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  1. This makes me miss LA.

  2. Wayne earned the celebration!


  4. ALSO – Quick needs a statue!

  5. Love this shit. Love it.

  6. What an epic night!

  7. Lol. Great stuff. Have fun guys.

  8. Love it! City of Angels. City of Kings. City of Champions!

  9. Classic. Well done

  10. Hahaha oh man!

    Still in shock!

  11. Gretz finally needed his champaign shower in LA, and it was perfectly appropriate that he dropped the puck for game 3 too.

  12. … It’s good to be the King(s)!

    • Dutch. Good one. We all feel like Kings today. We deserve all the indulgences and privileges like royalty. Feels awesome.

  13. Im hungover.

  14. HELP!!!! Does anyone have any rally tickets for Thursday that they want to sell without gouging? My brother and I tried to purchase four of them online to take our kids but to no avail. We’ve been waiting over 30 years for this celebration and would LOVE to attend instead of just standing on the sidewalk at the parade. It’s a long shot I know, but I’m just reaching out to any fellow Kings fans who would like to make a reasonable profit and either can’t go or would rather sell them. My cell# is 949-813-5710. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  15. it was so awesome to be a apart of that with you guys…i was only able to capture the audio and not the video on my iphone…i hate it when that shit happens…thanks guys, for salvaging the sauce…:)


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