Los Angeles Kings Fans, Show Your Faces!

Chaz Curry, a fellow rabid Kings fanatic who moonlights as a talented photographer when he is not fulfilling his duties as a crazed Los Angeles hockey fan, is undertaking a special project. A project that involves each and every one of you.

He is taking photos of as many Kings fans as possible to establish a compendium of this moment in time as a Kings fan. A special time for Kings fans deserves a special keepsake, one that isn’t overpriced at Team LA. This is that keepsake. He wants to shows us in all our Kings glory, however beautiful or horrific that may be. For the purposes of full participation we’ll allow Scribe to believe that he is on the beautiful end of that spectrum. The pictures will go into a video that he puts together.

The more of us who go and let Chaz take our picture, this Sunday, June 10th between 11am-6pm (no appointment necessary) at Smash Photo Studio, 2176 Pacific Avenue in Long Beach, 90806, the grander this project and this memory will be for all of us. It will also serve as a testament to the hockey world of who we are as Kings fans.

Here is the link to the official event page, and the flyer.

I am also trying to convince Chaz to hold another session somewhere closer to the Valley or Downtown LA, since many like myself aren’t snooty enough to live near Looooooong Beach. Still, I intend to go on Sunday, despite how much I hate driving that far. If I can do it, all grumpy and surly, what’s your excuse?

So let Chaz do you a favor and immortalize your hockey soul. Everyone involved will get a hi-res digital copy of their portrait, so you can print it out and frame it at home or use it to scare away your neighbor’s children when they come knocking for wrapping paper and chocolate sales.

If you want to check out Chaz’s work, proof that he is legit with a lens, check out his website here.

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8 replies

  1. I am so damn photogenic. Should be fun!

  2. Sigh. What about us die hards who will ironically NOT be in town this weekend *cough* *cough* If he doesnt schedule another day, do you think he’d take us if we were willing to drive out to LOOOOOOONG beach from the valley in traffic on a weeknight?

  3. It’s a long drive from Lake Arrowhead, but my playoff beard is pretty persuasive.

  4. don’t know if he wants or needs it – but i’d be willing to help out with the video side of it. bobby has my email – have him give me a shout.

  5. Hey Surly, any chance you could convince Chaz to allow out of town folks to send pics in? There are many people on this board (me included) who don’t live in LA anymore who are big fans. (Some never lived in LA.) It would be awesome for example to get pics of some of our Slovenian brethren in the mix wearing their Kopitar jerseys!


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