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  1. Can’t wait to hear him calling the game! Thank you Bob Miller for being the BEST NHL announcer EVER!! Watching a Kings game without your voice is unbearable! You’ve earned it!

  2. Can you remember the days at the Fabulous Forum, where they Miller/Nixon press box was in the orange rows, where they had to really improvise the whole set up for broadcasts. It was funny how they built that place without the modern kinds of press media box we take for granted today.

    Bob had to endure so much adversity. How about having to deal with the days of McNall and the eventual unraveling of the economics of the franchise.

    How did Bob feel when the Rolls Royce came out on the ice, where Bob had to do the MC honors.

    How about all of the MC duties over the years, hitting the ice to give out awards or special announcements. He has been so much more than the TV guy.

    What about the defeats from the past playoff opportunities, where another year passed by with another elimination.

    In his own right, he has so much knowledge and expertise about the league and Kings, some of which was written up in his book, which is a must read for the fans.

    I offered up to this site a few weeks ago (thanks, Bobby and Surly for posting it) the Bob Miller history video of the Kings from the beginning to the eve of the 92-93 season, where at the end of the video Bob was hopeful that maybe the Cup would be soon arriving to LA.

    At any rate, I am super delighted that Bob got this chance finally, and he did not have to be drenched in booze too, at least so far as we know.

  3. Oh, remember Bob gets to do the MC honors when the Cup banner is raised next fall!!!

  4. So happy for Bob! HOF Announcer our Foster Hewitt and the best in the business!

    Same goes for Nick Nixon and Daryl Evans!

  5. Again? You mean you stopped?

  6. Just got my ticket to the rally, section 303. See youze guys’s there.

  7. Living legend raising the Cup.

    My eyes are tearing up…. Again!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. That is who I wanted the Kings to win the Cup for. Not many people have waited longer than Bob. He is a King inside and out.

  9. This one is worth a cry too–eh:

  10. Best picture of the entire SEASON! This cup was for Bob and the fans! On a sad note (for me) I could not get my hands on rally tickets they were sold out by 2:01pm. I cried :-(

    • Hopefully you’ll make it out to the parade. I unfortunately, will be assed out at work. Please KingsGirly, please oh please, cheer as loud as you can and drink an extra beer on my behalf.

      • Thanks girly! We will most definitely be there for the parade!! So excited to be able to be there and celebrate our boys! Too bad there are a lot of assholes acquiring free tickets to just sell them on eBay for $100 a pop!

  11. Besides Bob, an honorable mention should also go to Bernie–eh!

    I thought it was great that the brought Bernie back to help out.

    I am searching to find any possible photo if Bernie had hoisted the cup last night, but, he is in the team cup shoot:




  12. For your information, the LA Times is doing a current storyline on the top 10 Kings of All Time, and when this was done in 2010, Bob Miller was ranked as #7.


    So far currently the LA Times have given Anze #10, Nichols #9, with the rest to come.

    I would imagine Bob will be going up the list–I hope

  13. More on Bob Miller, published just on June 7, not really viewed much yet.

    Classic Bob Miller Bob Miller story:

  14. That was the exact same reaction I had to this photo when I first saw it. I thought I was done crying, but now I expect to have surges randomly for weeks! Bobby, I’m glad I got to celebrate with you for a second last night at the base of our section! WE FUCKING DID IT!!!!

  15. When do you guys start the campaign to engrave Miller’s name on the cup?

  16. One of the greatest photo’s I’ve ever seen !

    • I have NEVER seen that expression on Bob’s face before..that is sheer joy. Man, that is a beautiful thing! Glad to see Nick whoopin it up next to him. What’s up with Brownie, though? He looks exhausted and bored. LOL

  17. Vomit . . . sperm . . . and now tears.

    It seems like my whole life as a Kings fan has been a rotating excretion of precious — and not so precious — bodily fluids.

    I wasn’t kidding in an earlier post — with this victory I feel like there’s nothing more to look forward to in life. Even if the Kings could establish a dynasty it wouldn’t do me any good. Before we won and became respectable, each new season was based on wild hopes and hysterical dreams.

    Well, the hopes and dreams are now realized and — for that very reason — now gone. At long last the Kings have a modicum of respect. We won like no team has won before, setting records as we did it.

    My tears are not only tears of joy . . . but tears of loss. I spent so very many years clinging to my love of the Kings, a love only provable by persisting in it in the teeth of scorn and humiliation. What this Stanley Cup makes me give up somehow vitiates the winning of the Cup itself.

  18. That is Just BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Bob is the Dearest human being.. NO ONE more derserving.
    just now trying to catch up a bit.. I don’t seem to know what day it is.. has it already been
    three days? OMG Kings got the Cup!
    GO KINGS GO !!!


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