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I wore a Kings shirt to work today. That is not unusual for me. When I don’t have clients, I often wear the crest and colors. However, when the L.A. Kings are one game away from winning the Stanley Cup, the shirt I have worn 100 times before might as well have neon signs and sing…in other words, it gets more noticed.

“Did you go to the game?” the man in the elevator I have never before met or seen asked me.

“Yes. Season ticket holder,” I answered.

“Cool. So you didn’t just jump on the bandwagon?” he asked.

“32 years of being a fan. I am the bandwagon,” I said.

He laughed.

Those of us who have been fans for decades have a different perspective on this Stanley Cup run. That is not to belittle what the younger or shorter-term fans feel. They are of course excited and I am excited for them. We just bring more experience to that excitement.

What does that excitement entail?

From calm to freaking the fuck out.

You find yourself with a big smile on your face and you can’t get rid of it until you remind yourself that we haven’t won yet and it is wrong to smile.

You get choked up driving to work or home thinking about what it will feel like when you see Dustin Brown raise…just got a lump in my throat trying to finish that sentence.

You love the attention the Kings are getting from everyone and everywhere but you are a little annoyed because you can’t help but think, “where the hell where you guys when we were struggling?”

You think of Marcel Dionne, Dave Taylor, Charlie Simmer, Rogie Vachon, Jay Wells, all of the Kings of our past and know if we can win this, we win it for them as much as our beloved current team.

You feel distracted, mind constantly wandering, your wife asks you if you want to have sex and you wonder how the hell you are going to get Anze Kopitar’s beautiful face out of your head while doing so, whether you should tell her that or is it better to just keep that your little secret.

I get it.

I am there with you.

And I love you.

Go Kings!

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  1. Today my eyes got watery just thinking about how my eyes will get watery if/when Brown picks up the Cup tomorrow.

  2. “how the hell you are going to get Anze Kopitar’s beautiful face out of your head”
    Best line ever!
    Are you finding it hard to do any work today? I am absolutely useless today, and will continue to be useless tomorrow!

  3. I’m only 26, so my earliest memories were when the Great One came (but I still preferred Luc). I still remember being confused as to what part of the stick they were measuring and how the hell a stick could be illegal, as well as crying when all was said and done in 1993 at the tender age of 7.

    I don’t remember the purple and gold (but for some reason, I prefer it).

    I had to read about/hear from my dad about the triple crown line, Vachon, etc.

    I used to be tentative when among older Kings fans, as such things weren’t native to me. Moreover, growing up in the desert, 5 seasons of roller hockey was the closest I ever game to playing the game.

    But here we all are, arriving at this place, together, where there is the very real chance that we can all experience the best moment in the history of this hockey team… and if it happens, the next day we all become one in the same… witnesses of the apex of Los Angeles Kings hockey.

    God, it feels good.

  4. I almost feel like I (personally) haven’t suffered enough.

    Since I’ve played baseball, basketball, and soccer through my early life I never noticed hockey until one day I saw my dad watching and I sat down to watch with him. I distinctly remember that season, you know, the one where they finished last place tied with the Lightning but since we won our series game we got the second pick and with it we selected Doughty?

    Well that was a short five years ago and while I am one of the most hardcore fans that I know, it feels almost like I’ve been riding the bandwagon instead of being the intense fan. I suppose over the years I can eventually claim that title and I kid you not, one of my goals in my life is to attend every home game in one season and be a season ticket holder.

    Right now all that I feel is happiness, while my life gets busier in the Summer, the time that I have devoted to this team in the past year has me ready to explode if and when #4 arrives.

    Unfortunately for me, I am working during the game so I am going to have to watch it at midnight that night. Let the (minimal amount of) suffering end!

  5. I am only 18 years old, but I have been a Kings fan since I understood what hockey was. My father though, he’s been a fan since 1974. If the Kings win tomorrow, the only bad part about it would be that I won’t get to see my fathers face after all those years of disappointment ending when the clock hits 0. Instead he will be sitting in some bar in San Diego cheering on his team as he has done for the last 38 years. Go Kings.


  6. Anze’s face after he scored each of those big goals is certainly a joyful image. We will likely see that face on every King tomorrow after the final horn. Can’t wait to see Bob Miller’s face too, along with Sutter’s (Is that a big grin there farmer boy? Why yes it is!). And then we get to relive so much of it all summer with their days with the Cup, someone better be there to film those days!

    But, I digress, we have won nothing yet (this statement put in for reverse jinx purposes only). See you there from Section 115 Row 8, stop by and say hello.

  7. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day. This is a nervous and amazing feeling.

  8. Even Korea knows what’s up.


  9. Ditto for me. This is on my mind all the time. I just want that win, no matter how they get it. I want to see the thrill of victory and this team and city finally get its just reward that has been so long overdue.

    Look at it this way, which is that this long wait, and the difficulty of the competition over the years, makes this the ultimate feeling when it can materialize. It is our turn now!!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. Waiting for the plumber today at home… I’ve watched the replay of the game last night twice.

  11. Miller on the radio today:

  12. I was on the verge of tears with the 4th goal and the buzzer going off to end the game. Couldnt do jack rabbit shit today @ work. All i can think about is that damn cup, sweet Jesus it’s in our grasp. 20 year kings fan here, i feel you about being happy and excited for all the fans but I’ve been irritating myself thinking where the hell these people have been. Well, I know the ones who having been in hibernation are finally awake but these “bandwagoners” boggle my mind. If lakers won, I wouldn’t be cheering them on, frankly, I fucking hate basketball and could care less but if they did, hey, good job guys. Wouldn’t see me rioting around for them…

    Random…but someone needs to draft a quick article to spread around the interweb DISCOURAGING these damn laker/dodger fans from turning this city into a shitter. I get vancouver rioting cause they lost, who the hell destroys a city and it’s worst than it already is because of such a huge accomplishment. These monkeyfucks are so backwards. I will be LIVID if these so called kings “fans” fuck up our moment. Whether you’ve been a fan for 30 years, 20 years or 1 year, a die hard fan, a real lover of the game has common sense. Ask any of the potential rioters about the kings and they will look at you confused, might even loot the belt right off your pants without you even noticing. Whats worse is spotting this asshats on nbc after the game when the reporters go to la live/espn zone to show the madness.

    can you tell this has been bugging the shit out of me? ok, im done venting.

    fuck yeah! 1 more win! I’m saving my going apeshitness for tomorrow…hard keeping myself professional. Another sleepless night ahead thinking about our boys. Lets finish this thing up like a boss! :D

  13. Brilliantly put! Cool seeing you guys for a second last night after the game. Let’s try to make Tyler get a Forum Blue & Gold tattoo now.

    • Ha ha. Nice seeing you too. Will you be at game 4? Would like you to join us afterward

      • Still working on the ticket situation… I might have 1 kidney left after tomorrow, but I’ll let you know. Might do the JW suite after-party thing again. In which case, your two would be the guests of honor… Along with Bob & Jim.

  14. I can’t wait to hear the podcast if the Kings win it all: Sobbing tears of joy from Surly, Scribe, and Timmy for an hour.

    I’ll be sobbing right with you fellas!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  15. haven’t had sex with my girlfriend since round 1 when i dont have sex kings win. after the win tomorrow im going to hate fuck the shit out of her with my kings gear on!

  16. I am proud as he’ll with all of you ..
    A win tomorrow would be so unbelievably epic!
    If we lose tomorrow, I will applaud them in anticipation of the inevitable ..
    After 7 long years of investing in my 2 1/2 feet of real estate at staples, a grand return is finally realized! I too have been inundated with comments from co-workers, strangers, the ups guy whom I started to yell at for not being able accept my package today until he said he was die hard like me and reminded me of our good fortune and pulled his hat out of the dash, I ended up thinking – Fuck this package, then we high five’d and both walked away happy!
    See y’all at the game!

  17. Interesting about the emotion angle. We fans think about our beloved players with whom we connect and cheer and identify. But, nobody seems to talk about the franchise owners, the management, front office, etc, etc. Stands to reason. Who cheers usually for owners and business people nowadays, unless they are down to earth real people that are on the street level with us all.
    But in this case, I personally will be pleased for the people at the top of the food chain, who got us Staples and the 9 yards of getting this team put together, paid for, and set up to play and perform. They should be rewarded after all, even if at times we had questions or concerns about management and decisions. Doesn’t everything get fixed with the cup being the chalice of joy for all? I would like to think so.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  18. This is my second year as Kings/hockey fan, however, I’ve never felt such a connection and love for a sports team until I started watching the Kings. If they win tomorrow, I will cry..and if my gf thinks i’m crazy fuck it. I breathe L.A. Kings Hockey. The day I go six feet under, momma knows to bury me in my Tejana, Kings sweater, and cowbooy boots.


  19. This series is over! the kings are in a different league than the devils and they are done! i wrote all about it in my blog as well as how to bet it so come check it out!!

  20. Thank you AEG! How long have we waited for this moment? Running the team for a loss and still allowing the spending necessary to build a contender. Providing a stable ownership base long enough for this and being hands off enough to let things grow. Thank you!


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