Surly And Scribe Private Party In L.A. For Game 5! Email Us Now!

To our readers:

If you are interested in joining Surly & I with 20+ other fanatical Kings fans for a private party in LA & you are willing to share in the out-of-pocket cost, email me NOW –

It would include a private room, food and drinks (within reason), big screen TVs, etc. at a premiere location.

Out of pocket cost will be about $200.00 per head depending on the number of people there. We are NOT making any money from this. This is what it would cost out of our pocket, paid to the establishment, to make this happen.

Time and availability is limited. Would have to book everything today.

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  1. Would love to go, but will be at work. Any chance you can make this happen IF there is a Game 6? I know you two will both be at the game, but for us blue collar workers who can’t afford the $900 ticket to get in, $200 seems way more reasonable. Plus, you’d have a place to go for the after-party! Obviously, would love to see this end in 5. Go Kings!

    • Game 6? Bite your tongue! I can’t see or think past 5 right now.

      • I knew what I was walking into there… Not planning far enough ahead is how I got into the mess that was 1) me not getting into the game and 2) not being able to watch it at LA Live.

  2. For $200 the chick with the awesome fun bags behind the Devil’s bench better be giving free motorboats.

    • In all truth it sounds awesome, but now that we’re expecting a kid, $200 is only spent on things with cartoon bears on it.

  3. If I was in LA this weekend, I’d be down for this for sure. Drat!

  4. where would it be?

  5. If I had that kind of money I would be there in a heart beat. Oh well, my couch should suffice.

  6. Ponders if I can get a flight from Sydney to LA in time…… probably not.

    Have fun those who attend.

  7. This would be fucking awesome but 200$ is beyond me though.

  8. Ya…see if you can get the price down and my wife and I may be able to attend.

  9. put me down for game 7


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