Christ, More Crying…

From Pete Demers:

I am lost for words. What a win. Went to the locker room with my son Tom after the game. Had a bottle of Bud with me that I have saved since the 1993 final in Montreal. When it was my turn, I poured it into the Stanley Cup and the players poured it down the hatch (and on my suit) while they chanted Pete-Pete-Pete. How bout that! And that old rotten beer tasted great. For me, also special was when Tom drank from the Cup. Thats what life is all about it. To see my son drink from the Stanley Cup brought me to my knees. I cried when I hoisted the Cup over my head.

I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful hockey career with so many highlights and great memories. We all know the game is about the players not about the trainers but tonight, so many of the players and staff said `Pete, enjoy it as you are a big part of this moment,’ which was kind of all of them.

After being behind the bench for 34 years here in L.A, 3 years down on the farm with the Springfield Kings, (Calder Cup 1971) plus 6 years Kings Alumni Community Service since my retirement, it was well worth the wait since my first Kings Training Camp in 1969.

I am so proud to remain part of the greatest organization in the greatest game in the world. You can bet my 2,632 consecutive Kings games that I will be at the parade. Daughter Aimee will be watching from Toyko.

Thanks to our loyal fans for hanging in there all these years.

I am so thankful to be a King for life and will never forget this special night when the Kings won the Stanley Cup.’’

Pete Demers drinks from the Stanley Cup with 19 year old Budweiser

Thanks to Pete Demers for all of those years of loyalty to the L.A. Kings. The long time fans and Die-Hards will never forget you.

Thanks to Rich Hammond for sharing the quotes.

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  1. As Sutts would say, “That’s awesome.”

  2. This is awesome, good thing I’m not wearing mascara today! <3

  3. Really?!? I just started to stop crying every hour and then you post this!

  4. Again, another bout of cherrful sobbing.

    I had heard about that bottle of beer from the past, but, I long forgot about it.

    Here is the photo of that now famous beer bottle (no plug intended for Bud):

    He was and still is a cool dude that will forever be apart of the Kingdom:

    Love ya Pete!!

  5. I love ol’ Pete Demers! As a kid pursuing sports medicine, he was my idol! Already being a die-hard Kings fan, it was easy to be a fan of Pete. I am glad he had his chance with the Cup! What a fucking outstanding moment!

    GO KINGS GO!! I love this feeling!!! We are the mutha fuckin’ Stanley Cup CHAMPIONS!!!!

  6. You just got to love Pete’s durability and longevity, not to mention his incredible strength to catch this big tuna about 2 years ago:

  7. This reminds me of what I would do with the cup for a day…

    fill it with the tears of every disappointed San Jose fan.

  8. I thought I saw Pete among the crowd in the lockerroom.

    A most excellent fellow. I can vouch for it. And a guy who was deprived for YEARS of the dough to which he would have been entitled if the team had ever made a dent in the playoffs.

  9. I am so happy for Pete he was and is a King for life!


    My god I still can’t believe it!!

    See u all tomorrow at the parade!

  11. oh yeah more tears.. precious!
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    ALL THE WAY!!!

  12. FUCK! I’d done so well about keeping my shit together. Then I found this:


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