My Post L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Celebration Checklist

As I go through my work day with approximately 15 minutes of sleep, I think of the litany of action items I have collected in my head over the years of things I must do after the L.A. Kings win the Stanley Cup. Since we won the Cup (WE WON THE STANLEY CUP!) I need a place to jot them down so I don’t forget. Hope you don’t mind if I make that here.

  • Buy Stanley Cup hat or shirt for family members who have tolerated my incessant insanity about the L.A. Kings. Start with mother and father…wife already got hers last night.
  • Finally get that Stanley Cup tattoo with Kings logo on left shoulder. Right shoulder is already occupied.
  • Custom paint motorcycle helmet and motorcycle with Stanley Cup and Kings logo.
  • Try to hate Anaheim Ducks fans a little bit less. Hate Ducks fans more than ever.
  • Forgive Rob Blake and move on.
  • Forgive Marty McSorley and move on. Forget Marty McSorley and move on.
  • Listen to JT Dutch’s arguments when he states Conn Smythe winner, Jonathan Quick, is overrated before dismissing them…just kidding buddy. You know I would never listen.
  • Stop with the Zach Parise to L.A. Kings talk. Take Zach Parise to L.A. Kings talk to new heights.
  • Drink more beer.

Some recent additions from the past 48 hours are:

  • Drink less beer.
  • Send a search party with hazmat suits for reader, Tuan Jim.
  • Dismiss all past hockey superstitions unless said dismissal could result in unintended adverse consequences.
  • Try not to well up like a little girl every time I hear the call of the game when time expired or see pictures of Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar or Jonathan Quick lift the Stanley Cup.
  • In the interest of saving time and unnecessary expenditure of energy at future games, create small business cards intended for distribution to Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks fans when they begin to talk smack – card will simply state “Got Cup?” on one side and the Surly & Scribe logo on the other.


Go Kings.

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  1. I keep saying I’m worried about that. Helluva way to check out.

  2. Im breaking my tattoo virginity as well with the Kings winning the Cup. Im stoked!

    • This brings up a great subject for a new string perhaps? I am planning a Kings tattoo in commemoration of this moment. The hardest part for me is always coming up with great imagery. I’m sure some of the fans here are probably tattoo artists and/or aficionados. Maybe we could start a string with ideas for these as I’m sure many will be getting them now.

    • I’m seriously starting to consider that as well. We’ll see how the rest of the summer goes.

    • I think there’s a place Venice that the dude said if they win the cup he’s giving free Kings tats.

      • Same place Lappy and Army got there’s as well. I’ll be getting the infamous Kings ass-tat for sure, I have 0 ink. Hope they can tell me which cheek the Kings prefer!!

  3. Bobby: Don’t foresake the Hockey Gods on your list, because some kind of due reverence is owed to them??? Maybe you can buy some Kings incense for them, or burn the McSorley Stick wherever it maybe today, or in your backyard some kind of fitting monument extolling the virtues of the Hockey Gods.

  4. It still doesn’t seem real. Was just saying to my son the same thing a half hour ago. Still feels like I’m gonna wake up Monday morning with an upset stomach. It might be a week or two before this really sinks in with me too, I mean really, feels like a dream.

    On a side note. My vision of Kopi lifting the Cup over his head in his white jersey didn’t come true, which leads me to believe we have another Cup in our future :)

  5. I can’t believe I made it to work today. I must have seemed like I was on ecstasy to everyone around me. Keep the celebrating going strong through Thursday!!!

  6. I’d add the following to the list

    – Hate ESPN with all of my being (

    • What kind of disrespectful shit is that?

      What the fuck does ESPN know about hockey anyways

  7. Also, I totally want some of those cards. Please make them a purchasable item.

  8. HAHAHA! Brilliant!

    I’ll be getting my Kings SCC’s tattoo atbtje end of the month.

    See you guys at the parade!

  9. > Download Game 6 from TiVo and save backup copies in safe deposit box

  10. I just realized that the next jersey I buy will have a Stanley Cup Champions patch on it.

    • SAME! thinking about the ever so classy “Stanley” #12 Jersey (Home because they won it on home ice)

  11. FYI people.. and not sure inf anyone has posted ..
    on ESPN710 am at 4:30 a replay of Vince Scully calling in to congradulate our Bobby Miller!
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    ALL THE WAY!!!

  12. Is it wrong that the 8 Internet pages I have on my iPhone all consist of S&S?

    • ha ha. No. We love you too.

    • This happens to me a lot.

      • you are not alone.. only my hoockey friends understand .. when I check out of a conversation they know I am probably engrossed in an S&S blog..
        Spent today recoding.. listening and recording Bob on ESPN.. making a new signature for
        my emails.. and finally getting around to sending out a Thank you to all my friends who
        said congrats.. really as if I did anything but LOVE my LA KINGS!
        And decided I must and will be attending Thursday’s celebration.. how did I ever entertain the
        thought of not… one day’s pay.. WTF was I thinking.. oh tha’s right.. I have not be able to think since yesterday evening!!!
        OMG OMG OMG..
        KINGS WON THE CUP…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
        Truely Highight of a Lifetime
        GO KINGS GO!!!
        ALL THE WAY!!!
        KINGS WON THE CUP!!!

  13. staples center chant for all sharks & canucks games…

    where’s your cup?… where’s your cup?…where’s your cup?…

  14. Bobby – was awesome to get to meet you yesterday before the game. love this place and all you guys do. it will always be a part of my finals memories. here’s to many more years of passion and love for the kings on this site!

  15. Catching up on all the interviews today. Kinda want Quick to just break down and say “You know, I carried these fuckers for a good part of the season, and now I want to GET PAID”

  16. I guess there are a lot of us getting new tattoos. :)

  17. So my idea is this, but first let me say WE WON THE FUCKING CUP!!! I see myself doing that for the next month or so, but where was I? Yes! My idea. The duck fans are gonna say something like, “But we won it first” and my idea is to reply, “sure, but we beat the Devils” Roasted! ;D

  18. Nothing sweeter than getting the cup before those arrogant fuck head casucks fans.
    Suck it!!!!
    Also Ducks fans can’t hold it over us anymore

  19. Check list:
    Stop writing complaint mail/email to the Kings’ front office for so many years regarding sub par results.
    Get off my butt and drive up to Downtown to see more Kings games next year.
    Got to visit the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame at least once in the near future.
    Plan to attend the Vegas Kings pre-season game (which I have missed for a few years now).
    Increase my Kings’ memorabilia collection, including photos, videos, and autographs.
    Travel to a Kings’ game next year other than Anaheim, and the one I would target if possible is Winnipeg where my dad was born.
    Try ice skating again after many years of lapse.
    Plan to visit Slovenia on my next European vacation.
    Attend an Ontario Reign game to see perhaps early on some possible King players of the future.
    Return to the Fabulous Forum and reminisce and extend gratitude for everything that happened there to make me a Kings fan, and sit in my old seat there thinking about what happened yesterday.
    Write some thank you letters to the Kings front office, even Dave Taylor, for everything that fell into place this year to make this wonderful Cup victory happen.
    I will be adding to this list when I can calm down and relax.

    • my sister and brother in law both recently passed away–susan (2011) and paul dingwell(2007), of sierra madre–and both were unstoppable hard-core kings fans….they have a HUGE collection of los angeles kings memorabilia, vintage and otherwise, including sticks, jerseys, puck, photos, and cards autographed by lappy, robitaille, and gretzky himself–many purchased from the kings care foundation. we will be placing several of these items for sale, so anyone interested, please contact me!!!

  20. Haven’t read through the comments so forgive me if this has already been mentioned but a shop owner in LB said he’d give free King tattoos if they won the Cup. Can’t remember the name of the shop but if you Google it I’m sure you’ll find it.

  21. Hi Bobby. Was gonna give the thumbs up at top, but when I saw you relent on your forgiveness of the erudite Marty McSorley I decided I’d have to pass on the thumbs up :-)
    Maybe I’ll rethink that later today and give the thumbs up anyway.
    Hey, wasn’t it Surly who wrote the prayer Captain, Son of Philly and Holy Goalie? That was too great!! Classic.
    Don’t know if you drink coffee or cappuccino or what, but sounds like you might be needing something before too long.

  22. Oh, after reading some of the comments above, I think on my list it has to be forgiveness of Dave Taylor. I actually knew Dave (not name dropping, just purging) and I felt ‘bad’ to question his drafting for a period of time. But many years later turns out he got three huge pieces. Two first round picks (Brownie and Kopi) and a third rounder that turned out to be reasonably good as well (J Quick). So, I repent and feel sorry I doubted you Dave.
    Btw, an old friend of mine who I haven’t spoken to in ages, used to say that he felt Dave’s hands might well have been tied anyway during that period of time by management. Who knows?

  23. Bobby: Nice one as a spare for the S&S business cards to hand out:

  24. Going to the parade!! Anyone know the details?? Time, location, ect.? Anything you can pass along would be much appreciated.
    Also, I’ll probably be going alone since my wife and friends all claim they have to work…sheesh! Anyone regulars planning on going?

    • Ah, found the details!
      Hope to see some of you there!! I’ll be the one in the Potvin jersey!! Lol


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