Tonight is game 6. Tonight one of two things will happen. Either the Devils will cross over the threshold to challenge the Titan of fate and history, or the Kings will reach up with arms outstretched to shake the Titan’s hand. The prospects of the great unknown stand before us, you are worried and I am glad.

I am glad you’re worried about this game…

Because it will force you to remember that we deserve to be here.


Because when luck isn’t on your side, you make your own.


Because tonight there is no better place to be.


Because you’ve never had a better reason to cheer.


There is really only one reason you are worried…

Because this is important.


One game for the Cup.

One win for immortality.

One prayer for the hockey gods.

Our Kings, who art in the Stanley Cup Finals
Hallowed be thy game
Thy Kingdom come, thy wills be done
In this game, as it was in 15 before it.
Give us this day our daily goals, and forgive no Devil their transgressions
As we pound into submission those who trespass against us
And lead us not into game seven, but deliver us to Lord Stanley

Go as nuts as you are capable of going.

Scream as loud as you are capable of screaming.

Enjoy every minute.