Surly And Scribe’s Post Stanley Cup L.A. Kings Podcast – Is This The Real Life?

Surly, Timmy and I talk Stanley Cup, the post game celebration, the future of Dustin Penner, Jarret Stoll, Colin Fraser and Jonathan Bernier, Jonathan Quick’s coming contract, favorite moments in the playoffs, the female placenta and Surly’s walk down a slippery slope…


Surly & Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast Show, 6/12/12

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  1. We’re in a tough position with Bernier, no doubt. Offer sheets don’t happen all the time because of foresight. GM’s generally know how things will play out in advance. On occasion, an offer will come out of left field and can play out in a variety of ways. Most teams don’t let a player of Berniers value run out to his RFA year when they clearly cannot match a competitive league wide offer.

    What’s the King’s ultimate goal? Obviously the cup. Bernier is the best backup goalie option that makes sense out there for us next year. He will add value to our team for a minimum of 20 games, assuming he doesn’t completely derail completely, and provide injury insurance for Quick (this is all assuming quick is signed long term). We may have won as an 8 seed this year, but home-ice should not be ignored moving forward. Plus we didn’t exactly skate into the playoffs this year. Games are important.

    In terms of value loss, the worst case scenario is Bernier blows everyone’s minds and teams are sold on his future. During his RFA summer, teams offer him a hefty salary, thereby earning us some decent compensation picks. Chances are, the weaker teams are in the bidding equating to higher draft slots. If Bernier isn’t given a forum to prove his a sure thing, how many teams are really going to throw out a huge, long term offer? I wouldn’t. We’ve seen so many goalie prospects disappear over the years.

    With that said, there’s trades that come along you can’t say no to. Kings will keep their options open but I don’t see anything being offered that makes this team that much better for the next two years.

  2. Great podcast guys.

    The last 3 seasons…I bet $10 or $20 in Vegas on the Kings to win the Cup. When I was there last October…I totally forgot and didn’t get to place a bet for this season…and what do you know: They Win.

    Lesson learned: Never bet on the Kings again.


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