The Dutch Perspective: For You …

… This is for the current team, the team that has never stopped working, the team that has saved their best for last. This is for the fans, the die-hards who’ve waited for so many years and have never received their just due, from the rest of the hockey World or from the media in their own city. This is for the alumni, the greats of the past who toiled mostly in obscurity while wearing strange uniforms and taking plane trips of over 1200 miles to play against their nearest geographical rivals.

For Jonathan Quick, the athletic dynamo who has elevated his game to an elite perch, endearing himself to far more fans and observers than any other Kings’ player. For Jonathan Bernier, the one who has always done what the club has asked him to do without ever complaining, patiently acting as the ever-capable insurance policy should disaster strike.

For Anze Kopitar, the ultra-versatile maestro who has used the entire two hundred by eighty-five sheet of ice as his stage to dazzle and dominate. For Dustin Brown, the Captain, the man who brings the most unique collection of abilities to the club, the man who, like his club, peaked at exactly the most appropriate time. For Justin Williams, the one who persevered through all of the injuries, the one who always brought confidence and creativity to the front and backed it up with maximum effort.

For Slava Voynov, who waited for the chance to display his innate ability at the highest level in the World, showing all of us merely the beginning of what is to come in future years. For the ageless Willie Mitchell! Mitchell, the seasoned, battered warrior who put together one of his finest seasons in yet another attempt at finally reaching the Promised Land, the one who has paid every possible due in full.

For Dustin Penner, the man who took it all in stride, meeting his detractors with good humor and self-deprecation, the man who rose from the canvas of the early season to playoff supremacy. For Mike Richards, the man who didn’t let the slump in the middle of the season affect his psyche nor his intelligent and savvy approach to every shift. For Jeff Carter, the one who provided the final piece of the puzzle, the one who gave the club the ability to achieve its remarkable balance.

For Drew Doughty, the magnificent prodigy who navigated his way past difficult matters off the ice and restored the belief he had in himself as well as the belief from all those who bore witness to him. For Rob Scuderi, the unflappable rock who led by example, not just with his reliable play but with the dignity and poise he carried himself with around others.

For Dwight King, the one who progressed so much from last season to this one, providing the club with timely bonus offense, the kind of production required by any team who desires to win it all. For Jarret Stoll, the most unselfish player on the team, for willingly sacrificing much of his offense and his future value on the market in order to fill a desperately needed role on the club. For Trevor Lewis, the man who never stopped hustling, never gave anything less than his absolute best, and never got discouraged when the offensive rewards weren’t forthcoming.

For Matt Greene, the toughest player on the team, the one who found the happy medium between all-out physical intensity and the proper mental focus. For Alec Martinez, the man who stepped right into a regular role as if he’d had it for over a decade, the man intelligent enough to know the proper play and skilled enough to execute it.

For Brad Richardson and Kyle Clifford, the heroes of last year’s playoffs, who accepted lesser roles – even if they may not have understood why those roles had changed. For Kevin Westgarth, the permanently positive enforcer. For Davis Drewiske, the man who fulfilled the excruciating slot of seventh defenseman and always kept himself ready, just in case. For Simon Gagne, the one who never lost sight of the light at the end of his season’s dark tunnel. For Andrei Loktionov, the young player who continued to progress, the player who very likely will see better and more productive days in the near future.

This is for Bob Miller. The living legend and Hall of Famer, who humbly maintained his excellence even when the team on the ice did not, the man who brought so many fans to the Kings’ fold and continues to keep them there. For Nick Nickson, the steady voice who, for decades, painted the picture for those who could only listen. For Jim Fox and Daryl Evans, the purple and gold Kings, the men who retained and passed along the optimism and passion of their playing days and never lost sight of the great dream.

For Darryl Sutter, the man who was brought in to right a ship close to sinking, the man who understood and utilized his talent, the man who found the way to mold it into a cohesive team which mirrored his own personal aggressiveness. For Terry Murray, the coach who provided the foundation for future success, even as the team of the present was unsuccessful, the consummate pro who willingly offered to scout for the team he once coached. For Dean Lombardi, the one who didn’t give up on what looked for all the World like a lost season, and made the deal that turned everything around. For Tim Leiweke, the man I personally don’t have to hate anymore.

But – most of all, it is for YOU. It is your moment. You have earned this. You deserve this. It is all yours. It will be written into the sacred parchment of history, memorialized for all time. No one will ever be able to take this away from you. You will be able to die in peace, knowing that moment of complete ecstasy when something you’ve loved and devoted so much of your time and money has achieved the pinnacle of accomplishment. Never will you have to wonder what it’s like, utilize your imagination or your dreams, or live vicariously through others. You will know. You will ALWAYS know. You will know the love and joy shared by your fellow fans, your brethren. You will walk together forever with them, with US.

It is a long time in coming. And it is all for you. Thanks for everything, you guys. All the best.

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  1. Very well said.
    Congrats to all KINGS, the team and the faithfully fans.
    Hope everyone enjoys the festivities on Thursday.

  2. Man I started tearing up.

    After watching game 6 three times today and reading the Pete Demers article, I thought I had no more joyous tears to give up.

    Then you wrote this beautiful piece, and my eyes started to well up again!

    What a beautiful moment in hockey history eh fellas?


    See you all tomorrow!

  3. A totally superb tribute and congratulatory summation from the heart. Truly you are on target with a performance that captured everything imaginable for us fans. Looking back, which is 20 20, each player brought to the table a unique talent and contribution that was the epitome of teamwork. That is what I could better appreciate after the final victory.
    I was so caught up with nerves and excitement that teamwork element was just over my head and not being recognized.
    That is what makes a championship team that gave a combined, coordinated effort where everyone produces for the win.
    That is what I am so thankful was that teamwork chemistry that lead to the Cup.

  4. I cannot wait for the parade tomorrow. I wasn’t able to get tickets but I’m still getting up at 7 tomorrow just to see the parade.

  5. Dutch. This is amazing. Thank you. I feel the same as all of this.

  6. Very well said!! Made me tear up a bit! So proud of our boys and the amazing die-hard fans out there! See you all at the parade and rally today! GO KINGS GO!!

  7. such an enormous time. Enormous. send timmy to get that fat goose. I love everyone.

  8. Dutchy this was beautiful… Made me get choked up… The chills, goosebumps and hair on arm stood up…
    Hope more true fans can read this
    And hope upper management does too

  9. LOOK AT THESE FUCKING GUYS!!! LOOK AT THIS FUCKING TEAM!! That was straight from heart. LOL i blame the councilman. The Kings should send the fine from the FCC to the Mayor’s office..This was Classico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Premeditated 3rd degree LA City ordinance violation. Quick was not given a parking ticket. Toast and hero of town.
      Awesome 5 star show. Wish it could go on and on and not stop.
      Best free ticket I ever got in my life.
      Bob was on his game. Brownie’s tribute to Miller was sensational. By the way Bob is slim and trim and looking totally fit.
      He gets better and better all the time.
      Champs Kings Champs!!!


      I caught the parade just in time as it started on Fifth Street. I had no ticket for the rally and watched it on TV.

      If I’d known Quicker was gonna be so articulate I’d have been sure to tivo his speech. I loved the way the station’s announcer apologized for the “bad language”.

      You just know that if NHL-TV re-shows the rally that language will be bleeped the fuck out.

  10. Damn. Great read, JT. You always have a unique perspective.

  11. i hope you enjoy your tained cup. NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF! don’t forget to thank the referee’s because without their one sidedness, that cup would probably be in N.J.

    • Eh, John . . . Glad to see you’re back.

      I gotta tell you: The Cup really knows how to give a blow job. And she digs it when I whisper, “You’re tainted, you’re tainted,” in her ear.

      The Devils played great. Their only problem was that they couldn’t score in a cat-house — even when the refs gave them the edge in power plays in each of the first three games. And their terrific regular season PK kinda went down the shit-chute on that five-minute major.

      By the way, the Cup and I are trying a new position we got outa some Persian erotic manual. It’s called the “whoppy-miramba” and it’s kinda complicated. There’s no easy way to describe it, but to pull it off you need a pound-and-a-half of cous-cous and at least four feet of piano wire.

      Come back anytime, John. Cuppy — (she likes me to call her “Cuppy”) — and I always like hearing from you.

  12. Nicely done, JT,, love the use of Mastro (kopi) and prodigy (Dewy) . I feel almost a guilty pleasure celebrating all week here in Philly, since I am a new Kings fan for almost 1 year now (will be 1 year on Friday the 23rd, when Richards got traded) . But I totally understand the euphoria and the pain, now waiting 39 years for the Flyers to get another one. I love this Kings team, stayed up to 230 am that night watching them spray champagne and turn into little kids again. And that wasn’t easy, I get up at 6 for work. But I did enjoy how many coworkers (flyers fans) did not like my screensaver of Gagne, Richards and Carter with the Cup. (nothing like a bitter Flyers fan).
    I watched them on Leno, Kimmel and today (took off early from work to see the parade and rally- ) and how when you win a championship, esp how they did, fighting and scrapping their way in and all 20 guys pulling their weight, warriors all , you know that someone won’t be with the team next year. So good for them to celebrate every night , enjoying the moment, each and reveling in what they did.
    Be nice to see Parise at the rally in Staples next year

    • You are family now, Deirdre. Let the guilt go. There is only pleasure.

      • Thanks, you’re a good lad, Bobby (and I love your podcasts. , please keep that up over the summer if you can-my favorite line was from the game 1 canucks on the Burrows crap near the end of the game -“What the fuck is wrong with this team, seriously, up and down the lineup, what the fuck is wrong with them-” perfect pitch…classic )
        . And I do love my Kings, am the only person in my Philly office who has been sporting Kings tee shirts at work, and proudly taking my Kings coffee mug to meetings . My blue eyed husky Cody even proudly wears his homemade Kings bandana.

  13. Suburb Dutch, just superb. Yes, now I can go in peace through it was never about a bucket…it was about the back of the net.

    I know it hardly translates but….YEAH!!!!

  14. Thank you. That was a beautiful summary of the kings season.

  15. Very well said.

    But you forgot Hunter and Moreau.


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