And now we die.

What else is there?

Another Cup.

Maybe if I have children this day would be superseded as the happiest of my life.

But probably not.



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  2. All those prior alleged curses are vanquished and deep sixed into the Arabian Sea. Vindication is beautiful. Success is nirvana.

    The Kings get a history asterisk too for this improbable streak.

    LA is now an elite team that now can get all the respect it won tonight.

    Thanks to everybody for making this happen.



    PS Annoyed there was no Bob & Jim postgame and instead FS was playing Dodgers vs Angels on BOTH FS channels. -_-

  4. So happy I cried! And then busted out the champagne! Love ya kings!

  5. Oh yeah, I Fuck’em cried, and then I partied my mutha fuckin ass off!!! Hammered is the fuckin word!!! Woooooofuuuuckinhhoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love you s&s!!! Thank you for everything!!!

  7. I’m practically crying! Los Angeles Kings 2012 Stanley Cup champions!

  8. congrats a joy to watch well deserved judy muzzin

  9. This is so sweet!!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing all 29 teams at the draft get in line to kiss the ring when they all congratulate the 2012 LA Kings before their picks.

    Enjoy it Kings fans! All the tough times we’ve endured make this so much sweeter! We’re all proud of you fellas!

  10. Top 5 Moments of my life:

    Next to my son being born, my granddaughter being born, the day I came home from Army Basic & AT School, being at game 1 of the 1988 World Series and witnessing history, an my Los Angeles Kings 2012 Stanley Cup Champions.

    Cried my ass off, and still tearing up here and there.

    Grats everyone, I know how long you’ve all waited !

  11. … The Kings were 16-4 in these playoffs. Let that sink in for a moment. They won games at an .800 clip – IN THE PLAYOFFS. Amazing.

    • They paid off…that’s for damn sure!

      • you talking about the referee’s? king’s didn’t deserve to win game six. enjoy your tained cup.

        • Didn’t “deserve” to win game six?

          If it comforts you to believe that shit, then go right ahead. As for the Cup being “tainted”, I don’t think that’ll bother me while I rub it slowly against my dick.

          Have a happy summer, John.

    • Just incredible. The TSN guys said that we won 41 of 69 games under Sutter. That’s pretty awesome too!

      • … The Kings played 41 games from the Carter trade to the end of the Stanley Cup Finals. That’s a half-season’s worth of games.

        In those 41 games, the Kings went 27-10-4, not including the shootout. The Kings scored 120 goals (2.9 per game) and allowed 72 (1.8 per game).

        I said this back on March 10:

        Obviously, it isn’t over, and the Kings still have the ability to make the playoffs despite everything. But, to do that, they’re going to have to go on a run unlike any run they’ve gone on this season. They’re going to have to play their season’s best stretch of hockey. Seeing as how this team hasn’t really played a good stretch of hockey this season, maybe they’re due.

        … Well, they went on a run. And, I hope you enjoyed it, because you may never see the likes of it ever again.

        • Dutch, that was uncanny fore-vision. Maybe you can get a gig on that and churn some bucks.

          Anyway, Sutter mentioned that from March 1 to the end of the regular season, the team had 2 regulation losses.

          I doubled check, and it looks like they lost 4 games in regulation, which was Columbus , Detroit, Boston and Vancouver. The rest were wins or one point games.

          It seems to have been pre-ordained that it was better to be the number 8 seed, versus winning against the Sharks and going up against St. Louis, or some other team.

          As an aside, we will never know what if the Rags beat NJ????? Don’t want to even go there.

          • “we will never know what if the Rags beat NJ”

            If we’d played New York insteada the Devils? We’d’a jacked off in their eyes.

  12. What a night!!! Cup champs.

    Thoughts go back to the many players, coaches and fans over the last 45 years. Too many to list. But I also thought back to Ace and Mark and how I wished they were here tonight to celebrate. You might be gone, but not forgotten.
    Now let’s win 2!!

  13. Simon Gagne touches the cup before……..take your pick. I can cry and criticize at the same time. That was just silly and I respect hockey tradition to the death. Willy Mitchell was my hopeful second touch and glad to see his hard work and dedication to the kings was paid off with mutual respect. Kopi, Quick, Scuds, Mitchell, and Williams should’ve all all got their prints on it first.

    • He endured a serious injury and instead of quitting and giving up, he battled adversity, worked his ass off, dedicated his heart and sole to help this team win. He was also there emotionally giving support and cheering the guys along all season.

      When he touched the cup, he deserved it and every King after him would say the same thing !

      • I hope they would. And really that’s all that matters. I just look at a Stanley Cup, especially when it’s a team’s first, as a collaboration of hard work and effort over the course of many years. I’m sorry but he had less to do with this Stanley Cup than Scott Parse. There’s no reason to say that Parse hasn’t worked just as hard to get back on the ice and has been there for moral support, veteran or not, for a much longer time. I don’t buy it but until a King complains it’s obviously a useless point to bring up. Sorry.

  14. And now as we start the new season in October, we can proudly look up and see that banner hanging. Stanley Cup Champions! It’s been a fucking phenomenal year with this team and with all you good folks.

    I’m go work on my buzz now. :D

  15. Ahh. I can die a happy man.

    Well fucking done men.

    To all the fans, our years of frustration and sticking with them through the worst of times has paid off. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and the Kings finally found it.

  16. Enjoy tonight boys and girls. Tomorrow it’s back to work. 98 games to go.

    • shut the fuck up

    • Hahaha. If they don’t win it next year, fire Sutter, Lombardi, and trade Dustin Brown because he is obviously a cancer in the room and Richards and him can’t coexist together.


  17. Complete ecstasy. Pure elation. Tears flowing

  18. Watching brown lift cup brought it all home. Big lump in throat tears in the eyes. All these years of bring a fan. They really took the devils apart tonight. No mercy. Home ice. Awesome game.

    • When Brown Hoisted the Cup over his head I lost it too …………… really lost it bro so I know exactly how you feel !

  19. Feels good, man.

  20. all dream can come true, just work hard enough. omg kings win it all!!!!!!

  21. WOW! What a night. Amazing game, fantastic way to finish an epic season. I’m still losing it over here. GO KINGS GO!

  22. This is the easiest time of year to put everything behind and say thank you. Here is my very short list of thank yous to kings supporters who made a difference in my life whether they knew it or not.

    Thank you Vegas fans. Thank you Bailey. Thank you everyone who has ever sat in the 300s during a regular season game. Thank you Devils and you’re fan base. Thank you Surly and Scribe. Thank you JTD. Thank you Helene and Rich. Thank you Bob and Jim. Thank you Terry, Darryl and the rest of the staff. Thank you all polite road fans that made home games that much interesting. Thank you Luc. Special thanks to St Louis fans and I wish you guys best of luck in all sports. The most underrated thanks goes to the city of LA. They may be trendy, but when we need it, they’re there, and in numbers. Thank you ice babes. Thank you Bernier for never complaining. Thank you Stoll for never giving up. Thank you Trevor for living up to Trevor. Thank you Kev and Cliffy for your blood sweat and tears. Thank you Wayne for what you brought to this team during your brief stay. Thank you Manchester for proving our entire club has heart year in and year out. And special thanks to “The Briggs.”

    So many will go unforgiven. And yet it won’t matter. We all feel blessed to be apart of this in some way.

    Thank you Dean for doing your job according to your experience. The next time someone criticizes you should be your last day in the NHL for not staying longer. You’re immune from here on out.

    Penner, Stoll. King…(am I leaving anyone out???)
    We love you and are immortalized no matter where you play next year. If Quick doesn’t sign long term next year let’s all thank God for every day that we do have him. He’s the rock. The backbone. The difference maker. The man with the golden calves. Thee King. Thee Conn Smythe.

    I love LA. WE LOVE IT!!!!

  23. Is it too late to start calling my 4 year old son, Stanley? Has such a nice ring to it…..

  24. We did it. Life feels so complete it’s almost unsettling. Thank you Kings!

  25. “Aaaaahhhhh……..” a text sent upon victory.

    I predicted Kings in 5, but what a series. I’m happy to be wrong (now).

    The Kings did it!. WE did it! Perserverance was the game and we played it like KINGS!

    Been a fan since Kings gear was banned in public schools.

    Seriously in shock. No tears yet, but tomorrow will be be the water works.

  26. Good god we won the fucking cup. WE WON THE FUCKING CUP!!!!

    What to do now?

  27. Never thought I’d see this day. Waited 19 years. Hell yes. Go Kings!

  28. I seriously cannot wipe this smile off of my face

  29. Surly. Listen to me> OK? Listen to me!! I’m serious. What you shared with your father on your trip to New Jersey is something you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. If you only knew how lucky you are (and he is)!! Lots of love you Surly, Surly Dad and Bobby.
    I only started with the blog this season, and what an eff—ing ride it’s been!!

  30. Surly….I hope that one day you have,the experience I did tonight….watching your son have such,a,wonderful, joyous and beautiful moment of complete bliss. Now I’ve had that with my father (the Thrilla in Manila), and now this with my son. What could better….

    • I got into sports at a young age in an attempt to connect with my father. While things didn’t work out so great for myself, I love hearing stories like this. When you share a similar passion with your son; you’ve already won. This is just icing on the cake.

      For those who want to give back…. how about introducing someone less fortunate to the sport we love so much? Make it a point share your knowledge and experience. The Stanley Cup is the next step in expanding this, already legendary, fan base.

      I would love to suggest a letter, written by S&S (of course!) on behalf of all Kings fans, to the LA Kings players, owners, staff, etc; thanking them for their efforts and dedication over the years.

      This will show appreciation, and, more importantly, the community that’s been built to honor and analyze our proud franchise

      I would be honored to be apart of anything thanking the Kings. If I was a player, it would cement my career hearing a story along the lines of Surly and his father. It’s that passion that got most of these guys into the game in the first place. Now is a good reminder.

      Extend this passion and happiness to every area of your life. I love you all, and I hope, ten years from now, every Kings fan still has butterflies in their stomach when they see a Kings fan in public. We will always be the most underrated fan base in the league. I’m glad so many people got a peek inside. Did I mention I love you all? I bought a toy stanley cup and have more shots out of it than the devils had all series.


      • ^^ THIS is an excellent idea. And can we include appreciation for how the Kings included amateur hockey players to bear the flag throughout the entire playoffs? What a memorable experience for the future of Southern California hockey.

  31. seeing the kings winning the cup was my bucket list! greatest day of my life!!!!!!!! i can die happy. time to celebrate the cup with a couple bowls! lol

  32. Just want to give a quick, but much deserved shout out to my uncle. Ken was a Kings and hockey fanatic back in the 70’s. He played goalie and bled Kings purple and gold. He took me to my first Kings game at the Fabulous Forum when I was just 5. Over the years we always shared the highs and lows of loving this team, went to tons of games together, and dreamed of the Kings winning a Cup. He was my inspiration for loving the Kings and playing hockey. Ken passed away some years ago (very early in his life) and never got the chance to see his team win it all. I know he’s enjoying this night…a lifetimes dream come true. 
    Here’s much love, respect, and pride for my uncle…truly the best Kings fan I’ve ever known.

  33. We all need to, even if you don’t have one or despise it, tweet Penner and ask him to eat pancakes with maple syrup out of the Cup and post the picture.

    That would be awesome on so many levels.

  34. Thank God, I can finally post something here! I wanted to post after we beat Vancouver, but since I never posted before, I didn’t want to jinx anything. During and after St. Louis I wanted to post, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. After Phoenix I had to chime in, but my daughter said no. I was born during the Kings first year in the league. Tonight I sat in a bar in Burbank next to a 58yr old man with his 29yr old daughter and watched them cry when the horn sounded, Then my 20yr old daughter called me crying her eyes out and I finally broke down. I’ve waited for this night my entire life. Thank you Kings!!! And thank you Surly & Scribe for bringing the team to life through the eyes of the long suffering fans!

    • And thank you for not jinxing it for us! Welcome aboard pal. Amazing night. I DVR’d this game and I know I’ll watch this final game at least 20 times in the coming months, along with the couple hours of celebrations afterwards on the various networks.

      All the bad, frustrating years have paid off for the die hards, and as much as people may hate bandwagon fans, at least we will get a lot of new fans for life out of it.

      And hey, Kings fans didn’t riot!

  35. At home was the cherry on top. Most rewarding part for me is that, with this run and the records they set along the way, it’s not just LAs first cup…as amazing as that is, it’s also one of the best runs in cup history. This makes this cup an elite victory…in the realm of the wings, oilers, and Canadians. Makes it more memorable.
    They have a long way to go to establish themselves like those teams…but it’s a good start.

  36. Oh, and someone give a special shout out the Jack Motherfucking Johnson! Poor guy just missed it…

  37. GO FUCKING KINGS GO!!! We did it!!! Holy crap! I love everyone one of you guys! Congrats to us Kings fans everywhere!


  39. Annnnnnnnnnndddddddd…. OF FUCKING COURSE NJ fans, etc. are goddamn whining “oh the refs won the Stanley Cup”…. Fucking babies, just like every other team we steamrollered. LA will never get any respect but fuck all of them. This is MY/OUR CITY! And I love her!

    • enjoy you tainted cup asswipe. nothing to be proud of! every cup the devils won was won fair and square. no controversy.

  40. You dick……..we start a dynasty. The first and only in the salary cap era. We dont die, ese, we multiply.

  41. Now I can really appreciate this cup pursuit marathon because it is the hardest one to capture. Two months of battle. Two months of endurancce and tribulations. It is the greatest prize by far. Bring on the parade and party with the team.

  42. we fucking did it!

  43. I want to hug each and everyone of you! I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. My kids will be allowed to run wild tomorrow because the KINGS are STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!

  44. First time posting. I wish I could have seen my husband’s face as they won. If you have a photo of him please email him so I can see them. Our daughter and I were going at home crazy during those last few minutes. I’ve never been that excited.

  45. All I can say kids, is that it was a mothesuttin’ win!
    I had the KIngs people in my suite and there was no question. Hell’s Yaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Everybody played their role to a ‘T”. Now let’s build a Mother Sutting Dynas “T”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Sorry for Jack too btw…… He deserves better…
    But fuck it> WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Since I’m not gonna go to sleep till noon next week I decided to look back at a season’s worth of Surly & Scribe headlines.

    it was a loooooooong road getting here folks. We suffered. We had frustrations like you wouldn’t believe. Tomorrow when you’re at your cubicle pretending to work, take a look and remind yourself what this team and us fans went through. Thank you guys so much for this forum and encouraging our insanity.

  49. … Since I only got three hours of sleep and am up at 5 AM (Because It’s The Cup), I figured I would put this up.

    No one deserves this moment more than Bob Miller. He has been one of the heroes of my life, and he’s the reason I became a hockey fan and more specifically a Kings’ fan. I can’t express how wonderful it is to see him lifting the Stanley Cup. Picture is courtesy of Rich Hammond.

    I love you, Bob. You’re the best.

    • Thanks for posting this! I have been waiting all night to get my Bob fix! So proud of our boys!

    • Even though I slept for about twenty minutes total last night, I was worried the morning after may not have the carry over of emotions from last night, that pic instantly put me back to the feeling when the clock read five seconds to go.

    • Thanks for the awesome picture!! That is a beautiful thing and says it all!!! NBC can go pound sand, Bob has the CUP!!!!!!!! LOL! ;-D

  50. Bob and the whole TV and Radio broadcast crew had to live and die with all of those Kings’ games over the years. There were a many occasion that you could see on Bob’s face dejection and disappointment over some adversity that hit the team.

    Players would come and go over the year, including management level, but, Bob had to endure and wait it out for so many years, through the thick and thin.

    There were times of joy and great satisfaction, but, this was the last piece of the whole experience to be there to hoist the cup.

    He sure held it up with strength and great pride and elation.

    GO BOB GO!!!

  51. U N B E L I E V A B L E !!!!

    Our team was not going to be denied last night. Forget about the five minute major for a second…YES, it was the turning point of that game, but even if the Stoll hit just before that Bernier hit would’ve been called a penalty, our boys WOULD NOT have lost that game last night…

    They allowed NJ just ONE goal. Mr. Jonathon “Conn Smythe” Quick was NOT going to be beat last night. That team was resolved and committed to end it at Staples and I am convinced that it would’ve happened even without that 4 minute barrage of three goals in the five minute major…

    But of course it really HELPED!! hahahah Once again, the LA Kings of 2012 illustrated the commitment and heart that propelled them into the Finals and closed it in fine fashion with utter domination…stinkin NJ regressed to Phoenix status with their dirty play but we would not be deterred…even old man Brodeur slashed Brownie out of sheer frustration (I loved it!).. ;-)

    Dustin Brown: I SALUTE YOU! I called you out and you proved to me and everyone else that you have the heart and courage of a true champion…what a performance! Carter, you also made a believer out of me that I was not, prior to the playoffs. Kudos to you, sir! Dwight King – 4th round pick out of Saskatchewan…you are a STUD! Jarret Stoll – 2nd round pick out of Saskatchewan…we have to re-sign you, my friend!

    Willie Mitchell – congrats brother! Well deserved! Rob Scuderi – you are one of the toughest defensemen to ever lace em up! This is the GREATEST Kings team in their history and I am privileged and honored to have witnessed such an inspirational and amazing exhibition of hockey skills, guts, and perseverance.

    What an awesome core for the future! True Kings fans UNITE! Even you, weasel bandwagonners! Learn the sport and educate yourselves! The LA KINGS ARE THE 2012 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!! And it’s REAL!!!!! ;-D

  52. Now the debate opens up about the best NHL SC Champs in history.

    This article scratches the surface.

    (yeah, yeah, I know many dislike Bleacher Report, etc, etc)

    It is any way fun to do an analysis on this topic.

    In my book, being 8th seed, winning the top 3 seeds in the West, with record breaking road games, puts the Kings in an all alone category that ranks at the top.

    You have the 1988 powerhouse Oilers, with a 16-2 record, but, common, that team was from another planet with talent and such dominance with really a different era, with different game rules and ice rink lines. Yeah, they could be the best with their pure record, but, look at the fact they were the total favorites.

    You have the 96-97 Wings, that went 16-4, like the Kings, but, again, different game, equipment, different rules, different ink rink lines, and had mostly home ice advantage. Check out the story on the Wings that year:

    So, I really wonder when, if ever, there can be an 8th seed Champion with all of the same records being broken as this year’s team.

    If it is true this team is now to be regarded as one of the top three in the modern era (since 1970s)
    then, what an extra amount of pride and celebration and glory we can all appreciate and savor forever.

  53. HELP!!!! Does anyone have any rally tickets for Thursday that they want to sell without gouging? My brother and I tried to purchase four of them online to take our kids but to no avail. We’ve been waiting over 30 years for this celebration and would LOVE to attend instead of just standing on the sidewalk at the parade. It’s a long shot I know, but I’m just reaching out to any fellow Kings fans who would like to make a reasonable profit and either can’t go or would rather sell them. My cell# is 949-813-5710. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  54. It’s a weird feeling knowing you’re living the best day of your life when it is happening.
    Got to be w my Dad and friends…so special.
    My mom recorded us in the last minute of the game and a little beyond and we were overall pretty quiet…it was this weird “holy shit” feeling and I was basically left speechless.

    Tears of joy.

    My mom dug up a few photos of when I was younger…in my Kings gear w/ my Dad at the hockey rink ,,,this Win speaks to my childhood, my upbringing, countless memories, hopes…everything…this team made my fucking dream I’ve had for years come true.

    I love you all, fellow fans.
    Enjoy this feeling.

    • I agree Ryan. I was the weird little chubby kid on the block back in the early 80’s playing forward AND Goalie by myself as I played ball hockey against the fence or wall (or couch). Hockey felt like MY little secret who the other kids on the block and the city were sorely missing out on. That feeling became even stronger as I started going to games and we were always little brother to the Lakers and even worse compared to the Clippers in later years. I still remember buying Collonnade seats at the Forum and then easily moving down to the Loge section (pre Gretzky era). I love the Dodgers and Lakers but the Kings have always been like my favorite blanket….. Seeing the picture of Bob Miller with the Stanley Cup said it all more than any player pictures. We fans have been behind them through thick and thin and all we ever wanted to see was effort. I can say now their efforts have finally paid off. Kings fans (and I mean REAL Kings fans), we are united as one as CHAMPIONS now. Let’s never forget this feeling!

  55. I am not a die-hard like many of you. I just started watching the Kings 2 years ago, so the chip isn’t sinking into me like many of you, but I am still excited nonetheless. The similarity to Soccer is what attracted me to the sport (after a Kings fan friend of mine suggested I sit and watch a game with him, which sparked my interest). I’m so happy for the city of LA, and for all of you fans that have waited a LONG time for this. The end result truly IS important, isn’t it?

    …which brings me to ask a question to Mr Bobby Scribe of this website: Do you still think the MEANS are more important than the END? Sure, this run was unexpected, but they won the Championship, AND they’re now set up to possibly make deep post season runs for like the next 3 years or so? Yeah, I know, who the hell am I to say anything to you die-hards. I’m just saying that someone owes Mr Lombardi an apology (or at least take it back), considering they will be at a certain event to celebrate a certain championship won by a team put together by a man that was considered to be, “full of shit?”

    All that talk of integrity and the means are better than the end result seem to have gone out the window, haven’t they? lol I don’t think you will care that much about Jack Johnson when you’re inside Staples Center screaming your heart out, cheering for the moment you waited for all this time now will you?

    • Distinguish between the following:

      1. I was then and still am today critical that Dean Lombardi made a promise to a player and failed to follow through. Jack signed here long term based on that promise. Just as I am critical of Paul Holmgren for trading Richards and Carter for same / similar reasons even though we benefited from it. What Holmgren did was wrong and it’s “business” doesn’t fix that. For me, integrity between all else.

      2. I was not critical of the “trade” itself. Value for value. In fact, it was a bit of a panic move by Lombardi that worked out. I advocated for Jeff Carter in the off season. Here is the link to the Jeff Carter article from May of 2011.

      See the difference?

      Regarding the means justifying the end, that is a red herring. I am not celebrating that Dean Lombardi won the Cup. I am celebrating that my team did. There were a lot of guys on that team not named Jeff Carter. He was one piece to this puzzle, a valuable one for certain. That doesn’t change the fact Dean Lombardi was full of shit.

  56. Bobby, I know it sucks but that is the nature of the business in sports. As a GM, he was looking for the best moves to build a Championship contending roster, period. They have to kill their emotions. Full of shit or not, if Lombardi doesn’t make those moves, who knows what may or may not have happened. That’s the beauty of sports. Anything can happen at any given time. Kings were stacked defensively and needed scoring, so they addressed a need that, like you said, worked out for them.

    You stressed so much about the means, how much more important it is than the ultimate end result. As you can see, 18000+ people are out on the street and will be inside Staples, celebrating the end result, the first Cup in LA, the end of the long and horrible drought, all of that, regardless of how it happened. Just win.

    No, you are not celebrating a Cup won by Lombardi, but you are celebrating a Cup won by a team put together by him, which tells me you are quite happy with the end result, are you not? Or are you going to be groaning as you celebrate because of the “lack of integrity” shown by Lombardi when he made those moves? The emergence of Voynov and his contributions proved crucial. That’s something we may not have seen, had Lombardi not made those moves. I mean, I understand why you think he’s full of shit, but many GM’s in every sport try to do what’s in the best interest of the organization and the end result, regardless of the means to get there (hey, it’s not like he’s killing anyone lol).

    Anyway, enjoy the celebration! Go Kings Go! I love LA! Etc etc. So happy for all of you, seriously, that have waited so long for this. I can tell you, as someone who did not wait as long as all of you, that this is NOT a dream lol And it looks like they’re set up for more of these in the near future!!!

  57. as a devils fan i have to say you owe the referee’s big time for handing that cup to you. no team can come back from 3-0 in close games. this was the most terrible finals i have ever seen and cups should not be given to a team for one bad hit. come on! a 5 minute major that should have only been 2 minutes? a bloody nose and he lays there on the ice like he was killed. but a little blood deserves a good dive and show. kings made plenty of bad hits but never got called. so i hope your tainted cup. nothing to be proud of.

    • John, we give everyone a forum here to voice their opinion. That includes opposing team’s fans. I found your team, your captain, and your legendary goaltender to be class acts. I gained a lot of respect for the New Jersey Devils. I shook a lot of Devils’ fans hands after game 6 and exchanged good words. Your fan base has been a pleasure to speak with and they seem to have the same level of integrity I see in our own. You are the exception to that. Hope your myopia and self diluted fiction doesn’t weigh you down too hard.

      • if I were a Devils fan…I’d probably look to the HORRENDOUS penalty kill during that 5 minutes as being the prime cause for their game 6 destruction.

        John, you are Shane Doaning a little too much here…and that’s not something to be proud of.

  58. There you go, you devils fans, crying about one call weather right or wrong, the game is played by humans and officiated by humans. you can’t blame the lose of the Stanley cup on one play or one call. Teams practice hours just for these moments, and most of the time they will kill off the penalty, or give up one goal. The Kings wanted it more then the Devils, they just layed down and gave up. The kings got there share of bad calls, but played on with a lot more spirit and drive. Like in any sport, sometimes you get the calls and sometimes you don’t.


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