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I promise I’ll regain consciousness long enough to write a real article soon. I’m in a sort of deranged stasis until the parade. Or at least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself to excuse the fact that it’s 3am, 30+ hours after the Kings won the Cup and I haven’t stopped watching highlights and videos and reliving the night in my head. So much great stuff to take in, so many great moments to relive.

For now, here are some photos.

First some ‘official’ pics. I know you’ve seen these already, but these are some of my favorites and they can’t be seen enough.

Will you ever forget this?


Finally holding the Cup with the right people around him.


Polished silver never tasted so sweet.


Long time coming.


Seriously how cool is this?


Now some photos I took to capture the rapture. Forgive the fact that this is basically a teenage school girl photo diary. I couldn’t help it. If you have photos you took, either at home or at the game, please send them to me and I will add them to this thread. This can be the conglomerate fan photo page if you like, and I will make it a full time page if I get a bunch of emails. Send them




Enjoying the sights after the crowds had dispersed.



Damn that hat is sexy.


And finally these are the photos that Chaz Curry took of me at The Faces of Los Angeles Kings Fans shoot in Long Beach on Sunday. He has been uploading them at the Facebook page for the event. They are turning out pretty badass. He is definitely planning another shoot for those who couldn’t make it. I will let you know when it is soon as I have the details, you should definitely go if you can make it.



And finally, a video you’ve probably seen, but one that is awesome. Wil Wheaton was filmed flipping out epically after the game.

And like I said, a real article soon, promise. But first the podcast will be up early tomorrow.

Hey guys…

The Kings won the Stanley Cup.

Reader Craig with Scribe before the game


Doublepeacesigns and papa doublepeacesigns


From LomitaKingsFan






From Ken – at the game with a friend and his son at home. Love this stuff!



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8 replies

  1. “The Kings who the Stanley Cup” – So poetic <3

  2. Outstanding selection of pics. I am finding everywhere a humongus amount of incredible photos and videos that will soon fill up my storage.
    That one of Quick reaching for rafters made him look 10 feet tall. I have a feeling that one will be displayed as a classic in the years to come.

  3. Given this topic, I guess this is worthwhile to post as something interesting with the Kings last night on Kimmel:

    Part One:


    Part Two:

  4. Surly Westgarth.

  5. Those Chaz Curry photos are BADASSS!!!! Please do inform us when the second photo date is for us fans who couldnt make it to the first one.

    No drug enduced high will ever feel as sweet as this. Sweet Mother Sutter, we are the Stanley Cup Champions! :O

  6. You and Scribe are a pair of sick bastards.

    I watched NHL Tonight only six times before I decided to tivo it..

    At least I have a sense of proportion. Not like like you jackoffs.

  7. My saying to the Kings

    On this date, the long battle in the year 1967, day 14 in the month of October the war got started, many battles lost & the King Lord Stanley was taken to many cities, and was prisoned from us faithful fans! Many LA KINGS team players fought hard & long to bring Lord Stanley home, as many men lost it for many years to come! But we never gave up, believed Lord Stanley will arrive in it’s Kingdom!

    Then in the year 2012 day 11 in the month of June the stars look strong & bright and quest was over. For the LA KINGS are now CROWNED by our true KING the LORD STANLEY CUP & is now sitting proud in it’s only KINGDOM; THE LA KINGS KINGDOM!

    Then on the year of our Lord 2012 day 14 in the month of June at eleventh hundred hour, we fans will gather at the square of LA LIVE Kingdom & we all will Bow Down to our Lord! For the LA KINGS OF KNIGHTS, will present our LORD STANLEY & the CUP to all his subjects in all his Glory. To us the fans who waited 45 years, to BOW DOWN to our KING in our presences, to the one and only LORD STANLEY!! LONG LIVE THE KINGS…

    WE GOT THE CUP! By Sam Ghareebo


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