Have We Been Spoiled By This Playoff Run?

Wednesday night Darryl Sutter laughed at the notion that the Kings are somehow flawed for having not been able to close out the Devils in four games, as they have had similar trouble in two other potential close out game fours.

It is laughable. This game is hard and that doesn’t change just because for large portions of the playoffs the Kings have made it look easy.

Dustin Penner suggested that we, fans and media, along with the team in a respect, counted our chickens before they hatched. We all know when you count unhatched chickens, you end up with a bunch of pre-chicken primordial ooze dripping all over the place and those chickens you do have, end up cockeyed.

Yesterday Sutter said some people were spoiled. He probably meant the media, but the fans likely aren’t exempt from that claim.

So, are we spoiled?

I wanted the Kings to win game four, desperately. I expected them to win. I had my celebration all planned out, or at least I spent too much time thinking about it. I was very guilty of putting my cart squarely in front of my horse. I had decided I had precisely 16 chickens, but it turns out I only had 15 eggs. Am I spoiled?

Or, do I just want to believe in magic?

If the Kings win the Cup on Saturday, I will shock myself with how quickly I can forget about a disappointing Wednesday. However, that Wednesday presented the promise of so much kizmit, I needed to believe it would happen. The Kings’ anniversary of expansion, being at home, miraculously finding seats in my section and nice people moving so my father and sister could sit next to me. Having been able to attend all four final games, all of them wins. Not having to have Mike Emrick ruin the moment. Not having to have Pierre Mcguire’s ridiculous face and utterly bland voice and worse commentary inject itself into the celebration. Being with tens of thousands of Kings fans afterward to celebrate. Showing the world Los Angeles can win something without rioting. Simultaneously proving that Laker fans really are subhumans. Perfection. It was there, on the table. Was I spoiled to want to dig my fork in and start eating?

Perhaps. But I am only spoiled if the moment when the Kings win is spoiled because of opportunity lost and desires unmet. I am not spoiled because I am willing to accept that the hockey gods work in mysterious ways, and whenever that moment of the Kings first Stanley Cup does come, it will be perfect. I can guarantee that because when it happens, that’s all there will be. The rest of my concerns will fade and my tangential desires to align everything just so will cease to exist.

Or I’ll break down into a sobbing lump, smash my head on a bannister while barreling down the hallways screaming and won’t remember a thing.

Only one way to find out.

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  1. All of the Kings fan in me wanted them to win on Wed… Part of me knew it was better for Hockey to go one more game… We have been very spoiled with the level of play the Kings have shown… but then as Kings fans we are always worried… LET’S GO KINGS GET THE CUP!!!

  2. If Daryl knew anything about Kings fan, we are one of the least spoiled group of fans in any sport, period.

    If he’s talking about bandwagoners, they’re not listening to the postgame interviews or reading them online following games. They’re bandwagoners.

    If he’s talking about the media, some in the media are sensationalistic and most do not follow hockey, especially in LA. Doty, Kopidor, etc. Just a joke and embarrassing. They’re doing their job and don’t care what Sutter says or doesn’t.

    So that message only gets sent to the diehard fans and some of us in turn feel he is talking only to the real fans. I don’t think that is the case, I think Sutter sys what’s on his mind and doesn’t care who hears it sometimes.

    I had a good feeling about NJ winning Wednesday. I have that same feeling about Saturday. They had chances to prove me wrong game 4, I hope they do prove me wrong game 5. This is the Kings we are talking about. They could lose in 7 given how shitty and / or unlucky their history has been. I have faith though. Let’s go boys.


  3. Let’s now be too self critical now. All we are doing is cheering and rooting and revving up the troops
    to be optimistic and supportive to the team and its wonderful race to the cup. The team blew us away with all of the challenges and adversarial conditions, since after all, they had to succeed on the road as an 8th seed. They showed grit and class and desire, all of the qualities we were hoping for. So, they won over even more our hearts and souls and we replied with all kinds of great fan postings with good intentions. No matter what, we now can claim a great, elite quality team, with many relatively young strong talented players, which bodes extremely well for our future enjoyment and entertainment. We finally have a team that can knock off the fat cats anywhere in the NHL. We got a whole lot to be forever thankful for.

  4. … It’s not about being “spoiled”, it’s merely a case of most of the die-hard fans of this team picking up on and sharing the same confidence that the team and the players have.

    When these Kings take the ice, they expect to win. Many of their fans, including myself, expect them to win as well. And, why not? They’re 15-3, and 10-0 on the road. It’s hard NOT to react and feel positively with those results.

    The Kings probably SHOULD have won game 4. They outplayed the Devils significantly. But, it didn’t work out that way, for one reason or ten. That’s fine; that’s hockey. I give the Devils credit for the win, and I feel confident about the next one. If I were spoiled, I’d imagine I would have been angry after the loss. I wasn’t – at all. The goal is to win the series, not necessarily to sweep it, and I’m confident the Kings will do just that. If not in 4, then in 5. If not in 5, then in 6. If not in 6, then in 7. The Kings will win this series. It’s just a matter of time.

    • “When these Kings take the ice, they expect to win. Many of their fans, including myself, expect them to win as well. And, why not? They’re 15-3, and 10-0 on the road. It’s hard NOT to react and feel positively with those results.”

      Words I thought I’d never hear from Dutch. Brings a wry smile to my face. Maybe the Mayans were right…

      Let Go Kings! (For those of you who listen to The War Room.)

  5. Just a reactionary response here… I haven’t thought it all the way out.
    Spoiled, not so much… I think it’s human nature (especially in recent times) to take things for granted. I know that as time passes, what you once were amazed and awed with becomes ordinary. When we beat Van (a hated rival) so stunningly, we were all amazed and awed…as the domination continued, all along with critics and media saying it wouldn’t last (that each new opponent was finally going to be a challenge for the Kings), we as fans started to move from shock and awe to the realization that we could actually win the Cup. That realization set in. Now, it’s a given that the Kings will dispatch all comers and, for the most part, make it look easy.
    Like you mentioned, I know I REALLY wanted the home Cup victory. I also wanted the complete domination and our place with Edmonton holding the best all-time record. Shit, I was interviewed (by the local ABC affiliate) at the local sports bar prior to the game asking for my feelings on the eve of the Championship. For all the years with little or no respect, this was the biggest statement the Kings could’ve made. It’s a justifiable disappointment.
    Finally, and I may be off base here, but I think (deep down) we all know the Kings could’ve won that game. The players, Sutter, and others can go on and on about how tough the playoffs are, and the Devils deserve to be here…yadda, yadda. They were tentative, period…and at this point, that has not been the case for the majority of the playoffs. The Kings have won, despite not bringing their A game a few times. When they bring their A game, it’s no contest. If the Kings played like they did in games 2 and 3 we would’ve won.

    • Sorry Potvin, but I have to take issue with a portion of your comments. If the team played like they did in games 2 and 3? To my eyes, the Kings were outplayed, or at least it was a wash and certainly no better than that in game 2. As much as I love the Kings, I felt they were reasonably fortunate to come out of there with the win. And even Sutter said that the team played better in game 4 (to me, in spite of the lack of physicality) than they did in game 2…. so I’m not alone in that assessment.
      We probably won one that we could’ve lost, and lost one that we could’ve won. But at the same time you have to hand it to NJ. Once they got a poor call against Clarkson and got scored on, they held it together enough to make a big play in an elimination game. So they probably deserved it. Also, that one moment where Elias was unmarked in the Kings zone and he made it count, whereas we didn’t capitalize really on any of our chances. And Brodeur came up big.
      Just backs up Surly’s point is all wrt this article. Nothing is owed to the Kings (or us). They’re gonna have to earn it, and even Brown says they’re the best team they’ve played in these playoffs and I have to agree. Right now their record from Games 4 till 7 is 9-1. Just as the Kings have done some amazing things in the post season, so have the Devils. I just think that that puts a more reasonable perspective on things.

  6. Both Dutch and Potvin are hitting the nail on the head. As long time fans, we know way more than any media people about our own team and what is going on with this fabulous and record setting streak that broke various records so far along the way. The media has no interest in this team, or any team, unless they own a part of it. We are the ones that are truly and honestly interested in this team. We care. We hope and pray. We desire. We want to win that cup, and we know the Kings can get the job done!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Have to know that legendary-sized sports curses don’t go down easy. Sports curses only go down kicking and screaming. That’s why we have Dustin Brown. To beat that fucker into submission.

  8. I got so pissed off that supposed fans were upset because they spent over 1K for a 300 level seat, and how dare the Kings not win that game.
    Blaming the Kings for not winning, and then bitching about having spent so much money so they (meaning the person who paid for that seat) could live out their dream of seeing the Kings skate around the ice with the cup is just pathetic.
    I’m sure most every person at Staples on Wed was also expecting the same thing, but they weren’t bitching, or blaming the Kings for not winning game 4.
    For all those who paid some stupid amount for a ticket, I have a solution, become a season seat holder.
    The only thing I am pissed about is, my fucking playoff beard! Please end this final so I can shave my ZZ Top Bill Gibbons facial growth off.
    The media are a joke, but that is because hockey has never been important enough to even pay attention to.
    We ripped The Hockey News for publishing a prediction for the series, when they didn’t even have their facts right.
    We have ripped NBC for not allowing Bob Miller to call these games.
    Now we have ads for 99 Cent stores congratulating the Kings for winning the cup, and or sweeping the Devils in the Los Angeles Times.
    That being said, why is Simon Gagne playing? There was no reason for scratching Richardson for Gagne who hasn’t played since December, and is not a 3rd or 4th line player. This smells of Dean Lombardi, telling Sutter to put Gagne in, because????
    I would understand putting Gagne in the lineup if the series came down to a 7th game and scoring was a problem. When your team is scoring more than the other guys, usually scoring isn’t a problem.
    All through these finals, I have heard nothing but smoke being blown up Lombardi’ ass. These analyst are praising Lombardi for his drafts and development and depth he has in the AHL.
    I might be too critical of our GM and his drafts, but this is because I follow this team, and I am not some jackass who just realized the Kings are 1 game away from winning their very first Breeders Cup.
    The draft is coming up, free agency starts July 1st and the Kings will be a mere sentence or two in the sports page, right next to the male enhancement or hair replacement ads.

  9. Looking at some of the pictures from Wednesday I was reminded of the guy behind the Kings bench with the balloon boobs- hysterical. Well played, buddy.

    Why can’t you get it done in four games is a ridiculous question particularly given how many shots hit the post and how close Lewis’ breakaway was. If one of those goes in, it would have been a completely different game.

  10. I continue to be most impressed with the level of focus this team has. There is one goal. Only one. It’s big, silver, and in the building.

    Sweeps, records, and anything else is not even on the radar. Accountability is the word for this team uses repeatedly. It’s the word that will best describe this team ten years from now, when all is said and done.

  11. “Only one way to find out.” What a perfect fucking line to an outstanding article! Nice job!

  12. Hey where’s a good place to watch the game tomorrow? I woulda gone in on the S&S party but I gotta drive some broke friends. Thinking of going down to LA Live or Yardhouse but its gonna be a clusterfuck and Id like to be able to order a drink without waiting 2 hours.

  13. How about we re-title the article, “We lost and have nothing creative to write!”?

    EVERY Kings fan has expected to raise the cup since the end of game 2 in St. Louis. Let’s all stop acting fucking ridiculous. Anybody that says otherwise is full of shit.

    Even so, no cup could every compete with the moments I’ve had running into the same die hard fans in the 300s on a 1pm saturday, day game..

    Cup, or no cup, I just hope ticket prices stay reasonable for next year. The strength of the fan base always meant so much more than any cup could ever bring. When anybody mentioned the kings in public, I would quiver. Regardless of how that sounds, I would always return home with a story about meeting another kings fan. It always made my day. Now, I walk away most of the time in disgust. I had somebody swear to me that the Kings won a cup in the 80s. WTF. That would’ve never happened in Novemeber.

    There’s something fun about rooting for a perennial underachiever. Anyways, go kings go?

    • Go Masochism Go!

      Your point is that the club is only fun to belong to when it’s exclusive? I suppose it works for nightclubs. I hate nightclubs.

  14. Spoiled? Totally! First team in forever with a chance to tie the record for best record in the playoffs since it changed to best of 7 across 4 rounds. Oh well, we didn’t tie! So fucking what? Anybody that thinks the Kings suddenly suck because they didn’t win the Stanley Cup in 4 games is smoking some serious shit. Anybody that doesn’t think we’re winning this is smoking something even harder. I mean really? Who’s going to beat this team 4 straight?! Not Jersey.
    Regretting being spoiled? No way! Really, we’d won a single playoff in 11 years and now we’re ROLLING through the playoffs. New record for away games won, and lord knows how many other records we’ve tied or broken. People, that’s fucking insane! So it takes more than 4 games. Who gives a fuck?! This shit is done by the end of the week. Just a matter of if we meet the team at the airport or on home ice to get our win on. GO KINGS GO!!!!

  15. Surly, that’s such a beautiful piece you’ve written. It says a lot about the predicament of us all, but particularly those living in LA. Many just ‘expect’ things. Hey, shouldn’t be difficult, shouldn’t be without challenges. I read where Messier was saying that none of his playoff series and cup runs were easy – ever. Just read it yesterday. Don’t remember where but it said a lot.

  16. We may have gotten spoiled by the run through the playoffs, and I half wonder if that comment from Darryl wasn’t partly intended to fire up and refocus the team. He has consistently said that they could play better after each win, and that’s the way they want the team thinking. The Devils are no slouch, and they are going to make a series of it if they can. In a way I would rather have Ilya Kovalfuck sitting in his losing dressing room knowing that the team that he spurned is out there skating the Cup around, and he did nothing to stop it. Besides Betteman will get booed louder in front of a crowd of losing fans


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