New Jersey Devils @ LA Kings Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 – I’m Glad You’re Worried

Tonight is game 6. Tonight one of two things will happen. Either the Devils will cross over the threshold to challenge the Titan of fate and history, or the Kings will reach up with arms outstretched to shake the Titan’s hand. The prospects of the great unknown stand before us, you are worried and I am glad.

I am glad you’re worried about this game…

Because it will force you to remember that we deserve to be here.


Because when luck isn’t on your side, you make your own.


Because tonight there is no better place to be.


Because you’ve never had a better reason to cheer.


There is really only one reason you are worried…

Because this is important.


One game for the Cup.

One win for immortality.

One prayer for the hockey gods.

Our Kings, who art in the Stanley Cup Finals
Hallowed be thy game
Thy Kingdom come, thy wills be done
In this game, as it was in 15 before it.
Give us this day our daily goals, and forgive no Devil their transgressions
As we pound into submission those who trespass against us
And lead us not into game seven, but deliver us to Lord Stanley

Go as nuts as you are capable of going.

Scream as loud as you are capable of screaming.

Enjoy every minute.


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76 replies

  1. Please find a way to win, Kings!

  2. Amen!
    Work is going to feel extra long today

  3. Please party people. Don’t pre-game so hard that you’re an alco-zombie by the 1st intermission. We need to blow the roof off the whole game. It’s time to bring it!
    Voices above,
    Voices of Fans!
    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  4. Short and sweet. I will be humbly saying this prayer all day as opposed to the usual piece per direction from previous post. I will be rocking my home jersey, which I felt were the reasons we lost the last game..but I wont even give that thought a chance to manifest. Rituals pushed aside. This is hard…but it must be done.

    In the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Goalie, until the hour of the cup. AMEN!

  5. Going into game four had the uncomforrable feeling of people expecting a win, today feels like expecting a war.

    And a war is where our team belongs.

    Go Kings!

  6. The Kings absolutely earned today’s home ice advantage game given their incredible long term hot streak kicking in last February. They were previously staring in the face yet another season of mediocre achievement. They were dwelling as a non-elite team earlier in the season. Yet, because so very many new ingredients kicked in, they embarked on this fabulous and unforgettable run to today’s home ice advantage. They have been justly rewarded to bring forth today’s opportunity.

    Being worried is just one adjective that encompasses my feelings. I have other emotions over today, which includes such feelings of hope, trust, excitement, passion, and redemption. Those actually over-ride the worry aspect of today’s game. On balance, I have a positive attitude they can get the job done.

    This team has all the tools and resources and inner desire to find the way to win, as that I am convinced. That is all I can ask, which is that they display to their maximum capacity this innate desire and strength and talent to win.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Our best players, have to be…OUR BEST PLAYERS. Kopie, Brownie, Doughty, Richards…where have you gone?? Tonight is the night! NO EXCUSES. We either get it done, or suffer the uncertainty and disappointment of having to play a Game 7 in NJ…GO KINGS GO!!!!!!

  8. Dont be worried there is no way the kings are going to lose this series or this game! I wrote all about why that is and how to bet it so come check this out have a good parlay!

  9. GO KINGS!!!!!

  10. Do IT Boys!
    W e LOVE everyone of You!
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    ALL THE WAY!!!

  11. Win, lose or draw

    The tears we shed

    Will prove our love

    Worst case scenario is we get an emotional game 7 to remember for a lifetime

    Let us please enjoy the ride

    I love LA

  12. lets go Kings!!!!! win the cup at home for all the true die-hards out there. i wanna hear staples go insane when bob miler comes out on home ice to lift the cup!!!!!!!

  13. I actually prayed for this game not to include majors. It’s always unfortunate for the other players on the suffering team. Part of me wants the kings to fail here. I want to win 5-5.

  14. they scored right away. obviously.

  15. they scored again. obviously.

  16. and one more for good measure. I guess we won.


      “I don’t want to score…now I want to act like its over in the first”
      I thought you were a Kings fan! Stop acting like you’ve never watched a sporting event before. I want it to be 20-0! Keep the foot on the gas!


  17. I actually believe technical fouls in basketball and major penalties in hockey should almost never be called in a finals environment…unless SERIOUS intent was involved. Sure, the Devils PK has to better, but to not want the game to be decided on a major is not being overly critical. Never in a million years would bernier want to do that to his teammates. Mistake? Yes. 5 minute major? Doesn’t have to be.

    • That was a boarding major all day long every day, finals or not.

    • That was a boarding major all day long every day, finals or not.

    • Whether you agree with the call or not, it’s in the rulebook. That was a boarding penalty with blood which they had to clean from the actually frozen ice. (Imagine that, real ice in LA and not in NJ! I play and know how much the game changes with the ice being soft.) In any case, the refs hands were completely tied even if they didn’t want to call it. It was a nasty hit and a stupid play but Bernier.

    • You are right that majors and techs should almost never b called but they should also almost never be commited. If they are they should be called as such. As was the case with Scuds. The offending player got a game misconduct as well, because IT WAS THAT BAD A HIT! Ideal yes, we get 3 goals 5-on-5 with the prettiest one-timers ever. Also ideally we would have swept every round. Kings are up 3-0, because a Jersey player made a dirty hit and the refs enforced the rules; THEN our boys executed on the PP and got us 3! 40 minutes left, lets keep it going and get this!

  18. I didn’t even make a peep after the 3rd goal. I just got up and fucking danced.

    I guess the hockey gods are setting things right after the phantom calls against us the last two games. Stay focused men! Don’t let up! GKG!!!!!!

  19. There’s no reason to try and play devils advocate at this juncture in the season. I’m sorry that I disagree with the refs, but can clearly agree it’s a no-win situation for the them.

    • It’s not the time of the season, its that it was a blatent penalty and not even the Devils themselves were arguing that, you are being a fucking idiot. I’m sorry to have to say it, but its the truth. You want to argue the Stoll hit, ok I’ll hear you out. But when not even the Devils think that it wasn’t a major, and the way Scuds looked after that hit; you cannot argue that without being a f-ing moron.

    • Hey go fuck yourself!! GKG

  20. Now shut them down and get more LA goals to sew this up.

  21. Fuck these announcers, they are sooo biased that they should get a ton of shit after these finals. Its like watching a devils home game in NJ. IT WILL SUCK TO HEAR THEM CALL THE REST OF THIS GAME, man! I miss the bob and jim. GO KINGS! Btw the under looks like a bad bet tonight

    • I KNOW! It sucks bad enough living on the east coast and not being able to be at the game, the announcers make it SO MUCH WORSE!

      • Thank you to our boys, so I can keep yelling how much I love LA over the sound of the shitty announcers.

  22. Double minor! It’s always so weird cheering for your own team to bleed.

  23. Oh Captain, My Captain!!! Brown is having a MONSTER game! Keep it up boys!

    • Absolutely!!!! He was missing in action the last couple but the team is so good when he is pinballing around hitting anything that moves. He will certainly deserve to be the first King’s player to hold the cup.

  24. Is it just me or did that interchange look more like we are playing PHX than Jersey?


  26. Damn boys and girls 20 more minutes to lift the cup??? I am dreaming?

  27. 20 more minutes. I’m about to cry. Will they have bob come out and raise the cup?

  28. 20 minutes to go! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, thats why we are here in game 6 in the first place.

  29. Yeah. Penner did garden variety check. Blown call again.
    We need more goals to snuff out any rally by devils.
    Just 20 more to go.

    Go kings go!!!

  30. Not sure why that’s a call for either player! That’s ridiculous. Clean hit

  31. How’s that a powerplay?

  32. Fuck the kings and fuck the shit hole city that is LA. The kings have played dirty as shit, the refs have blown so many calls, dustin brown plays like a fucking asshole cuz he is a bitch and yet, he is the captain, great example, and the fans are the only assholes I have seen to chant the opposing team sucks and heckle the goalie, most other fans have class, the LA fans certainly don’t, but of course, look at the city their in. LA certainly doesn’t deserve it but im sure they will get it. The TOOL song says it best about LA


    Some say the end is near.
    Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon.
    I certainly hope we will.
    I sure could use a vacation from this

    Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of

    Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LA
    The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
    Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
    Learn to swim, I’ll see you down in Arizona bay.

    Fret for your figure and
    Fret for your latte and
    Fret for your lawsuit and
    Fret for your hairpiece and
    Fret for your Prozac and
    Fret for your pilot and
    Fret for your contract and
    Fret for your car.

    It’s a
    Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of

    Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LA
    The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
    Any fucking Time. Any fucking day.
    Learn to swim, I’ll see you down in Arizona bay.

    Some say a comet will fall from the sky.
    Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves.
    Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still.
    Followed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits.

    Some say the end is near.
    Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon.
    I certainly hope we will ’cause
    I sure could use a vacation from this

    STUPID shit, silly shit, stupid shit…

    One great big festering neon distraction,
    I’ve a suggestion to keep you all occupied.

    Learn to swim.

    Mom’s gonna fix it all soon.
    Mom’s comin’ round to put it back the way it ought to

    Learn to swim.

    Fuck L Ron Hubbard and
    Fuck all his clones.
    Fuck all these gun-toting
    Hip gangster wannabes.

    Learn to swim.

    Fuck retro anything.
    Fuck your tattoos.
    Fuck all you junkies and
    Fuck your short memory.

    Learn to swim.

    Fuck smiley glad-hands,
    With hidden agendas.
    Fuck these dysfunctional,
    Insecure actresses.

    Learn to swim.

    ‘Cause I’m praying for mayhem;
    I’m praying for tidal waves
    I wanna see the ground give way.
    I wanna watch it all go down.
    Mom, please, flush it all away.
    I wanna see it go right in and down.
    I wanna watch it go right in.
    Watch you flush it all away.

    Time to bring it down again.
    Don’t just call me pessimist.
    Try and read between the lines.

    I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t
    Welcome any change, my friend.

    I wanna see it come down.
    Bring it down.
    Suck it down.
    Flush it down.

    • Congrats to the latest entry for the player haters ball! BTW, Maynard James Keenan used to live in LA, where he formed Tool; and now owns multible businesses in LA. Clearly you know as much about him as you do hockey. Which is NOTHING. WE WANT THE CUP!!!


      • Eat a dick, he wrote the song faggot thats all that needs to be said. The city is full of assholes and he and many others know it

    • As I said earlier, go fuck yourself GKG!!! 5 fucking minutes.

    • You must be from the East coast that’s punishment enough for you…

    • “and the fans are the only assholes I have seen to chant the opposing team sucks and heckle the goalie”

      hahahahaha… i don’t think this guy has ever watched a hockey game before.

    • Aww, and the air gets a little sweeter as the stank heads back to Newark.

  33. Loving it!!!! GKG.

  34. The fucking Cup is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I LOVE LA!!!! WE LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE THE CUP!!!! WE WON IT!!!!

    Can Miller announce these games and they post them for free as mp3s? So if we buy DVDs they sync up? Or would NBC fuck that up too?

  36. Nothing can be said other than Dustin Brown is the first king to touch the cup and this team, is indeed, a team. Not a collection of talent, but a team. A team worthy of our respect and admiration.

  37. Even in the deepest moments of celebration….announcer says, “probably a word he would rather have back”……. in remarks to DB

  38. This is awesome!!!! Congrats to the team, the fans, Bob Miller and Jim Fox. Also to Daryl Sutter who has been so close for so many times! Maybe even Lombardi…
    I’ve waited for so long for this!

    Conn Smythe?!! Three way Quick, Brown and Kopitar!


  40. Anyone know where Bob and Jim are? I don’t see where they will have Kings live!

  41. My dream to see this after 45 years of loyal fanship.
    This team was a true team of destiny that had all the stuff to be champs with class and outstanding talent.

    Champs Kings Champs!!!!

  42. We fucking won the Cup. This is the greatest day of my life (sorry future children)

  43. They did ladies and gentlemen!!! SO happy I got to watch this game!

  44. Fire Lombardi, Sutter! Trade Brown, Greene. Get rid of Doughty! Fire everyone!!

    What an amazing run Kings Fans! They’ve fucking done it! Now that they’ve finally done it I’m expecting way more! :D

  45. Love to chat but I have a playoff game myself now! AWESOME!!!!

  46. It was our good fortune that game 6 could be a laugher so that we were not subjected to some squeaker creating a nervous breakdown.

    But that is the past now. It is the present and they and our city are the best in hockey.

    Love my kings!

  47. “and our city are the best in hockey”

    I’m so glad the cup hasn’t created any delusional beliefs!!!!!!

  48. … Thanks to everyone here for putting up with me this season.

    Thanks, boys, for being the first Kings’ team to win the Stanley Cup. It’s been a long time in coming.

    I love you guys.


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