Surly And Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast Show. Our Brains Are Mush.

What a mess. Don’t listen to this. It’s awful. Our brains…there are no brains. We’re all fucked up. Surly was all over the place. He nearly cried. I made no sense. I don’t remember any of it. Timmy was…I am not even sure Timmy was on the show. We’re trying to keep it together. I may need to be medicated.

Surly & Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast for 6-5-12

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  1. Mush brains.. that is a perfect description… I have been barely functional for the past 3 weeks and get worse by the day.. Since Sunday.. 3 days off.. I have given up trying to get anything doNe but watching the games and taping highlights ..that would mean the games in their entirety onto my own collection.
    I was one of the Most Privaledged People in the World who went to last night’s Game. I have been too emotional too even talk about what we witnessed.. I do not want to break the spell..
    Your words are exactly correct.. that is what we LA King Fans are feeling..
    I am even getting like Surly with my signatures..
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    ALL THE WAY!!!

  2. I have my own “podcast” about the series and how to bet it on my blog so come check it out and enjoy!

  3. Well, look at it this way. It was easily worth what it cost us readers and fans. Nothing ventured nothing gained. At least we know that in the world of the hockey gods it goes into their official library for study by future generations of hockey lovers. It will be on file in the section for the most fanatical and loyal Fans for the Stanley Cup LA Kings champions of 2012.

  4. “not going to be an easy game for the kings”

    little late to adopt that attitude now that we have the PP clicking.

  5. It seems that once we get that first goal, the boys play with so much confidence. And if we don’t get the first goal, they play even harder to tie it and take the lead. We’re unstoppable, but there’s another game to be played.

  6. Great podcast guys.

    What the Devils need to do to win is finish. While Quick has been great, the Devils have had a lot of open nets that they simply missed. Make a few of those and it’s a different series.

    I don’t really think they’ve played bad so I don’t think it’s a system issue. They just need to finish.

  7. The discussion about Quick got me thinking:

    Any thoughts on what Quick will be asking for in terms of a raise after next season? How many years would you give him? I’d have to think it’d be in the 6-7 million range , don’t you? If Rinne could bank that much…Quick likely to pull that in as well.

    Where does Bernier go? What does Lombardi try and get in return?

  8. Brain & mush. Couldnt have used a better term to describe what we have been going through. I’m tearing up just trying to accept that the cup will be inside STAPLES CENTER tonight for GAME 4! Oh my mother sutter!

    Yup…no way I’m getting shit done @ work today. Sigh, someone, please….am I dreaming? Pinch me.

  9. I will open-mouth kiss any of you, or any Kings fan in general if we put this shit away tonight. Just sayin’.

    • Lol. I hope you’re a chick, otherwise I don’t think you’ll be getting too many people accepting your offer.


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