The L.A. Kings had their chances. We had breakaways. We hit posts. We could have closed the game out before the third ever started.

Slava Voynov was awful. He failed to take his man on the first and second goals. Nick Nickson said it best. He looked like a rookie. But this kid is talented. He is smart. He is tough. He will bounce back and have a great game five.

New Jersey played well. I take nothing away from them.

Look, I know you’re disappointed and you wanted to close this out but sweeping a team, any team, in the playoffs or Stanley Cup Finals is damn difficult. We aren’t playing to sweep. We are playing to win the Cup. That is the sole priority and whether it takes 4, 5 or more is irrelevant.

The Stanley Cup shouldn’t be easy.

The Stanley Cup should be earned.

We have earned 3-1.

We will earn 4.

Go Kings!