L.A. Kings Can’t Close At Game Four…But We Will At Five

The L.A. Kings had their chances. We had breakaways. We hit posts. We could have closed the game out before the third ever started.

Slava Voynov was awful. He failed to take his man on the first and second goals. Nick Nickson said it best. He looked like a rookie. But this kid is talented. He is smart. He is tough. He will bounce back and have a great game five.

New Jersey played well. I take nothing away from them.

Look, I know you’re disappointed and you wanted to close this out but sweeping a team, any team, in the playoffs or Stanley Cup Finals is damn difficult. We aren’t playing to sweep. We are playing to win the Cup. That is the sole priority and whether it takes 4, 5 or more is irrelevant.

The Stanley Cup shouldn’t be easy.

The Stanley Cup should be earned.

We have earned 3-1.

We will earn 4.

Go Kings!

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  1. Rat farts! Another A- game 4. Hitting and pressure dropped off so the energy shifted. We can get it back but the energy needs to be better focused. I always predict every series as kings in 6 why change now?

  2. Spent 7 hours in line trying to get a ticket, they never released any. LA Live was crazy, couldn’t get in anywhere to watch it, but it was awesome seeing that many Kings fans who just wanted to experience the scene. Also got to meet Bob & Jim (they signed my Dustin Brown jersey).

    • Damn even though we lost I am staying positive just would have been unreal to sweep and win it in front of the home fans. This is now a series and I did pick the Kings in 5. So go get that cup boys!

  3. We got outhit, lost more faceoffs and yes slava was terrible. I thought we played one of the best games of the series. Gagne had some serious chances, and should now be considered a threat. Keep playing our game and we will prevail. Like you said whether in 5, 6 or 7.

  4. Agreed. A sweep is super difficult. NJ made many mistakes in coverage and turnovers too. It was a horse race. At times NJ broke under the strain and were saved by freaky things.
    How about the Brodeur fumble where the puck missed the net by 2-3 inches.
    The Kings pressed and raced and hurried at times to try to finish them off. That was in their blood to get the win. It was spirited and I was proud of their passion to capture the win.
    So yes they know how to beat them and we must believe and shout out our unwavering support.

  5. Feel the same way. How can I be mad at the boys after playing the way they have through all 4 rounds. It is one game. we’re going back on the road, where we can concentrate on winning the game and our 1st Cup !

  6. Thought we had the best offensive juice of the series other than p3 game 3. Yeah voynov was getting exposed. Penner should have deeked on his two runs at the net but shot stick side where there was no gap. Lewis should have shot right away. They’ve just gotta get more shots stick side on brodeur, tighten up the D and hit more. Can’t let these guys back in next game.

  7. sigh,, just not our night… bummer..
    To have it accoumplished here.. would have been so sweet,,
    LA Live was a Zoo,,, really should show the game on the Big Screen like other cities do..
    Don’t know if it is a City issue or what.. Yardhouse.. nightmare.. i say that because after a
    wait too long for a sane person.. I waited for table.. companion was out meeting all the ex playes .. listenening to Bob.. saw you guys..Ended up in outside patio surrounded by people who could not get in..police and security activity all thru game.. great if you want to be entertained but awful if you want to watch the game.. Poorly organized.,,
    they should and could do better.. lesson learned.. love the place but never again
    for a major event..
    Slava.. exactly what I said…our rookie is playing like a rooke.. not the first game I have noticed this… i love the guy but he is still learning.. the pair just were not in sync.. they have been our
    most vunerable..where usually they are the strong pair.. Green and Marrty are playing
    great guns.
    trying to patiently wait..hahahahaaa
    til Saturday.. we can and will do better !
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    ALL THE WAY!!!

    • LA Live is more then live. It’s a fucking mess haha. Yet, that’s the nature of the Stanley Cup Final so what the hell. Just try to beat the crowd. From what I noticed the cops and security were pretty cool for such a crowd. BUT HEY! I RAN INTO BERRY MELROSE!! HAHAHA!! he seemed upset :-p

  8. . I feel bad. I think that we (fans inside) let the boys down tonight. Crowd was B- at best. Too many apathetic band wagoners that just wouldn’t get involved. I was screaming at people in my section to wake up and cheer, to no avail. Sure, they would get going for a minute, but there was no sustained ‘buzz’.
    The boys remind me of the family dog – on the road, outside the yard, they are alpha-male looking to establish dominance and territory, and that’s why they’re perfect. Inside the yard, at home, they really feed off of us – approval and encouragement get them rolling. And when we don’t provide enough of that, they look a little slow and lost. There was such a huge drop-off in noise between games 3 and 4 this round. You know the boys noticed the noise last game. They mentioned it in interviews. I’m sure they noticed the lack of noise tonight and I’ll bet that didn’t help a damn bit.
    Oh well. Off to dirty jersey to handle the business outside our yard and bring that cup home.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • In my right, I will admit I wasn’t as loud as I usually am. Now that sounds strange audit was, but there were two main reasons, one I was waiting to explode. The expectation kept me bottled up and two, I was a nervous wreck. I was so intensely focused on the game that 5 minutes would go by without me realizing I hadn’t been cheering.

      Yes there were some bandwagoners there, but also us regulars were off and feeling the nerves as well.

      • Understandable. My girl has the same issue. Half the time she’s bouncing off the walls excited and the other half she’s freaked out waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop. I really need us to win and be done if only for the sake of our collective mental health.

      • Surly….. are you coming back to Jersey for Saturday’s game?
        Also, totally get what you’re saying about the nerves. Me too. The nerves were getting the best of me.

      • Lets go to game 5, flights aren’t that bad and I don’t want to go by myself. Who wants to go? Row 2 off the ice at the blue line for $550.

  9. Dear Hockey Gods,
    I need this to be over. The girl is circling the drain of bipolarism, the dog is afraid of being around either one of us, our friends and family won’t talk to us out of fear of and I’m pretty sure I will get fired next week for being distracted dumb ass this past month. I can’t offer much, but I promise to make a nifty fire out of my game 6 tickets in exchange for a win in game 5.

  10. Game aside, how much do you guys LOVE Darryl Sutter post-game interviews? Win or lose, they’re fucking GOLD.

  11. I just finished watching the tape (albeit, we screwed up the last ten minutes so after the equalizer we discovered the final score). Since I had to miss it, I’m kind of glad they didn’t finish it up. I’ll be watching on Saturday, that will be good.

    Go Kings Go
    We Want The Cup
    Because Its The Kopitar

  12. I was my usual fired up self during the game, desperately wanting the boys to take it. However, w/ the loss, I get to fly home tomorrow and be there w my Dad and friends for the remainder of the series…I’ll be where I belong for this thing. And that takes away the sting of the loss.

    Kings played a decent game, but good lord all of those wide shots were fucking killing me. And Trevor Lewis is probably THE LAST guy on the team that you want on a breakaway…and he proved that point last night.


    Our boys will do it. I believe.

    Go Kings Go!

  13. Im a fucking mess. I cant not believe that our boys will raise The Cup. However, I am terrified that somehow something will go wrong. It makes no sense to think this way, I am clearly disturbed in some way. I tear up for no reason. I can hardly get anything done at work. My family, is keeping away from me. Thanks for letting me post here. You all are awesome. I am going insane. I adore The Kings. I am part of the team. Please, kill a goat, cut a toe off make an offering of somekind. The Kings MUST win

    im sure they will, and this above is just some serious nerves, but i had to tell someone who cared. Peace Ya’ll!!!

    • Matt, I know how you feel. Why do I come here and post ? Because I believe those who frequent this board be it to read or post are true diehard Kings fans. Do you know how long I have searched for a board where true Kings fans could talk and rap about Kings stuff.

      It is just a coincidence I found this board though my son this year, and I have enjoyed my time with you all and so look forward to having a beer with you all. You have to believe Matt, believe in your heart our boys will get this job done. Just think how close we could be, to being down 1-3.

      I mean, I was there in 1985, at the Forum, sitting next to the Penalty Box. Stirring Tiger Williams up to go kill the dude who got him 2 mins in that so-called penalty box, and during Luc’s rookie year sitting in row 2 behind the Kings bench against Edmonton in the playoffs, when the fans would wave hanky’s at Gretzky and shout out vile things.

      What I hope for these band wagoners, is that, they’ll never and I mean never shell out $1000 Plus for a seat in the nosebleeds or any other section for that matter for anything ever again especially a Kings game. Do you even know how disappointed I was at the price of the tickets for the Stanley Cup. I mean we purposely didn’t go to a Western Conference Final, game so we could have a bit of extra money to get better tickets for the Stanley Cup then Sec 300’s………. I watched both games from home.

      We’re going to win, I know it, I have had visions of Kopi raising the cup over his head, with that big wicked grin he has ……… and the last time I had a vision, was of John Gruden Hoisting the Superbowl trophy, it was just Ironic he hoisted it for the team that beat mine in the Superbowl. But never less, I saw it, just like I saw Kopi raising the cup above his head in his WHITE JERSEY !

      • Thanks for this post Bro! I agree with Matty G as I am a mess as well. I have been a kings fan since before Bob Miller joined the team! (Great interview BTW whomever posted that to the board!) I too was gripping after the loss. Not because they lost but because the demons of playoffs past but because of times the Kings should have won but didn’t. This team is different though, they are not cut from the same cloth.

  14. It is all my fault we lost! I am always in my season seats, I always wear the same jersey if we are on a streak and I always have the pre-game beers at the same place at LA LIVE.

    I was offered tickets for game #4 in a 24 person suite (prior to the series even starting) so I wasn’t in my usual seats. I wore a different jersey. I couldn’t get into my usual place at LA LIVE for the pregame beer due to the bandwagon fucks that bombarded the place. All three of my rituals broken in one night…..the BIGGEST night of all! I completely fucked up everything.

    I am sorry to all of my fellow brothers & sisters and promise not to do something so stupid again.

  15. There is really no secret sauce to the Devils’ game plan. They just want to flood 3 forecheckers deep and gain puck control, leaving them vulnerable for odd man rushes by the Kings. We had a few good odd man rushes that were not cashed in. It have good faith that the Kings will continue to work on dealing with that Devil game plan and ultimately spoil it and find the net. The Devils had a lot of sloppy play mid ice and in their own zone where they get into trouble faster and more dangerously for them. As I see it, as the Devils continue to make their sloppy mistakes, the Kings will prosper with goals and do just fine to get the job done.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  16. I thought that the first goal should have been disallowed because Elias Bumped Quick a little bit. That old fuck Elias has been bumping Quick all series! Quicker is not gettin the same protection from the refs as Brodeur. Oh well. Winning the Cup is all that matters right now!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  17. Good game, lots of missed chances. The Devils have played well enought to win in 3 of the 4 and DeBoer isn’t the kind of coach that will let them quit. Broduer is world class savvy veteran goalie who has been thru high level games. Gagne played a good game, I thought he was (along with the Richards line) the best forward out there. He’s far too skilled (and fast) to be on the 4th line in Game 5. The breakaway with Lewis…all I kept thinking that if he was on the second line, Carter banks that shot. Given the great history and terrific chemistry with Richards, he needs to be on the 2nd line. Go Kings

    • Deirdre. I was thinking about you as I wanted to ask you a question. I was living overseas when the Kings were in the 93 finals. So it’s the first time I’ve seen them play live (tv) in the finals. I’ve found it rather excruciating. So I wondered what it must have been like for you watching the Philly Chicago finals. That couldn’t have been easy for you guys?

  18. Lucy is still holding the football…

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    Because I could not say it better… Check it out.

  20. On the lighter side, I was wondering about that babe with the big boobs behind the NJ bench.

    Here is some info about it:


    GO KINGS GO!!!

  21. It was that we pissed off the hockey gods with all the bullsheeet going on like 570’s calling us the stanley cup champion kings already to rome saying the series was done vbecause no way they could beat us and congatulating us on a first cup victory, this was wrong and we all know that. These guys are the eastern conf. champs and marty is probably the best golie ever so to think they would quit was …..well you know. From here out we need to bring it and celebrate after the win not before and zad we miss you on hfboards visit sometime

  22. i’m pretty sure that the ghost of jack johnson invaded slava’s body last night. flashes of offensive talent, colossal defensive breakdowns. i’m fairly confident that the spirit has been released (maybe somewhere near ohio as they flew over) and our old slava will be back for game 5.


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