As I go through my work day with approximately 15 minutes of sleep, I think of the litany of action items I have collected in my head over the years of things I must do after the L.A. Kings win the Stanley Cup. Since we won the Cup (WE WON THE STANLEY CUP!) I need a place to jot them down so I don’t forget. Hope you don’t mind if I make that here.

  • Buy Stanley Cup hat or shirt for family members who have tolerated my incessant insanity about the L.A. Kings. Start with mother and father…wife already got hers last night.
  • Finally get that Stanley Cup tattoo with Kings logo on left shoulder. Right shoulder is already occupied.
  • Custom paint motorcycle helmet and motorcycle with Stanley Cup and Kings logo.
  • Try to hate Anaheim Ducks fans a little bit less. Hate Ducks fans more than ever.
  • Forgive Rob Blake and move on.
  • Forgive Marty McSorley and move on. Forget Marty McSorley and move on.
  • Listen to JT Dutch’s arguments when he states Conn Smythe winner, Jonathan Quick, is overrated before dismissing them…just kidding buddy. You know I would never listen.
  • Stop with the Zach Parise to L.A. Kings talk. Take Zach Parise to L.A. Kings talk to new heights.
  • Drink more beer.

Some recent additions from the past 48 hours are:

  • Drink less beer.
  • Send a search party with hazmat suits for reader, Tuan Jim.
  • Dismiss all past hockey superstitions unless said dismissal could result in unintended adverse consequences.
  • Try not to well up like a little girl every time I hear the call of the game when time expired or see pictures of Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar or Jonathan Quick lift the Stanley Cup.
  • In the interest of saving time and unnecessary expenditure of energy at future games, create small business cards intended for distribution to Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks fans when they begin to talk smack – card will simply state “Got Cup?” on one side and the Surly & Scribe logo on the other.


Go Kings.