my friends to see all of the NHL trophies on display at the Westin LAX Hotel. I will never forget the sound in the Forum before the first home Cup game in 93. It was so loud my ears were crackling. The feeling is almost surreal. I am so happy for all of us right now and i hope that we can close this one out on Wednesday. It would be a fairly tale ending to an unbelievable epic run by the Kings. We fought through so much adversity this year….so much doubt……I being one of the doubters at times. Eventhough those of us that have been watching hockey for so long could see the Kings had the team to do it. They just needed to find that last part of themselves and turn the corner. A move here, a coach there and voila! I tip my hat to DSutt for being a SUTTIN hard ass. The boys have responded and some acknowledged that’s what they needed. On a sentimental note I do hope and believe that the Kings do/will acknowledge and share this cup with Terry Murray when they win.

  15. One word… WOW.

    Not celebrating shit. My happiness is over.

    One more game guys, please do it at home. I won’t be at the game obviously, but that would put icing on the cake for the fans who’ve weathered the storm for many, many years.

    One more fucking game to glory.

    Good night.


  16. The worst thing that could possibly happen to use on this joyous occasion has. On the radio Fox broke down, in tears, and admitted that things have fallen through and he and Miller will not be allowed to make their own call of the game to be used after. We’ve suffered through Ducks, Canucks, and Devils announcers and our own Hall of Fame crew has just been spat on. A slight of the highest order. I am pretty fucking mad.

      • Yeah, I suppose that didn’t make too much sense, typos everywhere and all, just very very mad. TonySCV posted on HFBoards:

        “Jim just broke down when talking about it on the AM570 pre-game. Mentioned how important and nice it was that the fans kept asking them about calling the games and how it made him feel like he was part of all of it… and that was all she wrote. Money was very professional and started talking. Jim composed himself, apologized for being “a crier” but he was emotional about it.

        And now I’m a mess.

        Kings.. win it for Bob and Jim.. please.”

    • That’s fucking horrible.

    • That’s fucking Bullshit!

      • Especially listening to that bull shit bench interview with the broadcaster telling DeBoer that his team needs to shoot higher on Quick.

        What a bunch of unprofessional crap.

    • Ugh. That makes me sick. Nearly fucking 40 years Miller has been with it, and he has arguably suffered as much as any die hard fan. Now the cup is within reach and he won’t even get to call the game.

    • I think Nickson, outta respect for Miller at least, should step aside and have Miller call the games on radio from here on out.

      • They should have Bob do play by play, and Nick do color, like old times. That has to be the way it is. How fucking brutal is this?! Bob not getting to call the game!?

    • Ugh! Are you serious?! I love the Kings and Bob & Jim. Not having them at least be able to record the call in the background is BS. I think I’m going to be ill.

    • What????!!!
      Ok. Disregard my comments at the end that I posted before reading this.

  17. Fuckin A boys and girls I’m in a daze. I’ve been in a daze all playoffs. That’s all I can think about. I know we have one more to win but shit I think back to the summer then the start and all the shit in between then just making it in. Just fucking magical. GO KINGS FOR THE FUCKING CUP!!!!

  18. As I was driving home from work (early….thanks teacher friend for covering my class), I got emotional thinking about the game tonight. My dad would have dug this and I know he’s somewhere bragging about my weird game day rituals. Awesome run. ONE more.

    Let’s go KINGS!!!!

  19. I’m heading down to ESPN Zone across from the Staples Center on Wednesday night – I want to join a table at a bar and celebrate – but I hear the bars are selling admittance and it’s going to be an effin’ insane asylum – what’s the story on going to the Zone on Wednesday night?

  20. Just watched Fox11News and the idiot female reporter Christine Devine proceeded to say “Jonathan Swift” WTF?!?!?! Then the other idoit on field reporter was shocked to report that there were Devils trading cards in the urinals. He called it “adult content”! Since when is this fucking news that people piss on opposing teams cards. So sick of the media in LA!
    Also for the record Terry Murray will get his name on the cup since he still does scouting for the Kings. I think he deserves a piece of this Kings glory! GO KINGS GO!!!

  21. Can we say it’s safe to say DL will be getting a nice contract extension?

  22. Maybe it’s a stupid idea, but I feel like fans gotta do something big for Bob and Jim getting screwed the way they have– for those of you lucky enough to have two functioning kidneys and are able to sell one for a ticket wednesday, maybe try and start a roof shattering “bob & jim” chant? Like most gestures with good intentions it’ll probably not work but I feel like anything to let them know how grateful we are is worth the ackward stare you get when you end up being the only one chanting.

  23. To think, earlier in the year for the first time EVER I would turn the game off because I couldn’t take it anymore,,, to this historic run. Unbelievable! Truly amazing.

  24. Little trivia: watch how close the ref was to whistling the Martinez play dead. I slow motioned that crucial first goal and the ref was circling around the net. He could see the puck was loose. He moved to the post. He was putting his whistle in his mouth and suddenly he hand signaled that amazing clutch goal.
    It was a split second away from whistling dead.
    Thanks a million the hockey gods for that!

  25. 23 years ive been waiting for this, since I was 12 years old….it’s fucking unbelievable…the only cruel twist is that my jaw is wired shut, so i can clap but no cheering….but to be there live to see the Kings hopefully win the cup will be truly amazing

  26. No shortage of smiles. Got a surprise ticket to the game tonight from the parent of one of my students. Had a blast at the game. Can’t wait to do it all over again Wednesday. What a game!

    We really looked like we wanted it tonight. Kopitar blocking shots, Mitchell holding the blue line on the PP. And how sore is Trevor Lewis gonna be tomorrow? He got railed multiple times tonight. Lay it all out there on the line again Wednesday and it’s party time!!

  27. So when Brownie lifts the CUP…

    …to whom does he hand it?

    My guess is Willie Mitchell.


  28. So it looks like Gagnegate is over with. Phew…

  29. So if the rumors are true, Bob and Jim can’t call the game for future broadcasts / videos.

    It would be a shame if we couldn’t hear them at all.

    I hope someone from the Kings organization has thought, and if not has to do this QUICK, that Bob and Jim can call the last few minutes and make it a Youtube video or something similar. No sales (money) is involved so it should infringe on any NBC stuff and it would give us what we’ve always dreamed about in a situation like this: to hear Bob and Jim call the last few minutes of the deciding game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

    NHL, NBC, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Kings fans. Please don’t leave a sour taste in our mouth. Concede this for us please.

  30. Everybody calm the fuck down! Not to be a bummer or anything but we still need one more. Seriously kids, chill… This shit ain’t over ’til the proverbial fat lady sings, and that means one more victory. Until then let’s all keep it in our pants, k!?
    Love y’all, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Keep it together boys and girls :)

  31. Regarding Bob and Jim: those guys are fine. You know why?
    ‘Cause next year, and the year after, and the year after that the Kings are Hanna be prominent in the playoff picture so they’re (particularly Bob) gonna find their rightful place in the announcers pantheon as well as national media figures. Mark my words. These Kings are here to stay regardless of the outcome of this series. Wether they win Wednesday, or/and next year, or/and the year after that… Bob and the Kings have, finally, arrived. Halleluja!

  32. I got goosebumps when one CBC announcer said “And the Cup will be in the building on Wednesday night”!!!!!! One more game boys….60 minutes of solid hockey…THEN we can start celebrating!!!!

  33. For all you “younger” (<40)…welcome to to real world of hockey excitement. We crushed those mother fuckers last night. Broke their fucking forecheck and crushed them. Yeah! Even better then Toronto game 7.

  34. …there is so much emotion running through my veins…this is nuts. My Dad has been a fan for nearly 40 years and I am more excited for him right now than myself.

    As I mentioned before…I put my chips on the table there wouldn’t be a sweep and I am flying to CA Friday as I planned to be there for Games 5 and beyond just in case…and the boys are in a position to sweep. Looks like Skype will have to do if the Kings are ahead late…at least I’d be back for the parade!

    One more win. This isn’t the first to win 3…still work to be done but damn i am proud and confident in our boys.

    One more win and I’ll cry harder than a teenage girl meeting that actor from Twilight.

  35. So Bob & Jim can’t do the game because it would be for profit? Would they be able to do it as a mp3 file and put it on the Kings website for free?

  36. Holy Mother Sutter, to think that from the start of the regular season, before Sutter, before Carter, before Gagne’s injury, for some reason, regardless of the ups and downs, something inside me was saying this was our year. As soon as that buzzer went off sealing the shut out win, I went completely APE SHIT! I can’t even imaging how mad all the fans were @ Staples. My bf officially thinks I’ve lost it…my brother thinks im strange, the following conversation occurs with my mother every time I turn on the tube..”mom wheres the remote it’s game time.” “what game” “THE KINGS GAME WOMAN!” “sigh..again?!” “YES! AGAIN! HOLY COW! KINGS HOCKEY IN JUNE!!!”

    Yes, good reason to go ape shit.

  37. That was the loudest I ever heard an arena…the crowd was electric. I’ve been to a couple of BCS championship games and 80,000+ people could not even come close to the level of noise and pure excitement of 18,000 at the SC. I am so proud of this team for actually playing as a team. So often in sports it’s just one or two or maybe three players carrying a team to a championship, but to see all the guys chipping in for this run really shows the world how many playing as one can accomplish unbelievable feats. One more to go boys. End the suffering and heartbreak. Send us to the promise land. GKG!!!! Fucking dominate these devil fucks one more time.

  38. It seems impossible to read a story or watch a local sports show without Seeing or hearing the expressions “long suffering” or “beleaguered” Kings fans. I don’t know about you, but I am neither suffering or beleaguered. What I am is a 40 year fan who has enjoyed the entire ride.
    Whether we were having a good season, a bad Season or an embarrassing season, I enjoyed them all. From the days of Whitey Whiting, Gene Carr, Butch Goring and Rogie, thru Bob Berry, Dave Schultz, Don Kozak, to Marcel, Dave Taylor, Jay Wells, to Gretzky, Granato, McSorley, to Deadmarsh, Ziggy to the present….I have loved all these teams. I started bringing Surly Jacob to games as a fetus, then an infant, to the time he started driving ,e to the games. We have never wavered in our support. Many of our best memories are of Kings games. Being art the Prudential Arena last week with him is beyond description.
    As We stand and cheer this brilliant team, and watch them one by one circle the Staples rink holding the Stanley Cup, I will remember all the teams before that gave me so much pleasure all these years. Beleaguered …long suffering…FUCK NO! It is the sport of hockey that I love and had we not come this farmthismseason, I would still get excited when the next training camp starts. GO KINGS GO

    • This is great.
      As a son of someone who raised me a Kings fan from birth…I 100% relate to this.

      Cheers to you and Surly-son.

      • I have the same parallel experience as Surly Dad, where as a teen I went to the games from the beginning. Although there were times I became so totally annoyed with the results on the ice, it never, ever made me abandon the team in my heart and soul.
        Over the years I came to the belief that in order to win the Stanley Cup the hockey franchise needed to have various marquee/super stars, or just one hell of tight effective team of great character and role players, or maybe even both in a particular year.
        Therefore, with the Kings generally speaking, except for 93, they were just out gunned or out manned and I reconciled that is how it works in sports. I would just move on and hope the next season would materialize with the right ingredients to reach the elite cup contender status.
        So, over these years, the bottom line for me was still enjoying and appreciating the team and the sport and what the game all stood for here in LA.
        Now, here we are on the threshold knocking on the door. This team has been fulfilling our most ambitious dreams of winning the cup, with such class and focused intensity. We got to believe and remain faithful and devoted that they can finish this dream.

        GO KINGS GO!!!

    • The Saturday broadcast mentioned that it was Vic Venasky’s birthday!

      The between period partying on the old Forum Concourse. I too have been there and can not remember how many times I yelled myself horse at the Forum.

      Good years, all.

    • I love you Surly’s Dad! Such an awesome father and Kings fan! My husband and I have been fans for 13 years. We are in our late 20s so for us that’s a long time. We couldn’t be happier that this season our Kings have finally taken it (almost) all the way. Both my boys were tiny fetuses attending Kings games as well. We are hoping to raise two little Kings loving fans, just like Surly! GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Surly Dad I mean no disrespect but isnt being a fan mean that you have suffered and felt heart-break at some point in your team’ history. I think that’s what true fans have experienced with any team they follow. If you have never know those feelings then I assume that person is a bandwagoner who jumps on and off when things are going well and not so well. Just like you I have enjoyed the ride…like a roller coaster there has been peaks and valleys and at the end I am always pleased. I cannot claim to be a fan as long as you, because I’m just too young, but for 23 years I have enjoyed ever minute of it. So yes I am asking for the suffering to end, not because I cannot stand it, but rather because it is time for a new chapter to begin. It is time to climb to the peak of the roller coaster and see the world below. Will we once again dive down into the valley and feel the frustration of not playing well; sure we will. But for now we are on top and are feeling the excitement of being there, the anticipation of the butterflies in our stomach as we prepare to drop, and the knowledge that we have never done this before….it’s these feelings that wash away all your fears and regret. I am so proud of this team and all our fans who have remained true through thick and thin. It’s our time to know what it feels like to be on top and to appreciate it like no one else, because of what we have endured. The past makes this even sweeter and as a fan I am glad I have lived through it all. GKG and much respect to you Surly dad for you have been there from the beginning.

  39. Are Kings’ fan creative or what in harassing or demoralizing the enemy on the ice?

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  40. Question!? Will Sutter put Clifford in the lineup for game 4? He has earned it much more than Gagne. What do you think?

    • Guessing the reason for gagne was because game one and two had been low scoring with the usual no power play opportunities and maybe he wanted to change the offensive dynamic on the deeper lines? Not sure. I love Clifford. His is the jersey I run around my living room in and would love to see him hold the cup in his pads and not a suit.

  41. Last night’s was the first SCF game I ever attended. The experience was . . . gratifying.

    But as we approach the ultimate moment — that supreme orgasmic instant of Winning The Cup — I have mixed feelings.

    Only really old-time Kings fans will understand what I mean: For decades my King-love was scoffed at by the outside world as some sort of personal idiocy. At best, others thought of it as an amusing eccentricity. They shook their heads amiably, tolerantly, and went about their business regarding THIS aspect of my life as something of a harmless — but nonetheless morbid — symptom.

    My friends who were east-coasters and had had exposure to hockey were, perhaps, a bit more sympathetic to the nature of my ailment. But they could never forgive me for addicting myself to the Kings — the KINGS, for Chrissakes! — instead of a “legitimate” hockey team.

    They didn’t have to remind me how long and bitter were the years of hoping, dreaming, hungering for respect — not even a championship, just a little fucking RESPECT. As a Kings fan, I’ve had to cherish so few, so precious few, golden memories to sustain me through decades of humiliation — decades when we were little more than a universal farm team for more intelligent GMs to cherry-pick their way through, seasons where we accumulated over 100 points and still nose-dived in the opening round, seasons when we didn’t even get to the opening round.

    I was at the Miracle on Manchester and the three-to-one series comeback against the Oilers and the sixth game where we knocked the Wings out of the playoffs — but I’m more familiar with the Meltdowns on Manchester, with us getting swept by the Wings, with us going down three-to-one and disappearing into the quicksand. Over nigh on forty years of King fanhood I felt like Vanzetti, standing on streetcorners, talking to scorning men.

    So now — after lo! these many years of suffering — we’re on the lip of greatness. The Labia of Glory is moist and inviting, begging us for that final pelvic thrust that will put Kings’ names on the Cup while they’re still Kings — (think of that!). For once, and perhaps never no more in my lifetime, my boys won’t be the chumps.

    And yet . . . I’m held back. Not just by the psychotic fear that this is merely the run up to a joke of cosmic cruelty, where the Devils run off four straight and seize the Emerald Pussy even as the come is running up the shafts of our dicks.

    Something ELSE holds me back.

    In all this time, a virtual lifetime of commitment to a team that has been — let us face it publicly as we’ve all had to admit it to ourselves privately — a collection of losers, I’ve always had next year to look forward to. I’ve always been impassioned by the process, by the pursuit, by the pie-in-the-sky, which, God help me!, I never expected to taste. But now . . . one more win . . .

    I suppose this “confession” is akin to post-partem depression — experienced after a lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong pregnancy. But in a rather odd way I feel as though I were Wiley Coyote and had finally caught the Roadrunner. Cheering and praying and weeping and crabbing over the changing fortunes of the Kings have given meaning to my life. When the team I have loved so long becomes — for one year, at least — THE WINNER, what meaning will my life have then?

    • Until the brief era of Wayne the only time I ever got any respect as a fan was then people asked me to explain icing during the Lake Placid game.

    • I get what you mean and brother do I know the looks from others we get as fans in the dark times. For me the fact is, there was always a hesitation because we use to steal wins. It never felt like a truely great team on all levels. Something was always missing, a goal tender, a winger, a coach whatever. And it felt like we squeaked by a lot. Lucky breaks, bad bounces you name it– they always chipped away at the confidence you felt in the team because you felt like the ugly guy at the party who could get laid if enough guys didnt show and enough chicks got plastered.

      This team, right now, is the best looking guy with the hardest cock in the room and he has earned the right to fuck every chick stupid. Hold your head up dude. This team is as good as a team can be.

    • Love your post. You will become, in the words of Charlie Scheen, a WINNER! Your mind will be free of the torment it has built up. You will never forget, but you will begin to forgive. Good things come to those who wait, great things come to those who suffer. A lot of us have suffered long enough, some more than others, but know it is not only you whose been cockblocked all these years.

      In the words of, well, you, this final win, if it cums, will be the pelvic thrust of a lifetime, culminating in the greatest orgasm of a lifetime. What do you do after an orgasm? You sit back and go ahhhhhhhhh. Enjoy it. That’s what you do.

    • This was an epic post in my opinion. Sums up so much that the long-term kings fans can identify with. As much as I’ve enjoyed this run, it makes me a little sad to think that it’ll be over soon. For so many years of commitment, these playoffs came and went so quickly. I associate with that “beleaguered” term that the media uses as reference to us. As much as I’ve loved the kings, ive also hated them for so many bitter disappoitments. Now, we get the ultimate reward. Not just a Cup, but an all-time to be remembered cup. This run puts us in the pantheon of “the greatest teams ever”. I am definately a flood and mix of emotions. Got out some old ticket stubs today…and my kings silver and black lettermans jacket (a Christmas gift in 89). Wearing that to a high school in Riverside CA…what a ride it’s been!!

  42. Does everyone realize that tomorrow we can get the cup and tie this team in the playoff win/loss record:


  43. I just caught Bob Miller on ‘Loose Cannons’ the Fox Sports Radio show with Pat O’ Brien. I caught the tail end of it…Bob said “They are letting Jim & I do the game and record it for a DVD!

    • Yeah, Fox yesterday, in tears, said they weren’t going to do it, and Bob today said they were. It’s a rollercoaster. All I can say is that this better happen. This could put a sour note on the whole thing if they kick Miller out of the booth during the most important moment in Kings history. There will be hell to pay if they don’t follow through with this.

  44. I am a little confused on how to prepare for watching this game at home. On one hand, I want to be prepared to celebrate a the biggest win in Kings’ history. On the other hand a I don’t want to do any jinxes. Are there any proper guidlines on this?

    • Look to the Hockey Gods for answers.

    • Business as usual Skebo.

      If and when the time comes, you’ll know what to do. Keep the beer stocked in the fridge and whatever else your partake in, and like a car, strap in for the ride.

      The hockey Gods have heard our prayers, we thank them with all our hearts.

      Personally, I think the worst thing to do is overprepare. Be ready in case, but don’t think about it too much until the time comes.

      • So no plastic wrapping the house, goggles and champagne on ice, is what you’re saying.

        • Haha. No you can do that, but it has to be someone else doing the prep work, not you. Have that shit out in the garage, bought by someone other than you, waiting for you should it happen. If it’s looking good, then they can plaster the plastic, have your goggles ready, and the bubbly ready to spray, along with the strippers and blow. The blow will be for Richards and Carter. The rest of it is for you.

          You should have that stuff at the ready is my point, but hidden from view until it happens.

    • … 1) Prepare to win the game. 2) If they lose, prepare to win the next game. 3) Repeat #2.


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