Kings And Devils Will Have A Game 6.

Sometimes, hockey is a game of inches and bounces. If you break this game down, the reason the L.A. Kings didn’t score more than one goal was exactly that. The shots that went off the post. The pucks that hopped over sticks at the worst time. You can’t control that. You can control effort and the L.A. Kings gave that tonight.

The reason the L.A. Kings gave up two goals was Jonathan Quick. We praise him when he does well. He earned the grief today for that first goal. This is the Stanley Cup Final, game 5. Mistakes like that are unacceptable. He played well the rest of the game and stopped some quality scoring chances but that is also his job. Fumbling pucks, poor passes and giving the New Jersey Devils a gift is not.

It’s fitting that, to the naked eyes (before you look at the stats), the Devils played better in the first two games and lost and, in the last two games, the Kings played better and lost. So far, only game 3 has been a scoring anomaly.

“The Kings lost their first road game.” Those types of subplots are for the media and casual fans. We don’t care about that. We care about winning the Cup.

“I am freaking out!’ That is your prerogative. You can also recognize that 4 out of the 5 games in this series could have gone either way. This was always a close series, despite the 3-0 lead. This should not surprise you.

“Martin Brodeur looks really good.” He is a good goalie. He has also been lucky. Jonathan Quick is a good goalie. He too has been lucky.

“I can’t breathe…” Breathe…breathe…

“What is wrong with Dustin Brown?” Perhaps what Surly & I have heard is right. He didn’t look like the same player tonight and in parts of this series. I won’t reveal details because a) I have no idea if it is right and b) this is the Stanley Cup Final and all of us have a responsibility to shut up about such things.

“Slava Voynov…another off him.” Can’t blame Slava for that. I want him to play solid, mistake free defense. Pucks going off him is just back luck. The dunces on NBC can talk about that nonsense.

I like a lot of what I saw tonight. This is how character is tested. The L.A. Kings and New Jersey Devils are both being tested.

Go Kings.

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  1. Voynov needs to stop scoring for Jersey…,

  2. Hell, everyone said they wanted to see the Kings win it on home ice. Here we go…..

  3. This is really tough, but your article is right on the money.

  4. Gotta puck those pucks on net. Looking forward to game 6. See you all there!

  5. The kings are not making the pushes to influence their will and break that of NJ. It reminds me of times when they are down 1-0 and the game is over. If they don’t get the lead they don’t have the ability to fight back and overcome the deficit

  6. . . . should Richardson be put back into the lineup?

    • Yes. Gagne has changed the chemistry of that 4th line.

      • Terrible move by Sutter.

        Gagne has played well if we isolate him, but he is looking to make plays that Fraser and Nolan can’t support. The 4th lines job is to get the luck deep and keep it there. Gagne tries to make plays at the blue line. Result, turnovers or limited forecheck. Richardson or Clifford need to be put back in the lineup. My vote is Clifford. Put him in there and watch a beast be unleashed.

        • I think Gagne’s insertion into the lineup was so he could get his name on the cup. I don’t like it though. It’s like Bill Buckner at first base if that’s the case. Play the guys who got you there!

          “I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue…”

          • This smells for Dean Lombardi sticking his fucking nose into the lineup selection.

            The Kings were what 14-2 without Gagne, so there was no reason to put him in the lineup and scratch Richardson.

            I don’t give a fuck if Gagne has owned Brodeur during his career. This is the Stanley Cup Finals, something the Kings have not been involved with since 1993.

            Are we looking at another meltdown, or another Sutter team losing a cup final like Calgary did against Tampa Bay in 2004?

            Tell the goalie to stop the puck, put Richardson back in, move Penner down to the 3rd line and King back up to the 2nd line.

            If there is something wrong with Brown, figure out how do deal with it quickly, 2 games remain, and there is no tomorrow and we aren’t the fucking Cubs “Wait till Next Year”.

            For the love of god, get bodies in front of Brodeur. The Kings had a solar eclipse in front of Brodeur when Williams ripped one by Brodeur.

            If you have a power play use a head fake, shoot the god damn puck on the net, not over the net, not to the side of the net, but shoot the puck on the net, like it were an empty net.

            I picked the wrong week to stop drinking!

        • You know what? I felt two days ago that Clifford should not play as he’s had a proclivity for taking poorly timed unnecessary penalties. But based on what you say, now I’m not so sure.
          It makes perfect sense. Fraser and Nolan can’t support what Gagne’s particular skill set is (that seems obvious) and as you point out, the job of that line was to create momentum like they did in the first game, even without scoring the goal.

        • Right on the money my man. I’m with you on Cliffy. I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit to get out and do some damage.

      • Totally agree.

    • … I AM J.T. Dutch, and I approve of a move like that.

      Nothing against Gagne, but I said before all of this went down that when you’re on a streak – you respect the streak. There was no need to fix what wasn’t broken.

      • Like a franchise-record shutout streak? haha

        I actually don’t remember which side of the fence you were on at that time.

        • I actually don’t remember which side of the fence you were on at that time.

          … I do. It’s right here.

          Quick has plenty of season left to regress to the mean and get his rest. I’m not concerned with too many games being started in October. It’s early. Quick has had all summer to rest physically and mentally. It’s when he gets too many starts in the dog days of December to February that causes me to worry about his endurance level come playoff time. Murray should have stuck to his guns. Quick has three straight shutouts. If he’s not locked in now, he never will be. He should have the start tonight.

    • That is what I was wondering as well..or Cliffy..
      Good points on this Bobby. I fowarded article to my friends …and told them, reading blog makes me realize just how Badly I want the Kings to win this..
      Let’s all will our Boys to a victory Monday.
      GO KINGS GO!!!
      ALL THE WAY!!!
      WE WANT THE CUP!!!

  7. I have full confidence that the team will finish out the series, I just want these damn announcers to shut the hell up and I’m sick of seeing terrible terrible calls and non-calls.

    All of that aside, I think that with the way we’ve been playing, we’re due for a win, next game sounds perfect.

    I hope whatever is happening with Brownie that he’s going to be okay. He was punished by those rat bastard Phoenix fucks.

    • Yeah, I had overcooked my back and am still getting treatment. And while I’m not an elite athlete, when I saw that hit from Hanzal, I thought, hell that is not gonna help his spine one little bit. Even if he isn’t physically hurting (which I imagine he must be), if the body is out of alignment that wouldn’t help his movement on the ice if that makes sense.
      Because it’s so true that he hasn’t really been the same player since then.

  8. The Kings have only had one fluke goal IMO. Game 3 their first goal was a long whistle. Other than that game 1 and 2 they scored on clean shots. New Jersey aside from the empty netter has had one clean goal. I’m pissed. Not that they didn’t sweep, and not that New Jersey isn’t a good team. I’m pissed that the refs have been incredibly bad and inconsistent. That the ice has been awful in a place known for hockey. And mostly I’m pissed that for the last two games the Kings have hit 3 posts and had no breaks and everyone in the media makes it sound like the Devils suddenly remember how to play hockey. I think I’m also scared that the Kings are up against a future Hall of Fame goalie but even with that this series should be over.

    Maybe I’m spoiled but to be fair this is only the 3rd time in history that the finals has gone beyond 5 games after a 3-0 lead. Game 6 win by the Kings would be a first 6 game series in that scenario. There’s been many firsts this year. Let’s make this the best one!


  9. Your words have calmed me.

    Now I am able to email my principal about doing the fastest awards assembly EVER and texting my teacher friend to see about covering my class after I do mine.

    LET’S GO KINGS!!!!

  10. There has been talk in the media (East Coast/NBC) that the Kings were not ever really tested in the prior series. None of that is really relevant nor realistic, and I would not ever concede for a moment even that accusation would be true. The Kings were tested plenty and showed great skill and hockey excellence to find ways to win since April. In each game the team faced 60 minutes of playoff intesity of competition and pulled out great wins. They did what teams try to do: win every game played.

    Nobody can debate that the Kings did not come out tonight on fire and showing outstanding hockey action exhibiting their intense desire to win.

    Now, the media (East Coast/NBC) will gloat and promote a new storyline that the Kings are getting tested finally and will be tested more and more, with maybe the Devils defying the odds and winning the series. They want more of an audience, and they want to sell papers, and get more advertising revenue. It is all business to them, along with bias that reeks it is so blatant.

    But the truth of the matter is that none of that is logical nor sensible. Don’t fall for any of that crap. The reality is what happens on the ice. It is about executing as a team, with making plays, getting off great shots, and making things happen.

    Tonight, the Kings did countless things over 60 minutes to make things happen, where they were indeed out playing and taking it to them hard and fast. But, yeah, in hockey, that does not always create the win at the end of the game. Sometimes yes, and sometimes not.

    What I know is that when the Kings continue with the same recipe they put together as a team since February/March, and in the playoffs to date, they are in definitely in primetime position to pull of the ultimate win. They are so close to the break through and they can make it happen in 48 hours from now!!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. This was the same as games 1&2 except we were on the short side. We out played them for the game. We have to get more traffic on Brodeur. He will give it up.with some pressure.

    • Yeah for sure they need more traffic in front. Although they say he’s playing outstanding, and I see that he’s playing ‘well’ but not sure I’d say ‘amazing’, he is seeing most everything and it’s damned hard to beat him when he’s seeing everything. So……. more traffic in front and also seemed like the bounces (rebounds) were going every which way but on our sticks.

  12. That first post was the loudest I have ever heard. Had to have scared the crap outta marty.

    I am not worried, we have two more chances, but I prey they do it at home now.

  13. I also want to see more pressure in the neutral zone. I think they are fallig back too quickly with too much space. Close them out faster, hit harder and put pressure on they cannot handle.

  14. This one was defiantly a “nail biter” for me and unfortunately did not go our way. But our team played til the end as they have been playing during this playoff season. I thought they started the game with high intensity and when the puck didn’t hit the posts or Devil’s defender, the goalie came out with big saves. Even though, we played well, tonight was Devil’s night
    BUT NO MORE!!!!
    I believe our team will finally finish at home and hoist “The Cup” in front of home crowd.

    GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!

    Deliver the long awaited trophy to Los Angeles and shut those East Coast Bratts.

  15. Im pissed! I’m not pissed at the Kings, I’m pissed at SOME of the fans and I’m really pissed at NBC In so cal. The wankers that they employ to cover baseball and basketball, football, then push them over to hockey as if they new the first fucking thing about the sport. Marcos, with his bullshit interviews with Frasier and Nolan and the stupid, pointless questions they ask as if to purposely hinder the confidence we have built through constant focus and discipline, hard work and diligence.
    The Kings are playing solid hockey. We’re out shooting the devils, out playing them in the NZ and on the forecheck. This is the Stanley Cup Finals! It’s not an easly thing to win.
    I have been waiting for this for so long now, that I can’t even believe that it is happening. It seems weird to me that it has been so easy so far. I’m so invested in the Kings, and our usual way of winning some and losing some (more) that this doesn’t seem real. Our boys are in the final, favorite to win the cup after barely making the playoffs in the last couple days of the season!!!!!! They have come frome the eighth seed to the FINAL and were PERFECT on the road until tonight!
    Everyone needs to chill the Fuck out and realize how beautiful this moment is! The goals that NJ has scored have been flukey at best. Quick screwed up tonight, BIG! But I think we can give him a mistake once in a while considering he IS one of the best goalies hockey has ever known! Their other goal was a lucky redirect off of VV.
    The lack of respect from the NHL, NBC, and the “new” Kings fans (who I welcome with open arms) is a hindrance to a team that has as much talent and ambition as any team that has ever come before them, no matter the sport.
    I have total confidence and pride in this team.

    • I am really glad you brought up channel 4.

      The channel 4 crap after the game is a total joke and insult to real expert Kings’ fans. The best they could do was find Jamie Storr for some commentary color? For any post game interview, due respect is to at least in advance plan out questions. Try to use the brain and think about short pro-King questions, and anti-NJ questions. How about asking some questions to help the cause and instill confidence for the next game at home!

      I mean, this is channel 4, here in LA, and they are goofing around trying to be entertaining and clever comical??? I thought instead I was listing to channel 4 from NJ.

      Nothing should be “ad hoc” stupid diaherria of the mouth by the interviewer. They are as bad as the NBC post game media questioners.

      All they could muster up for talk was Fraser, Nolen, and Gagne, with trick, know it all, and condescending questions. Why bother with this exercise if you stink up the house with those kinds of questions.

      It was not even a question half the time, but really only speechs. I mean, the guy says something like:

      “hey it will be great now that you let them back into the series, you can go back to home cooking, and get some new plans put together to figure out how to win, with the fans being ballistic, so that you can maybe somehow do okay back at home, since this will work out best for you to win at home, since you really don’t want to go back to NJ again, etc, etc.

      The guy looked high as a kite too, bouncing and prancing like a ballet dancer, with a wide ear to ear grin, chuckling, and yoddling like there was a Sunset strip party in progress. I mean, what about locker room decorum and respect, where your own home LA team had a tough, close loss.

      No, this clueless fly-weight yo-yo is behaving like he was at Pechanga and won a $500 jackpot with a free brew on the house.

      I say ban (bounce them) channel 4, where their TV remote broadcast vehicles get some flat tires back in their TV station parking lot and they miss the rest of the Kings show.

  16. This game pissed me off something fierce. The squad’s play reminded me of a TM style of play. Where’s that aggressive forecheck that’s dominated the playoffs? No doubt NJ made adjustments to that. I can’t fault Quick. Yes he fucked up but imo if it wasn’t for Quick the team wouldn’t be playing for the cup right now.

    I never liked how Sutter put in Gagne and I still don’t. Yes he’s got tons more experience than Richardson or Cliffy but I feel that it’s messing with the team’s mojo. The team was steamrolling just find without him. Maybe Sutter needs to rethink Gagne and put either Cliffy or Richardson back in for game 6. Do I want them to close it out in game 6? Fuck yeah I do. I wanted the sweep and that woulda been sweet but realistically the cup finals no one’s gonna give it away that easily. Hopefully they can close it out at home. That would be killer. Way better than doing in front of NJ fans. If it goes to game 7 then so be it and may the best team lift it. Hopefully it’ll be LA.

    I know the boys can do it. Getting to this point definitely wasn’t some fluke. Not against Vancouver, St Louis and Phoenix and then going up 3-0 for the cup.

  17. Something tells me that NJ is in for one massive heap of banging and crashing come Monday night. There is no way they will be allowed to waltz into Staples and pull out any weight or power on the ice. Time and space will close down for them. They will be shadowed and boxed in and put into submission holds so far as I can see, as the Kings are primed up and loaded up at this stage to gain the momentum and the control of the puck and ice for the big win. Brodeur will have “mucho” pucks flying all around him, with enough whizzing through to the net and red lites a flashing a path to the win.


  18. … Once again, NOTHING CHANGES. I am confident. The Kings will win this series. It’s just a matter of time.

    • You’re not even one bit worried?

      • … Not now. Third period of game seven, OK – we’ll start thinking about being worried.

        I think that the Kings’ play has a lot to do with this. If the Devils were outplaying the Kings consistently, that would be one thing. I would be worried. But it’s been the other way around. The Kings have played really well over these past two games despite losing them.

        If they keep this up – and I have no reason to think that they won’t – I’m confident it will end in total victory.

        • I’m just worried these losses will deflate them. Imagine the pressure they’ll be under Monday to win. If Jersey forces a game 7 we’re done

          • They have to remember the pressure is on New Jersey.

            And no matter what happens Monday, they are not done until the Cup is lifted.

          • The pressure is definately on the Kings, not Jersey. The Devils are playing confidence, the Kings have fear of blowing a 3-0 lead

          • Only if they’re doing it wrong and letting the stupid fucking media an paranoid fans guide the way they think. Otherwise you are wrong, the pressure is on Jersey for Monday not to be the last game they play this season. The pressure is only on the Kings if they allow it to be. How about you don’t contribute your small jungian part to establishing something negative for the Kings that has no reason to exist. Don’t believe the story the media wants to FABRICATE. the real story is still that the Kings are a game away from the Cup and the Devils are on the verge of elimination. That is fact. The rest is fluff.

          • I agree with Surly on this one. I predicted the Kings in 6 games, and whether that was after a 3-0 lead, or after a 2-2 series, I knew this series wasn’t going to be a cake walk. As someone else posted earlier, we were outplayed in the first two games and we pulled out wins, while we have outplayed NJ the last three and only have 1 win to show for it. I liked the way we played last night. Quick’s mistake was just that, a mistake…it’s over with. He played the puck well for the rest of the game, but the good part is, he wasn’t scared to play the puck. The second goal was a fluke…second goal off Voynov…not his fault, he was playing his man. I have counted 6 goal posts the last 2 games…The horseshoe up Brodeur’s ass is gonna fall out soon. I believe in our boys.

            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • Great posts, Surly & EastCoastKingsFan. Couldn’t agree with you more. We have 3-2 lead in the Stanley Cup FINALS(!) and playing Game 6 at home to END IT(!). Are you kidding me?? This is BEYOND a REAL Kings fan’s dreams! Forget the rest of the noise and garbage from the media and clueless fans. Most of NJ’s goals have been WEAK. We are CLEARLY the better team and SHOULD finish them off tonight. That “horseshoe” will be cradling the game winning puck! LET’S DO THIIIS!!!

          • I’m just worried these losses will deflate them.

            … Why? The Kings aren’t playing badly, they’re not allowing ANY game (win or loss) affect their preparation for the next game, and their mental focus has been pretty stable all playoffs long as far as I can see.

            The Kings, even with the last two losses, are still 15-4 in these playoffs. That’s amazing, and I would think it’s been a pretty easy playoffs for Kings’ fans. I don’t know if you were around for the Kings’ run in 1993, but THAT was fucking nerve-wracking and worrisome. This year’s run has been a day at the beach compared to that.

            Imagine the pressure they’ll be under Monday to win.

            … They’re preparing to win every game. They’re playing to win every game. Their effort and focus hasn’t diminished, or even wilted. This isn’t pressure. It’s FUN. This is why they (and we) go through the long season. This is the reward. If you ask me, the real pressure this season was back when the Kings were 10th in the West and had to scramble just to get IN the playoffs. Remember those times?

            They’ve played good enough to win both of these past two games. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for them. They’re facing a team who’s earned the right to be in the Stanley Cup Final. The Devils didn’t get here by accident; they’re opportunistic and they’re tough. They didn’t get all the way to this point to just roll on over for the Kings.

            If Jersey forces a game 7 we’re done

            … Honestly, I have no idea how in the everloving fuck you can say this. Have you WATCHED this team in the playoffs? If you can’t be confident about the Kings now, you will never be confident about them. Just as the Devils didn’t get to this point by rolling over, neither did the Kings. If it goes to game 7, I know the Kings will battle and give everything they have left – probably MORE than everything they have left. If you want to give up before the Ultimate Game in this sport, be my guest. But there’s no way in Hell that I will.

          • I didnt see the 93 series, I was only a toddler when that happened. But, yea you’re right I would like to apologize for overreacting and the negativity. It’s not over till its over

          • | Comment just posted was to Dutch not Hatrick…

  19. What are the chances that Sutter takes Gagne out and/or mixes up the lines?

  20. FIVE posts in the last 2 games. FIVE. …Devils 1st goal last night off of a powerplay they never should have received in my opinion…and their game winner off of Voynov.

    The NBC douche crew will talk about how amazing and unreal Brodeur has been in these last two games…when he’s been beaten 7 times, but only 2 have gone in.

    Fuck Mike Richards for missing those 2 shots at the end of the game…and for losing nearly every god damn draw in the offensive zone.

    Williams was the only “big forward” who had a good game last night. Where was Kopitar? Where was Carter? Brown has been largely invisible all series…

    When up 3-0…everything gets magnified. Every loss puts in irrational doubt. Fact of the matter is: the Kings are up 3-2..and I am still happy. Game 6 is a must win …cannot go back to Jersey…

    I believe.

    Go Kings Go!

  21. After a bad night sleep I have some other thoughts about the game. The Kopitar line played awesome at the beginning. Brown nearly scored on the move to the left and cut through the middle. They looked off later but that’s typical of the ups and downs of hockey.
    The series should be 3-2 given how close these teams are. As Hammond wrote, the focus has gone from can you sweep to do you still feel confident? I think the Kings should and will use that to motivate them get nasty in game 6 and close this out. As Ryan J. said, 5 posts in 2 games! They know how to beat Broduer and I think they will. Also, Quick will play phenomenally well one of these games. He always bounces back which all the great goalies do.

  22. Gagne has brought more scoring chances, but when you dont score on them it doesnt matter. Richardson on the 4th line brought energy that the entire team feeds off of. They havent had the same jump since. Kings hit 3 posts and the kings blew another breakaway. Voynov has more goals against the Kings then any Devil player. Quick always bounces back after a bad game, overall he played good but that mistake on the first goal (horrible call on the penalty imo) cost the team the game, which made it a bad game. Devils had all the lucky bounces again in game 5, Third time is the charm, GO KINGS GO.

  23. It is as simple as now the Kings getting into a killer instinct mode, with making the breaks and not counting on gift flukes, ref. calls, crazy bounces, or ricochets. It is 60 minutes out there to push the play and take it to the opponent, which they have largely been doing in this series. It is time for a hero or two, to step up and make things happen, as they did so many times before. A full 60 minute game, where pressure breeds penalties against NJ. Make them hook, trip, interfere, rough up, etc, etc, so that they are weakened and go out of synch, chasing the Kings around their zone.

    Call it what you want, confidence, effort, hard work, attitude, desire, but the bottom line it is hockey and it is just achieving great winning execution and heros resulting for the big final win.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  24. Hatrick,
    I was a fan in 93…and emotional..think the level of anticipation and stress and awe and everthing else is elevated from yest more years invested in the passion of loving the Kings.
    Good points made..Hope all the guys get some good rest today/night as they Will be playing their heart’s out tomorrow.
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    ALL THE WAY!!!

  25. The reason they’ve been losing is because richardson is off the 4th line. He brings energy and work ethic. If he doesn’t play, kings don’t win the cup. Period end.


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