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  1. Too suttin funny

  2. Banda music and the LA Kings.. I never thought I’d see that pairing LOL. Nice music selection Bobby!

  3. I can see the headline now, “Employee shoots all 57 of his co-workers after returning from vacation”.

  4. The music is the best! My wife and daughter are still laughing.

  5. Looks like this NJ fan had it coming in. If he is smart, he ought to convert to a King’s fan and leave everything the way it is. Life will be so much easier for him at work.

  6. that is amazing.

  7. If I sat next to this guy, I would be putting this picture too on his desk and tune up my radio to play this marachi tune:

  8. LMFAO! I love it. Thanks for the laugh guys, this is hilarious.


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